7 Rustic Country Kitchen Decor Ideas


Looking for rustic country kitchen decor pieces? One doesn’t really have to live in the woods or on a farm to capture the simplicity, coziness and charm of a rustic country kitchen. It takes only a few design cues to imbibe that sense of intimacy of provincial life to your city home. From natural materials to weathered and eclectic accents, these rustic country kitchen decor ideas will definitely add some dramatic elements to an inviting and casual cooking or dining space.


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1. Repainting existing cabinets to lend a rustic look is one way to get that country kitchen feel, even when on a shoestring budget. The best thing about a rustic look is that there’s no specific design to it. You can mix and match paint colors with red, light blue, green, butter yellow and white as top choices. You can practice doing so on a scrap of wood first or simply sand them, then add a double-coated glaze. Using a distressing technique or milk paint also makes a great choice. Top it off with replacement hinges and knobs to complete the rustic look.


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2. Still on woodwork, a rustic country kitchen is meant to be warm and inviting. It is timeless and natural. To get that feel, utilizing rich woodwork on your cabinets, table, countertops, open shelves and so on, will complete the signature look. Make good use of maple, oak, acacia, cherry or hickory wood. Pine is also a fantastic budget-friendly option. Add decorative panels to your cabinet and dress up cabinet doors using rubbed brass or wrought iron, to give it more character and style.

3. Window treatment like gingham curtains makes the whole space cozier. This is even more so when an overall theme is applied to not just window valances, but also to cabinet skirting, tablecloths, seat cushions or chair pads, table napkins, and a scatter rug. In the winter, you can throw in faux animal skin rug to add more warmth.

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4. How about a chalkboard for your daily menus and household chores for everyone? This rustic country kitchen decor idea lends a contemporary, yet natural feel to your overall space. It also adds more fun and excitement with everyone taking turns on what to write on the board. Do remember to use dust-free chalks to prevent asthma and accumulating dust in your kitchen.


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5. Another affordable way of integrating a rustic country feel in your city home’s kitchen is by adding rustic dinnerware, mugs, plates, napkin rings, canisters, mason jars, and cookie jars into your kitchen. This wood pallet below, for instance, is used to hang mugs to keep that rustic look. Hanging cast-iron cooking items on the wall or atop a kitchen island, will make decorating more fun. Don’t forget to have candelabras and naturally scented candles reserved for intimate nights.


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6. Don’t forget lighting by adding an animal horned chandelier over the eating area. If antlers are too gross for you, black iron chandeliers or open candelabra-type lighting, will also deliver that charming cozy look. Add a dimmer to sass things up a bit further.


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7. Integrate green plants and blooms or perhaps, a herb garden into your kitchen’s interior. City life is known for its over-the-top pollution level. Plants help to improve air quality and aesthetic value to any space. For practical reasons, feel free to cultivate your own small herb garden right at your kitchen. Make good use of old mugs, mason jars, tea or coffee cans, by growing mint, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, and so on– right at your windowsill. Plants, by the way, are also great healing elements.


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There are other rustic country kitchen decor ideas out there. It doesn’t really have to be a one-time home remodel scheme. You can start with the little things then, moving on to refinishing cabinets and other woodwork. By and by, you can finally evoke a down-to-earth charming feel, perfect for hobnobbing with family and friends over a mug of coffee, sunny-side-up eggs, or a hot-from-the-oven apple pie.

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