10 Doable Tips for Bedroom Decor According to Feng Shui

Bedroom Decor According to Feng Shui

Since the bedroom is a place where you can relax and focus at the same time, you can use it to channel your inner positive energy as well. A place where coziness is combined with relaxing visual appeal, this is where you can energize, harmonize and increase your positive mental faculties away from other people’s […]

3 Must Have Bathroom Accessories Set

Bathroom Accessories Set

Redesigning a bathroom on a tight budget can be a challenging project. Many homeowners believe that bathroom makeovers require a lot of changes and improvement thereby, causing a huge dent on their coffers. But it isn’t so. When it comes to upgrading the look of a bathroom, little details can go a long way. You […]

5 Cool Living Room Decor Accessories to Spice Up Your Home

Living Room Decor Accessories

The living room is the central area where everyone congregates in a home. Whether inhabitants or visitors, this is where household members usually gather to cap off a long day either to entertain guests or to simply lounge and entertain themselves. A living room should be designed with stylish functionality in mind giving emphasis on […]

6 Cool Antique Decor Accessories for Living Room

Antique Decor Accessories for living room

Don’t we all love the idea of going back in time? Nostalgic memories of the golden past simply add a sense of longing and what better way to commemorate such serenity than by putting it into current living spaces. Calming elegance that cuts a twinge in the heart, such is the essence antique decor accessories […]