Multifunctional And Space-Savvy Small Living Room Layout Ideas

small-living-room-layout-ideasThe living room is where the whole household and visitors usually converge and have fun. While many homes today have to contend with limited space, there are small living room layout ideas which you can do to add more functionality and add an illusion of roominess to it. So can one combine functionality and balance without making the room look threadbare or melancholic? What type of furniture and décor should you pick? Where and how should they be arranged? Here are different ways to make special small living room layout ideas count.

1. Mirror, mirror, do make sure to put them on the wall. Mirrors add an illusion of spaciousness particularly when a living space is short on windows. They prevent making the whole space feel boxed in. The best layout would be to position it opposite a window to reflect the view outside or you may also use it as a centerpiece while laying out a love seat on the wall then, flanking it with a pair of side tables with thin lamps. Add a chair or two across for balance. Use an ottoman to serve as either table or chair at the center.

2. Choose furniture wisely. Pick small-scale settees and love seats. Throw in minimalistic chairs. Go for those with built-in storage like a refurbished trunk as coffee table. A small credenza instead of a console table also makes a good option. To layout, try placing a loveseat at the center, either of the bay window or something that separates it from the space. Place 2 chairs on the opposite side of the love seat and use a trunk as coffee table. You may also add petite tables on both sides depending on the space.

3. Another great space-saver is the use of a sectional sofa. Many high rise condo units and apartments make good use of this type of furniture for their small living room to allow more space for relaxing and sitting. It also helps “collect” the whole feel of the room. To layout, simply throw in a rug and an open-spaced round crystal table. Add a standing minimalist lamp and a mirror to capture natural light.

4. Downsize your furniture choices. A backless sofa in an open-plan space, can be perfectly smacked right at the center of the room. Some living rooms may even be so small, they can only accommodate 2 chairs and a slim table. Do what you think will best capture its essence without making the room feel crowded.

5. Make good use of your vertical space if your living room is blessed with high ceilings. It doesn’t really mean being able to add another seat or squeezing in another credenza. By adding an astounding artwork, you can draw up with eye on top to give an impression of a much larger space.

6. Add more life to any of the small living room layout ideas you have in mind. Plants add more depth to a room. It also helps draw the eye to the center of the room creating an illusion of spaciousness. Place them on the corners or perhaps, behind sofas and chairs, or on top of the coffee table.

There is so much that you can do to make any small living room layout ideas work. Minimalistic designs are also a growing trend in the market padding your layout plans with more choices. When doing an overhaul, do make sure to plan ahead and budget wisely. In all things else, choose functionality and comfort without sacrificing style and elegance.

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