10 Urban Kitchen Drawer Storage Ideas

Does your new urban dig feel like everything can topple over? Limited space is one of the most common pitfalls of living in the city. When teeny-weeny apartments and high-rise condominiums abound and you have no other choice but to pick one you can afford, finding a way to maximize every square inch of your kitchen space can be overwhelming. Fret-not, let this 10 creative and resourceful urban kitchen drawer storage ideas be of help.

1. Maximize overhead space of cabinets

Cabinets often do not go all the way up to the ceiling and such open space can be prime territory for you to add more function. Treat it as “overhead open drawer” storage by storing decorative items or items not used on a daily basis such as cooking gadgets, roasting pans, baking tins, and so on.

2. Make use of open wall space

Most city dwellings have open wall space. Sometimes, this could be that stretch of vacant space between two merging areas, particularly the kitchen and the living room. Make good use of this not-so-hidden gem. Add a custom-made cabinet with open shelves or use pegboards. A folding table also helps maximize kitchen space.

3. Go vertical and magnetic

Make good use of vertical drawers which you can easily pull down from atop a custom-made cabinet. To maximize space, add magnetic strips to hold knives, scissors, and other metal kitchen tools.

4. Choose expandable kitchen drawer storage ideas

Want to make the most of your conventional kitchen drawers? Add an expandable kitchen utility drawer organizer. Take one of the most sought-after items from Amazon, the Totally Bamboo’s Expandable Utensil Drawer Organizer; is constructed from high quality eco-friendly Moso bamboo wood. Versatile and durable, it measures 18 inches long, 2 inches high and 12 ¾ inches wide (which can be expanded to 17 ½ inches!). Great for storing cutleries, knives, measuring spoons, and so on.

5. Add some life to your kitchen drawers

Transform a seemingly suffocating and dreary kitchen drawer into one that bursts with color and life. Check out the Vanorig creative storage drawer organizers. Each box comes with 4 sets of plastic boxes in assorted colors. If you wish to organize a monochromatic scheme, you can actually buy a single-pack with your choice of color: white, orange, blue, pink, or lime green.

6. Maximize an open side of a cabinet space

Some cabinets do not butt-up against a wall—and this could be used to your advantage. Mount a drawer vertically as a spice rack or mount a magazine rack as storage for pastry and cutting boards.

7. Utilize cabinet doors inner space

Maximize drawer space by utilizing the inside of cabinet doors. Use hooks to hang dish towels, pot holders and other things you can hang. Or use the Vanorig organizer as stacks.

Utilize-cabinet-doors- inner-space
8. Use tension rods as under the kitchen drawer storage ideas

Install small tension rods under sinks or areas under drawers where there’s ample space. Use this to hang towels, aprons, pots and pans or baking sheets secured with hooks, and cleaning supplies.

9. Use hanging racks

Some cabinets have spaces for large drawers. Instead of custom-fitting with smaller ones, install a hanging rack to hold pots and pans. Or if you lack such space, make good use of a pendant light rack to hang pots and pans.

10. Use oven as a drawer

If you run out of drawer space, ovens are considered one of the most popular urban kitchen drawer storage ideas. Store baking sheets, pots, pans and what-have-you. This is great if you don’t bake or broil food items often.

A seemingly diminutive kitchen space can actually be stretched as far as the imagination permits. Tap your creative juices and look for space-saving (and not pricey, as well!) items in Amazon or IKEA or Target. Let these urban kitchen drawer storage ideas kick-start your search.

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