7 Ideas For A Multifunctional Living Room

With the continuing rise of little homes and high rise living, it is quite understandable why many homeowners are looking for ideas for a multifunctional living room, to make their abode efficient and welcoming. Of course, space has always been a common problem as more and more living spaces have decreased in terms of square footage. With these, finding ways to pursue living rooms that serve two or three purposes should be a priority. To jumpstart your search, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

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1. Space and Layout Assessment

Before you go around buying items for your multifunctional living room, it is essential to accurately assess how much space you can play around with. Some living rooms also function as dining area or as workspace. Others may even include a sleeping area for guests or an all-in-one room worthy of a forever-single hashtag. Here, planning a layout for furniture, by considering current ones, will help save you from going overboard on your budget, as well as your floor plan.

2. Multifunctional Furniture Galore

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Multifunctional living rooms must, in a way, cover multifunctional furniture pieces. Sofas that double as day beds, are great options for high rises, as bedrooms can be limited to just 1 or 2 rooms. A table that also converts into a working area or a dining space or where children work on their homework, is also an excellent option. Definitely, using furniture that serves more than just a single purpose will make a great choice.

3. Get Comfy

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Multifunctional living rooms, particularly in high rise buildings or beachfront properties, often lend the ambiance of a relaxing space. Simply add a low seating sofa to transform the space into an extra bedroom worthy for a slumber party or snooze patrol zone. On weekends, simply install a projector and transform the whole space into a cinema.

4. Corner Surprise

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Living room corners can be quite tricky. Often left as a wasted area, it can actually recreate a living room that also doubles as a working area or a study nook. Transforming seemingly dreary corners into a usable space, allows more useful interaction in a limited space.

5. Window Drama

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Don’t just leave windows to be dressed with curtains. Create a reading nook or a simple relaxation zone by equipping it with a custom soft seat and cushions. You may also add hidden storage in the soft seat and underneath to maximize space. Here, you can store toys, books, throw pillows, and other knick-knacks underneath. Doesn’t the one above look like it would be great to curl up with a good book?

6. Play with Lighting

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Lighting is one of the many important ideas for multifunctional living rooms. Yet, it is often taken for granted. If you want to create a room that doubles as a cinema room or as a social hall for Friday gatherings or weekend socials then, using adaptive lighting should be on top of your priority totem pole. This floor lamp, for instance, can highlight a good game of poker or for reading a titillating novel.

7. Of course, storage!

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One of the main ideas for multifunctional living room is to save as much space as you can. As mentioned, today’s abodes can be short in per-square footage, making living rooms a likely candidate for double or multiple purposes. To accommodate plenty of belongings in a small space, using furniture, walls and corners as storage must be done. This window seat, for instance, can store books, DVDs, cushions, and so on, to de-clutter your living area.

Bottom line is: there are so many ideas for multifunctional living room to live up to its purpose. When keen on creating one, it is important to plan things carefully to ensure that you cover every square inch of your living area without wasting money buying unnecessary things. When done accordingly, you can finally enjoy a living space that’s so versatile and adaptable, it serves a myriad of functions to suit your needs.

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