8 Timeless Victorian Kitchen Decor Ideas

Planning to breathe new life to your kitchen? Why not go the rustic Victorian route? Victorian kitchen decor ideas come in various inspirational motifs allowing you to shift a modern home into a timeless, elegant one with just a few pieces. But what truly makes a Victorian-inspired kitchen that’s not only functional but also ritzy and contemporary?

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While you may have no more of those cathedral arch doorways, there are other ways to add a touch of Victorian glitz into your kitchen. Here are some ideas to remember:

1. Woodstove. What’s a Victorian kitchen without a woodstove. While your kitchen may already house a modern gas range with all the amenities you need, it is never too cozy to set a woodstove on a corner as a decorative element. This one makes an awesome corner kitchen showcase to add a sense of warmth to your kitchen.

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2. Open-Shelved Dresser. One of the most prominent Victorian kitchen decor ideas is the use of an open-shelved dresser. Some space-challenged homes choose to go the recessed walls route. Wise shoppers, on the other hand, frequent flea markets to look for rundown dressers and cupboards. A little sanding and repaint here and there will ultimately deliver the look you are aiming for.

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3. The Island. Victorian kitchens exude with utilitarian bliss hence, the presence of a kitchen table is commonly used as a work area instead of a dining nook. Sitting at the heart of the kitchen, an island can be stripped off its paint to create a sharp contrast to the walls. This will help draw out the eye into the island table and create a more cohesive Victorian timeless look.

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4. Quirky Backsplashes. Victorian kitchens boast of tiled backsplashes featuring unique designs. Think subway tiles for a fusion between contemporary and modern functionality. Murals and painted tiles also make great focal point in the cooking area. For a quirkier take, look for mismatched tiles in salvage or vintage stores, too.

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5. The Sink And Open Plate Rack. Instead of reinventing an old scullery to house the sink, open up yours by placing ornately designed open-rack for plates, bowls, cup and saucers, and other eating utensils. This aims to deliver not just timeless elegance but also practicality– a common attribute in Victorian kitchens.

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6. Elegant Yet Functional Lighting. Good lighting has never lost its meaning during the Victorian era and even until today. You can choose the vintage variety with intricate chandeliers or go the functional task lighting route for a simpler, practical yet still timeless take.

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7. Copper Galore. Add drama to your Victorian style kitchen by whisking in a few copper pots, pans and kettles. Copper hollow-ware have always been a central decorative element in this area owing to the primal appeal of copper. Keep in mind that “bright copper kettles” are still some people’s favorite things.

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Astounding Elegance

You can never go wrong with any of these Victorian kitchen decor ideas. Do this all at once or infuse decorative elements one at a time when short on budget. The key is to look for continuity, fluidity and a sense of excellently pulled-together look to truly embrace that timeless appeal. Do remember to breathe life into your kitchen with a herb garden or a few succulent on your windowsill to add balance to the nostalgic appeal.


10 Above Cabinet Kitchen Decor Ideas To Add Oomph To Your Space

Do cobwebs or dust accumulate on the gap between your kitchen ceiling and cabinets? Above cabinet kitchen decor ideas are aplenty for homeowners to pursue and they don’t need pricey interior decorators to do that for them. There are actually stylish ways to address that awkward space and allow your kitchen space to a gain new perspective; as well as heights. To ensure that the the bulkhead above those sturdy cabinets don’t turn into a wasteland, here are some useful decorating ideas to emulate.

1. Give the room a visual boost by layering silver stuff or ceramics. A tabletop collection is one great way of converting that bulkhead space, without spending money buying new decorative elements. Simply get your priced China or Eastern vases off those closed-off cabinet drawers and highlight them on top and voila!

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2. Go vintage

Why not go vintage with decorative serving platters and plates? Fill the gap between the ceiling and your kitchen cabinet with an antique collection like teapots, vases, mason jars, dishes, candelabras, cookie jars, and so on. Go for a huge platter as centerpiece or anything that will complement the height and artistry of the overall kitchen tapestry.


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3. Wine lovers unite! You don’t really have to buy a wine holder or make an entirely new shelf for storage. Simply make good use of your DIY carpentry skills by creating your own wine storage on top of the cabinet using leftover wood. This is one way to add wine storage without costing an arm or leg. Also, because one can never have too much wine. Cheers!

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4. Got something big from a recent jaunt abroad then, make it dominate the bulkhead above a kitchen cabinet. Take this large rattan server on top of a vintage standalone cupboard. Big and bulky, it allows it to be viewed clearly, even at a distance. Its utter simplicity adds a sense of cohesiveness to the overall kitchen decorative style; while extending visual height to the space.


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5. There’s always room for those lovely blooms from your pocket garden in your kitchen. Instead of simply placing a bouquet on your countertop, make a garland and place it on the space above your kitchen cabinet. Or if you have no time to change it every 3 days or so, go the paper garland route. There are plenty of online tutorials on how to make one.

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6. Another way of turning ho-hum kitchen cabinets into a statement-making piece, is to add lush greenery. Whether real or faux, green potted plants will add a sense of vibrancy to a seemingly dreary kitchen. Though a little pesky, going for real plants will also help improve air quality in your kitchen space, making cooking and dining a healthier time.

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7. Make it a semi-gallery loft for your art collection. You don’t have to be a fine artist to showcase a collection of your children’s treasured school pieces. If you are also into cross-stitching, you can frame and showcase the fruit of your months of labor in this diminutive space.

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8. Chalkboards are all the rage these days. You can actually use it as another clever above cabinet kitchen decor ideas. Let this black canvas hold important family events for the month or menu selection for the week. This is even made more clever for household chore assignment announcements.

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9. Make it an additional storage space by placing baskets on top. Go for something simple and complementary to the current set-up. Wicker baskets can hold extra kitchen utensils, cutlery, table napkins and so on.


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10. Not sure what to put into this extra space? Mix and match your favorite items to create a whimsical display of your hidden treasures collected over the years from colorful glass bottles to Ming vases, wine glasses, handpainted ceramics, silverware, miniature statues, milk jugs and so on.

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It’s too late to curse your home’s architect or the carpenter of your cabinetry or your pet cat who takes the space as its territory. With these above kitchen decor ideas, you can finally turn the bulkhead space above those cabinets from wasteland to la-la-land. By adding character and flair to your above cabinet space, you can finally give your overall kitchen space a more personal and interesting look.




7 Rustic Country Kitchen Decor Ideas


Looking for rustic country kitchen decor pieces? One doesn’t really have to live in the woods or on a farm to capture the simplicity, coziness and charm of a rustic country kitchen. It takes only a few design cues to imbibe that sense of intimacy of provincial life to your city home. From natural materials to weathered and eclectic accents, these rustic country kitchen decor ideas will definitely add some dramatic elements to an inviting and casual cooking or dining space.


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1. Repainting existing cabinets to lend a rustic look is one way to get that country kitchen feel, even when on a shoestring budget. The best thing about a rustic look is that there’s no specific design to it. You can mix and match paint colors with red, light blue, green, butter yellow and white as top choices. You can practice doing so on a scrap of wood first or simply sand them, then add a double-coated glaze. Using a distressing technique or milk paint also makes a great choice. Top it off with replacement hinges and knobs to complete the rustic look.


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2. Still on woodwork, a rustic country kitchen is meant to be warm and inviting. It is timeless and natural. To get that feel, utilizing rich woodwork on your cabinets, table, countertops, open shelves and so on, will complete the signature look. Make good use of maple, oak, acacia, cherry or hickory wood. Pine is also a fantastic budget-friendly option. Add decorative panels to your cabinet and dress up cabinet doors using rubbed brass or wrought iron, to give it more character and style.

3. Window treatment like gingham curtains makes the whole space cozier. This is even more so when an overall theme is applied to not just window valances, but also to cabinet skirting, tablecloths, seat cushions or chair pads, table napkins, and a scatter rug. In the winter, you can throw in faux animal skin rug to add more warmth.

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4. How about a chalkboard for your daily menus and household chores for everyone? This rustic country kitchen decor idea lends a contemporary, yet natural feel to your overall space. It also adds more fun and excitement with everyone taking turns on what to write on the board. Do remember to use dust-free chalks to prevent asthma and accumulating dust in your kitchen.


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5. Another affordable way of integrating a rustic country feel in your city home’s kitchen is by adding rustic dinnerware, mugs, plates, napkin rings, canisters, mason jars, and cookie jars into your kitchen. This wood pallet below, for instance, is used to hang mugs to keep that rustic look. Hanging cast-iron cooking items on the wall or atop a kitchen island, will make decorating more fun. Don’t forget to have candelabras and naturally scented candles reserved for intimate nights.


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6. Don’t forget lighting by adding an animal horned chandelier over the eating area. If antlers are too gross for you, black iron chandeliers or open candelabra-type lighting, will also deliver that charming cozy look. Add a dimmer to sass things up a bit further.


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7. Integrate green plants and blooms or perhaps, a herb garden into your kitchen’s interior. City life is known for its over-the-top pollution level. Plants help to improve air quality and aesthetic value to any space. For practical reasons, feel free to cultivate your own small herb garden right at your kitchen. Make good use of old mugs, mason jars, tea or coffee cans, by growing mint, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, and so on– right at your windowsill. Plants, by the way, are also great healing elements.


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There are other rustic country kitchen decor ideas out there. It doesn’t really have to be a one-time home remodel scheme. You can start with the little things then, moving on to refinishing cabinets and other woodwork. By and by, you can finally evoke a down-to-earth charming feel, perfect for hobnobbing with family and friends over a mug of coffee, sunny-side-up eggs, or a hot-from-the-oven apple pie.

10 Country Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas


Looking for warm and cozy country kitchen wall decor ideas? Creating a comfortable kitchen lair is one of the most important aspects in designing a homey space. Part of a country-style kitchen’s charm is its natural elements complemented with fine craftsmanship and rustic vibe. While the furniture, appliances, kitchentops, and windows can be well-suited with old-fashioned elements to truly imbibe nostalgia, country kitchen walls can sometimes be deprived of decor ideas. When thinking of adding some decorative elements on those walls, here are some amazing affordable finds.


1. Wall Hanging Decor

Highland Graphics Inspirational Wall Decor


One of the most common kitchen wall decor ideas is focused on natural elements like wood. This makes this inspirational wall decor an excellent pick to add on your kitchen walls. Made from reclaimed wood slats of old barnyard wood pallets, it speaks volumes of how the family living inside a home values not just each others’ presence, but also that of the time they spent dining together. It is also easy to incorporate into any dining room or kitchen decor with its beige-brown color and distressed finish.

2. Say It With Stickers

DecalGeek Vinyl Wall Art Mural


Another great addition to your country style kitchen wall is this fun-tastic sticker decal. Simply un-strip and apply to a clean kitchen wall to add more life and meaning to it. Though moisture– and shock- resistant, it can be easily removed when the time comes for you to change design. It’s stylish without being too pricey.

3. Table Topper

Highland Graphics Table/Wall Decor


This one makes a great complement to the wall decor mentioned above. It can be placed on an adjacent area or propped up on a table. Still made of distressed or reclaimed wood slats from old wooden pallets, it provides a homey lived-in effect to your kitchen. It’s brown finish also gives it a rustic style perfect for country kitchen designs.


4. Modern Clock

Bits&Pieces Contemporary Kitchen Utensil Clock


Do you know why kitchens always have clocks? Well, it’s not to give you a deadline for eating, but rather as a guide for baking or cooking times. Add a bit of modernity to your kitchen design with this contemporary kitchen utensil clock from Bits&Pieces. This is totally a fun way of making forks, spoons, spatulas, kitchen knife, turner, and the likes as focal point in your kitchen design.


5. Egggziting Kitchen Clock

Hadaaya Gifts&Home Decor Fried Egg Shaped Wall Clock


Some country kitchen style may also lend to old-school nursery rhymes centered on sunny-side-up eggs, fried on a seasoned frying pan darkened by an open-fire pit. This unique wall clock shaped just like that with fork and knife as minute and hour hands, makes a great centerpiece on top of a kitchen wall. All you need is an AA battery and you’ll be hearing its egggggziting “tick-tock what’s for snacks”.


6. Rustic Wall-Mounted Key Hook

Comfify Wall Mounted Key Hook


If you are one who runs a marathon from your garage to the kitchen to prepare a meal for the family, then this country style wall-mounted key hook is designed just for you. Now, you will never lose your keys again as you scurry for dear life to thaw frozen meat, dice some vegetables, and preheat the oven for dinner to be ready on time. Simply place it just right on the entrance’s wall and let this rustic key hook hold your keys for you. Made with cast iron material, it oozes rustic appeal perfect for your country kitchen style.

7. Chalkboard Style Decor

Gango Home Decor Chalkboard-Style Kitchen Sign


Add some creative flair into your kitchen with this chalkboard-style kitchen sign. Created by Donna Knold and published exclusively by Gango Editions, this is made of high quality paper and can be framed with your choice of design to suit your country style kitchen.


8. No-Mess Removable Chalkboard

EachWell DIY Vinyl Chalkboard


Give your children something to do while you’re busy prepping nutritious meals for the family. Simply install this removable vinyl chalkboard on any flat wall surface and let them have fun. You can cut it according to the dimension or shape of a particular wall in your kitchen. It can also be used to keep track of daily chores and schedules for your children as kitchen helpers.

9. Kitchen Wall Art

BigWig Photos Glossy Wall Art


Inject color into your kitchen with this tantalizing art piece. Made from glossy photo prints converted into ready-for-framing wall art, you can prop it up or hang it on your kitchen wall. This truly makes a colorful addition to your beige-brown-woody country kitchen style.

10. Wooden Hook Racks

KNL Store Wooden Hook Racks


Spice up your kitchen with these wooden hook racks. Now, you can store kitchen utensils, keys, towels, pot holders, and the like on your wall, without looking too shabby.


Indeed, remodeling a kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive or over-the-top. Take in the comfort and coziness of the old countryside and integrate it into your kitchen design. With these country kitchen wall decor ideas, you can finally hit your goal of creating a homey space that exudes warmth and love for food and companionship.


5 Kitchen Decor Themes To Spruce Up Your Home

A kitchen is the heart of every home. This is where families and loved ones converge to prepare and partake in meals while sharing each day’s escapade. When thinking of doing some kitchen improvements, it is only essential that you find kitchen decor themes that address not just cooking or dining, but also make it a fun and efficient space for everyone to enjoy. From floor plan to your choice of furniture, appliances, and paint color; decorating a kitchen requires a concentrated balancing act. To give you inspiration, here are some gorgeous themes to kickstart your kitchen improvement goals.

1. Bare And Sparse

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Reminiscent of New York in the 1970s, open shelve storage kitchens represent a bohemian feel that further adds drama to the whole kitchen-dining area. Pots and pans are no longer kept inside storage drawers. Kitchen countertops are practically bare of kitchen utensils. Instead open-air and floating shelves hold these items drawing everyone’s focus into them. To give it an added kick, choosing utensils that match the kitchen’s hue will provide a lively feel to the whole space.

2. Modern Zen

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For anyone who can’t stand any clutter or any trace of mess, a Zen kitchen design may prove to bring in the relaxation everyone needs during each meal preparation and dining time. Keep things spic and span by opting for more whites or creams subtly accentuated with light green hues evoking nature’s warmth. The key takeaway of Zen kitchens rest on hidden storage. To spruce it up, simply whisk in a few plants, a fruit basket or a tea set to inject a little modernity to the rather barren space.

3. Elegant Bistro

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Want to feel like dining in the quaint bistros of Milan? How about the chic ones in Paris? Many a romantic couple nowadays are so into the uniqueness and romanticism brought about by the bistro look of the aforementioned tourist hotspots. A bistro-themed kitchen evokes the emotional superiority of the Italians as well as the French, with their love for food and all things hearty and flirty. Here, a perfect balance between one’s adoration for coffee gets exactly the same accolade to that of bottles of wine. Cabinets and furniture pieces are darkly tinted with glassware dominating the whole elegant appearance. A rococo painting or a simple chalkboard often takes centerstage on this kitchen decor theme.

4. Cozy Cottage

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Nothing is more homey and unpretentious than a cozy cottage kitchen. If you want a more lived-in look that evokes happiness each time everyone gather, all you need is a harmonious blend of humble elements. Think about weathered or painted wood cabinets, wicker seats and bar stools, complemented with beaded-board walls, as well as ceiling. Farm wares, ceramic utensils and vintage items may sometimes dominate the whole space. Wood floors and colorful curtains and other accents, set the tone for the whole space.

5. Trendy And Space-Savvy

Source : decoist.com

Living in a high rise or apartment, a kitchen revamp can be quite a challenge to urbanites. Apart from the challenge brought by limited space, design must also reflect the overall feel of the whole home and its surroundings. So, why not take the major elements in where you are currently living, and use that as main source of ideas for this kitchen decor theme. Go for white or deep black or any other current color trends and patterns, too. Other notable accessories are bar stools, built-in cabinets and multi-functional furniture, as well as modern wall art.

Give It Your Best Shot

There are countless other kitchen decor themes available for you to discover. Keep in mind though that when picking the best one, take your personality as well as that of your family (if any) into consideration. As a rule, always go for harmonious balance, functionality and convenience to create a truly awe-inspiring kitchen where your loved ones will grow.