7 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas To Incorporate In Your Urban Dwelling


Farmhouse living rooms at the heart of an urban dwelling, is almost a clash of two worlds, like a tug of war between old charm and modern appeal. However, with the following farmhouse living room ideas, you can finally turn a seemingly cold and unimaginative modern space into a place of comfort, where family and friends can cozily spend time together.


1. Shabby Chic Furniture


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Like any living room design, injecting farmhouse style on modern living rooms all boils down to the proper rendition of furniture pieces. From comfy couches stuffed with throw pillows encased in knitted fabric, shipping crate coffee tables, barnwood bookcases, and what-have-you; these furniture pieces can easily fortify a sense of naturalness to a living room without actually breaking the bank. Sofas can be refurbished to sport cotton or homespun fabrics. Tables can be repurposed to sport a distressed look, matched with a rocking chair from salvaged barnwood. Now, you can wake up to the feel of a farmhouse even when far from chickens, cows and the whole shebang of a barnyard.


2. Rustic TV Console Cabinet


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A modern home won’t be complete without a television. To add a sense of rustic, placing an open console made from barnwood materials, can make a lot of difference. The TV console above, for instance, came from DIY expert Ana White and had been in vogue for quite some time now. Flank your TV with salvaged shutter windows, make good use of old crates as storage and scrapped wood turned into picture frames. Slabs of wood can also be repurposed to serve as planter.


3. Barnwood Bookcase


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Another great addition to a modern home is a bookshelf or book case. For bookworms, this is one way to showcase their voluminous collection of the classics, encyclopedias, science fiction, novels, autobiographies, and so much more. Take this reclaimed barn wood made into a custom library above. Apart from holding books, it can also present accent pieces to complement the living rooms farmhouse ambiance.


4. Antique Trunk Coffee Table


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Rising in popularity over the years, the use of antiques, like old shipping trunks as a coffee table, never fails to impress. This coffee table from Pottery Barn can serve as both a decorative element and as a way to de-clutter the living area. This can hold throw pillows, knick-knacks, books, and toys when there are children around. If buying one is too pricey for your budget, making your own wooden truck can be done with online tutorials.


5. Wooden Centerpiece


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Make good use of simple yet elegant centerpieces. Think about using recycled mason jars, tin cans painted with neutral hues, decorative wine bottles, and so on. Simply prop up some fragrant bloom into any of these accents then, place them inside a DIY wooden holder to bind the whole look together.


6. Rustic Barnwood Wall


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Feel free to go over-the-top by remodeling your living room wall. A rustic barnwood wall right at the heart of the city, can ultimately bring about more emotions to a place. The rustic barnwood wall above, for instance, absorb the glare of the huge windows. Simply accentuate this with the right lighting elements for everything to come full circle.


7. Exposed Ceiling Wooden Beams


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Living in the city? No problem. Modern farmhouse living room ideas have been creeping into many urbanite homes over the years. One manifestation of this is the growing number of penthouse and condominium units, as well as apartments and suburban homes featuring exposed wooden beams right at their living room. By turning a living room wall into this, the space simply lights up like a fire, due to the captivating and cozy ambiance it emits.


Bottom line is: Farmhouse living room ideas can be effortlessly injected in your current urbanite dwelling. It does not really have to be pricey or over-the-top, with you spending hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to fully grasp the essence of a farmhouse dwelling. Take it slow by adding a piece after piece over the years. Most importantly, plan ahead of time.

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