7 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas To Incorporate In Your Urban Dwelling


Farmhouse living rooms at the heart of an urban dwelling, is almost a clash of two worlds, like a tug of war between old charm and modern appeal. However, with the following farmhouse living room ideas, you can finally turn a seemingly cold and unimaginative modern space into a place of comfort, where family and friends can cozily spend time together.


1. Shabby Chic Furniture


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Like any living room design, injecting farmhouse style on modern living rooms all boils down to the proper rendition of furniture pieces. From comfy couches stuffed with throw pillows encased in knitted fabric, shipping crate coffee tables, barnwood bookcases, and what-have-you; these furniture pieces can easily fortify a sense of naturalness to a living room without actually breaking the bank. Sofas can be refurbished to sport cotton or homespun fabrics. Tables can be repurposed to sport a distressed look, matched with a rocking chair from salvaged barnwood. Now, you can wake up to the feel of a farmhouse even when far from chickens, cows and the whole shebang of a barnyard.


2. Rustic TV Console Cabinet


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A modern home won’t be complete without a television. To add a sense of rustic, placing an open console made from barnwood materials, can make a lot of difference. The TV console above, for instance, came from DIY expert Ana White and had been in vogue for quite some time now. Flank your TV with salvaged shutter windows, make good use of old crates as storage and scrapped wood turned into picture frames. Slabs of wood can also be repurposed to serve as planter.


3. Barnwood Bookcase


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Another great addition to a modern home is a bookshelf or book case. For bookworms, this is one way to showcase their voluminous collection of the classics, encyclopedias, science fiction, novels, autobiographies, and so much more. Take this reclaimed barn wood made into a custom library above. Apart from holding books, it can also present accent pieces to complement the living rooms farmhouse ambiance.


4. Antique Trunk Coffee Table


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Rising in popularity over the years, the use of antiques, like old shipping trunks as a coffee table, never fails to impress. This coffee table from Pottery Barn can serve as both a decorative element and as a way to de-clutter the living area. This can hold throw pillows, knick-knacks, books, and toys when there are children around. If buying one is too pricey for your budget, making your own wooden truck can be done with online tutorials.


5. Wooden Centerpiece


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Make good use of simple yet elegant centerpieces. Think about using recycled mason jars, tin cans painted with neutral hues, decorative wine bottles, and so on. Simply prop up some fragrant bloom into any of these accents then, place them inside a DIY wooden holder to bind the whole look together.


6. Rustic Barnwood Wall


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Feel free to go over-the-top by remodeling your living room wall. A rustic barnwood wall right at the heart of the city, can ultimately bring about more emotions to a place. The rustic barnwood wall above, for instance, absorb the glare of the huge windows. Simply accentuate this with the right lighting elements for everything to come full circle.


7. Exposed Ceiling Wooden Beams


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Living in the city? No problem. Modern farmhouse living room ideas have been creeping into many urbanite homes over the years. One manifestation of this is the growing number of penthouse and condominium units, as well as apartments and suburban homes featuring exposed wooden beams right at their living room. By turning a living room wall into this, the space simply lights up like a fire, due to the captivating and cozy ambiance it emits.


Bottom line is: Farmhouse living room ideas can be effortlessly injected in your current urbanite dwelling. It does not really have to be pricey or over-the-top, with you spending hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to fully grasp the essence of a farmhouse dwelling. Take it slow by adding a piece after piece over the years. Most importantly, plan ahead of time.

9 Jaw-Dropping Living Room Design Trends In 2017

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There is nothing more astounding than a living room that draws everyone in, keeps them relaxed and make them feel buoyant by just being there. While there were so many hits and misses in 2016, living room design trends in 2017 are just perking up. Here are some tips on how to make yours jump from being a good living room, to one that gathers Ohs and Ahs from anyone.

Tones, Hues and Colors of 2017

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This 2017, an array of powerful hues and tones derived from astounding gemstones are hitting stylish homes in the cities. Think about deep blue diamonds, sapphires in the raw, versatile agate and Amazonite, elegant emerald and jade, amethyst, and mysterious peridot. Bright green, for instance, which is reminiscent of the rare chrysopace, with an emerald gleam; was just named the Pantone Color of the Year for 2017. Instead of the usual black or white, navy blue with a tinge of the Hope Diamond is becoming a sensation. All these nature-driven colors and hues add a sense of refreshment and revitalization, something every living room should have.

Jewel Windows

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Window treatments for 2017 are also engrossed in jewel tones. Think about matte gold, deep reds, lively greens, and mysterious blues; and you get one elegant living space. Deep blue wall tones, for instance, will be made more attractive when mixed with soft metallic elements of brushed nickel, platinum or matte gold layered with sheers.

Lepidopterological Havens

One of the most captivating living room design trends in 2017 that originates from the Far East, is the use of butterflies as a central decor motif for urbanite homes. Cheerful, light and enchanting, it adds more drama and a feeling of being lived in, to any home. Some make good use of their DIY skills and produce items like this butterfly chandelier.

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Others also choose the butterfly as a sophisticated accent, like these butterfly mirrors below. Apart from making homes feel romantic, colorful and lively, they also add a sense of whimsy and inspiration with the symbolism the butterfly brings. Love, joy, change and transformation, soulful and nostalgic, these are just some of characteristics that butterflies will bring to any living room.

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Mixed Patterns

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Ditch monotony by adding a splash of energy and charm into your living room, with the use of mixed patterns. You can reupholster sofas and ottomans, or simply buy throw pillow cases to add sass to your living space. Statement pieces like the ones above, can help make a room feel more enticing and titillating.

Faux Is No Pas

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Couldn’t afford marble or granite floors? Faux is fashionable this 2017. Ditch the faux fur rugs and go all out with faux marbles, faux wood, and all other budget-friendly materials, that lend a sense of authenticity without the hefty price tag. From ceiling beams to walls, to floors, to coffee tabletops, the use of engineered quartz, faux marble, faux granite, faux wood, faux leather and so on; are the “in” thing nowadays to pave way for materials that can withstand temperature and other risks. Most of these materials are driven by new scientific discovery, allowing for smarter and more convenient homes.

Feel-It Furniture

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Furniture choices for living rooms are also focused on one thing, texture. The make-you-want-to-touch variety each time, is increasingly popular. These include pleating and folding of velvets or cottons, huge luxe yarn stitches, nailhead patterns, cerused wood, and so on. All these textures adhere to 2017’s macro-trend on comfort and charm.

Artistic Haven

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Do-it-yourselfers may have to take a backseat as living room design trends in 2017 are greatly leaning on artisanal items. Raw white hand-crafted goods, for instance, are becoming a sensation in topnotch manses across the globe. Blown glass, porcelains, and jawdropping wordworks are also being ushered into stylish homes these days.

Maximized Space

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One of the most challenging aspects in today’s home, is limited space. Modern living rooms these days, come fully equipped with appliances and furniture that folds up to reveal more functionality, while preserving comfort and artistry. From coffee tables that extend as work tables, to sofas that transforms as beds, all of this is to maximize use of a living room’s square footage.

Tech Savvy Living Rooms

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Technology has become part and parcel of everyone’s lives these days. No wonder, 2017 also ushers in an evolution in tech decor, that doubles as design pieces and functional appliances. Think about this Amazon Echo, which functions as a bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, weather forecaster, audiobook reader, appointment scheduler, note or memo catcher, and other tasks. This AI assistant, along with a Philips Hue or a Sonos speaker, is slowly taking over living rooms in a frenzy since late 2016 due to its futuristic feel.

Live The Life You Want

Without a doubt, these living room design trends in 2017 will rock the year and beyond for their astounding ambiance and futuristic modes. When designing for your living area, however, it is important to consider the life you want to live. Do remember that your space represents your personality as well as your emotions. Let others “see” you the moment they step into your living space. Have fun experimenting! Besides, you can always repaint when you change your mood.

7 Ideas For A Multifunctional Living Room

With the continuing rise of little homes and high rise living, it is quite understandable why many homeowners are looking for ideas for a multifunctional living room, to make their abode efficient and welcoming. Of course, space has always been a common problem as more and more living spaces have decreased in terms of square footage. With these, finding ways to pursue living rooms that serve two or three purposes should be a priority. To jumpstart your search, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

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1. Space and Layout Assessment

Before you go around buying items for your multifunctional living room, it is essential to accurately assess how much space you can play around with. Some living rooms also function as dining area or as workspace. Others may even include a sleeping area for guests or an all-in-one room worthy of a forever-single hashtag. Here, planning a layout for furniture, by considering current ones, will help save you from going overboard on your budget, as well as your floor plan.

2. Multifunctional Furniture Galore

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Multifunctional living rooms must, in a way, cover multifunctional furniture pieces. Sofas that double as day beds, are great options for high rises, as bedrooms can be limited to just 1 or 2 rooms. A table that also converts into a working area or a dining space or where children work on their homework, is also an excellent option. Definitely, using furniture that serves more than just a single purpose will make a great choice.

3. Get Comfy

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Multifunctional living rooms, particularly in high rise buildings or beachfront properties, often lend the ambiance of a relaxing space. Simply add a low seating sofa to transform the space into an extra bedroom worthy for a slumber party or snooze patrol zone. On weekends, simply install a projector and transform the whole space into a cinema.

4. Corner Surprise

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Living room corners can be quite tricky. Often left as a wasted area, it can actually recreate a living room that also doubles as a working area or a study nook. Transforming seemingly dreary corners into a usable space, allows more useful interaction in a limited space.

5. Window Drama

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Don’t just leave windows to be dressed with curtains. Create a reading nook or a simple relaxation zone by equipping it with a custom soft seat and cushions. You may also add hidden storage in the soft seat and underneath to maximize space. Here, you can store toys, books, throw pillows, and other knick-knacks underneath. Doesn’t the one above look like it would be great to curl up with a good book?

6. Play with Lighting

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Lighting is one of the many important ideas for multifunctional living rooms. Yet, it is often taken for granted. If you want to create a room that doubles as a cinema room or as a social hall for Friday gatherings or weekend socials then, using adaptive lighting should be on top of your priority totem pole. This floor lamp, for instance, can highlight a good game of poker or for reading a titillating novel.

7. Of course, storage!

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One of the main ideas for multifunctional living room is to save as much space as you can. As mentioned, today’s abodes can be short in per-square footage, making living rooms a likely candidate for double or multiple purposes. To accommodate plenty of belongings in a small space, using furniture, walls and corners as storage must be done. This window seat, for instance, can store books, DVDs, cushions, and so on, to de-clutter your living area.

Bottom line is: there are so many ideas for multifunctional living room to live up to its purpose. When keen on creating one, it is important to plan things carefully to ensure that you cover every square inch of your living area without wasting money buying unnecessary things. When done accordingly, you can finally enjoy a living space that’s so versatile and adaptable, it serves a myriad of functions to suit your needs.

7 Practical Living Room Furniture Ideas

The living room represents the overall personality of a house. It showcases the house’s sense of style for everyone to appreciate. In most cases, homeowners splurge on the types of furniture being placed therein to truly encapsulate the stylishness they want to impart to their guests without sacrificing everyone’s comfort. When looking for living room furniture ideas for an impending remodel, here are some basic tips that guarantee not to break your bank.  

1. Before you pick a living room set straight from an Ikea online catalog, it is essential to think deeply on what you actually need. Do you want something that’s spill or stain-proof? Do you want hardwood or minimalist steel? Leather sofas, for instance, are often chosen by families with children or pets. Leather does not stain and is quite easy to clean. For a less pricier yet still durable and stylish alternative, microfiber sofas can easily suit any budget range.

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2. What particular framework do you wish to present in your living room set? Will it be hardwood or stainless steel? Or would you rather go for cozy and fluffy? Minimalist living rooms often feature a stainless steel and glass combo with plenty of clean space. Hardwood works like maple and oak are also top choices for homes looking for durability and warmth.

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3. One of the most important things to consider when thinking of practical living room furniture ideas is longevity. Homeowners see every sofa, coffee table, side table, or ottoman as family heirlooms which can be passed from one generation to the next. With this, it is wise investment to buy furniture which are doweled, glued or screwed. Furniture with corner blocks also ensure that frames are durable.

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4. For small living rooms, choose furniture that offers extra storage. These double-duty furniture options offer storage space for throw pillows, books, stacks of DVDs, and other seasonal decorative treasures. Light-colored furniture options also deliver an illusion of a much wider space. They are also easier to accessorize.

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5. Another staple item in a living room is an entertainment center. Also called “wall units”, these are usually large pieces of fixtures that hold the television set, DVD player, stereo, and much more. Some may hold drawers and shelves to store DVDs, books, and other decorative elements. Entertainment centers come in all shapes and sizes. To save space, some people custom-fit such wall units into their living room space. Others may also go the recessed wall route to save space. In some areas where winter chills the bones, a fireplace may also be retrofitted to it.

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6. Where you place furniture depends largely on the layout of your living room space. An entertainment center, for instance, must have access to an electrical outlet with the TV away from the window to prevent backlighting—and must be considered the focal point in the room. Create balance by using scaled pieces. Look at your space as if it’s a canvas and your arrangement, the work of art.

7. Splurge on furniture which you or everyone else frequently uses. Sofas, for instance, must be durable enough as it endures more traffic than all other furniture in the space. When choosing a sofa, consider these things: living room space and shape, and the number of people usually lounging in the area to watch football or entertain guests.

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Without a doubt, there is so much you can do to make the living room exude your personal taste. There are so many options out there for you to choose from. You have your choice of sofas, coffee tables, accent chairs, tables or chests, ottomans, wall units, futons, nesting tables, and such. Let these practical living room furniture ideas be your guide and enjoy a great revamp that won’t create a huge dent in your budget.

Top 10 Living Room Design Tips and Tricks

Albeit its small space, the living room can be quite challenging to design. There are so many factors to consider and each factor must complement various elements in the whole interior design. While there may be 101 ways to spruce it up, let’s begin with these top 10 living room design tips and tricks to jumpstart your interest in creating a lively and vivacious space.

1. Add Color

Set the mood of the whole living room space with color. Be reminded that the colors you pick will create an overall feel or ambiance to the space. Colors can either relax or energize according to their warmth or coolness. Many households use muted hues to deliver a serene ambiance while harmoniously keeping things in a balance.

2. Floor Power

Go for stylish yet comfortable flowing. Consider the amount of foot traffic when choosing living room flooring. From tiles to marble, wall-to-wall carpet or not, this lays one of the most important foundations of a living room design. To make furniture stand out, choose neutral flooring. Hardwood floors, ceramic and stone tiles, and full carpeting are popular choices these days. Marble, though expensive, is also a great option.

3. Antique TV to Bookcase

Got an old television set or any battered furniture that only needs a few tweeks and paint to look like new? This antiquated television, for instance, can be turned into a book case or a coffee table or a side table. Some people even use these finds as a pet bed. Do remember to be careful when using old TV sets as inner wires can cause electrocution.

4. Seating + Storage

For small living room areas, making good use of your seats to double as storage is the wisest thing to do. Find an ottoman with hidden storage or perhaps, turn an inexpensive bookshelf from Ikea into a bench. This Kallax shelving unit can be easily assembled and then, stuffed with storage boxes, steel feet for support, and of course, a cushion for comfort.

5. Mirrors Never Go Wrong

You will need a focal point in your living room design. This will help draw anyone into the space. While others go for a fireplace or an ostentatious work of art, many homes go for a mirror. Square or rectangular ones lend the illusion of ample space in a small living room while a round one will help wrap-up a seemingly large room.

6. Leggy Furniture

Many use the excuse of using leggy furniture to add an illusion of space. To stylish homeowners, however, these living room design tips and tricks, deliver a unique artistry and elegance. Scandinavian homes are very much into colorful and artsy furniture legs—and for good reasons!

7. The Piano Bookshelf

Perhaps one of the most ingenious ways of creating a focal point in your living room design is this piano turned bookshelf. If you’re a music lover with an old piano lying in the attic with no chance of giving it up due to its sentimental value, turning it into this will definitely add more sass to your living room design. It’s a simple DIY project which will definitely make the whole thing more memorable.

8. Zero Curtains and Spotlights

To dress or not to dress—the million dollar window treatment question. Enhancing natural lighting elements in a living room can be done in more ways than one. Some choose light curtains in pastel hues or without any curtains at all. This is one way to invite natural light in during the day. At night, a perfectly ensconced spotlight allows a spacious and airy feel, too.

9. Hidden Entertainment

Due to lack of square footage, many living rooms today also double as a family room where family members watch TV or play games together. So, why not incorporate it into the living design and then, tuck it away via a sliding cabinet. Set up a piece of artwork on the sliding door to add more charm to the whole set-up.

10. Accessorize

Wrap-up your overall living room design by using perfectly balanced and well-coordinated accessories. From plants to lamps, rugs, framed photos or artwork, coffee table, drapes or curtains, candle and tray or bowl, throw pillows and blanket, sculptures and so on—these items keep the room alive.

Do you have other living room design tips and tricks up your sleeve? The sky is the limit when it comes to concocting ideas for a spiffy and functional, yet elegant and budget-friendly living room space. Decide by considering a theme in mind and start your search from there. There are so many items you can find in both online and actual flea markets, to make your living room dream come true.