Top 8 Grey Accent Wall Tips: The Essential Do’s and Dont’s

Top 8 Grey Accent Wall Tips The Essential Dos and Don’ts

Accent colors can easily update a room. Where they’re placed is up to the owner. No longer are they solely placed on walls to accent a home’s wall decor. They can now be used on ceilings as well to highlight certain aspects of the room. One of the more popular types of walls to use […]

Painted Chairs Guide – 7 Mistakes People Make Painting Kitchen Chairs

While painting a kitchen chair appears to be an easy task, it’s not. Attention needs to be given to the physical state of the chair. Has it been in, or is it currently in a smoker’s home? Will children be using it? These are all special considerations when thinking about durability of the painted chairs. […]

15 Refreshing Wall Mural Ideas For Your Living Room

15 Refreshing Wall Mural Ideas For Your Living Room-

A decade ago, an accent color on a wall was in. Now, wall murals are used as a virtual backdrop to most rooms. They add that special pop of color that can generate excitement to any decor. One place that a wall mural can really shine, is the living room. We will be exploring all […]