7 Breakfast Nook Ideas You Will Love

Meals are supposed to be enjoyable, but sometimes a formal dining table can be such a lonely place. So why not add a soulful corner to have those Sunday meals. Charming homes have always had these small,yet astounding in feel, breakfast nook ideas which embody the adage “bigger isn’t always better.” Think about sipping coffee as the day breaks, with your feet propped up on your seat. Endearingly touching, isn’t it? Don’t have one in your home? We have rounded up 7 breakfast nook ideas which are not only comfortable, but will also make your heart swim with joy. Take a look…

1. Get Cozy

Get cozy with this plaid on white background breakfast corner. Do you have an elegant furniture set tucked away somewhere? Have them reupholstered with an all-white or plaid design. You may also use a bench with fitted with a customized cushion seat. A small round table and a splash of flowery bloom will wrap-up the cozy feel.

2. Modern Eclectic and Minimalist, Too!

Create an amazingly unique and stylish minimalist breakfast nook. This one comes with a customized mahogany table with carved spaces. Make use of vintage refurnished work chairs then, prop-up a planter, a cactus, or a bonsai plant to complete the whole look. This makes a great bachelor’s nook as it can also be used as an area to play poker or have a beer with friends.

3. The Alcove

Create a diner-like alcove in your kitchen. Place a built-in seating and a square or round table and ambient lighting to add coziness to the whole set-up. Whisk in a wall painting and a flowery centerpiece to compliment the look. An alcove creates a sense of privacy and serenity away from the hustle-bustle of the kitchen.

4. Single Room Only

For professional single ladies living in high-rise abodes, a cozy nook makes a great option instead of a formal dining space. This tiny window seat overlooks the busy street below with its built-in cushioned bench, movable round table, and geometric chair. It’s a quaint space to concentrate on your inner thoughts or to contemplate on life goals—or on what to wear for today’s board meeting.

5. The Solarium

There are a few lucky ones out there who bask in clean oxygen day in and day out. If you have the budget, creating a breakfast nook right at the heart of your solarium will definitely be an excellent idea. Create a large alcove surrounded by glass and the quintessential herb garden. It gives a sense of warmth during the frosty winter months and a respite in the midst of summer.

6. Go Swedish

Bring in a touch of Scandinavia into your home with Swedes’ shades of the sea and sky to recreate the palette of a serene summer-all-year-long house. One of the most notable aspects in Swedish style breakfast nook ideas is the presence of dishes usually stored in a traditional wood plate rack. Use vintage or recessed furniture to create driftwoods from the sea.

7. The Outdoorsy Breakfast Corner

Got a pocket patio in your home? Transform it into an outdoorsy breakfast nook. The one above is a makeshift patio leading to the kitchen. Use all-season furniture and compliment it with a stylish patio umbrella to complete the look

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of breakfast nook ideas out there. So, try measuring your available space and find or design furniture settings that will suit the dimensions. The idea is to keep the area as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Be reminded that these welcoming corners also make a good work station while multitasking in the kitchen or as intimate spots for those candlelight dinners.

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