Sofa Set Design Ideas For Small Living Rooms

Want to optimize every square inch of your living room? Some of your biggest budgets will probably go to buying a sofa when planning to revamp your home’s living area. Aside from it being an anchor piece and basically one of the most useful pieces of furniture, it also provides utmost comfort for family members, and even pets, day in and day out!


The general rule of thumb in buying a sofa, is to buy one that fits your current space in terms of physical and visual. Remember that there’s nothing more frustrating than having a pricey couch sent to your home only to discover that it takes up half of the space. With such little wiggle room to begin with, these sofa set design ideas for small living room can be of help.

1. Go for a visually lightweight sofa design. Aside from making sure that the height, length, width, seat height and overall size fits your current space, look for light hued ones. It is also wise to choose “leggy” types of sofas like this Modern Mid-Century Loveseat from Divano Roma Furniture. This creates an unobstructed view of the floor allowing the living room to feel more spacious than it is. Simply pair off with a glass or metal coffee table, or perhaps an ottoman topped with a tray, and you have a furniture set that consumes very little space, visually.

2. You can always choose one that’s neutral in color. Using a neutral palette gives ample breathing space for a small living room. Aside from pushing back those claustrophia-savvy walls, using shades of white or light gray, makes it lighter to the eyes making the whole space feel open and expansive. These beige-on-white sofas, for example, open up the space.


3. All-white is another option in enlarging your space. Think about white walls, pale translucent walls, and angel white sofa seats. By using a single color element, you are actually making the whole space feel cohesive and harmonious, enlarging its visual appeal.

4. Go vertical, in a sofa cover that is. Make good use of your old sofa by simply enhancing its visual effectiveness in opening your space. Simply invest in durable, yet visually captivating slipcovers that give an allusion of a “thinned out” sofa. Think of this striped Classic Slipcover below. This gives an instant makeover, while freeing visual space while protecting your sofa set from pets and kids.

5. If your space can only accommodate a loveseat, you can always complement it with small scale furniture pieces. Think about adding an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or a Tulip Swivel Chair like this one from Joveco Furniture. It can be used for work, for dining or for a mini-bar, too. This chair makes sure the room won’t appear too crowded.

6.Another option is a clear design like this Poly and Bark Burton Side Chair. Ghost style chairs are all the rage in small space remodel projects. This contemporary masterpiece easily blends in with your current living space and can be paired off with any sofa set designs. Like the Tulip Swivel Chair, it can also be used for the dining area, making it a multifunctional piece of jewel in your home.

7. A sofa doesn’t necessarily have to be a loveseat or a recliner. When you only have enough legroom for a living room, a window seat will prove to be a great idea as a mini-living area. With ample natural light coming in, pick out a slender or leggy window seat like this Tufted Storage Bench from HomePop. It also comes with hidden storage when the seat is lifted.

8. Make the most of your open floor plan by perfectly carving out a corner. Arrange an L-shaped sectional or a love seat with 2 chairs. Squeeze in a coffee table to add more essence to your living space. This pristine white Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa from Divano Roma Furniture is as comfy as it gets– without straining the visual size of your living area.

In all these sofa set design ideas for small living rooms, one thing must also be kept in mind– storage. Choose pieces that do not just free up your living space or create an illusion of spaciousness. Pick pieces that offer built-in storage like this Nirvana FutonThis has ample space underneath to accommodate storage bins or boxes. Aside from being visually pleasing, these types of sofa sets also offer multitudes of uses, essential in a small living space.


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