5 Kitchen Decor Themes To Spruce Up Your Home

A kitchen is the heart of every home. This is where families and loved ones converge to prepare and partake on meals while sharing each day’s escapade. When thinking of doing some kitchen improvements, it is only essential that you find kitchen decor themes that addresses not just cooking or dining but also a fun and efficient space for everyone to enjoy. From floor plan to your choice of furniture, appliances, and paint color, decorating a kitchen requires utmost balancing act. To give you inspiration, here are some gorgeous themes to kickstart your kitchen improvement goals.

1. Bare And Sparse

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Reminiscent of New York in the 1970s, open shelve storage kitchens represent a bohemian feel that further adds drama to the whole kitchen-dining area. Pots and pans are no longer kept inside storage drawers. Kitchen countertops are practically bare of kitchen utensils. Instead open-air and floating shelves hold these items drawing everyone’s focus into them. To give it an added kick, choosing utensils that match the kitchen’s hue will provide a lively feel to the whole space.

2. Modern Zen

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For anyone who can’t stand any clutter or any trace of mess, a Zen kitchen design may prove to bring in the relaxation everyone needs during each and every meal preparation and dining time. Keep things spic and span by opting for more whites or creams subtly accentuated with light green hues evoking nature’s warmth. The key takeaway of Zen kitchens rest on hidden storage. To spruce it up, simply whisk in a few plants, a fruit basket or a tea set to inject a little modernity to the rather barren space.

3. Elegant Bistro

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Want to feel like dining in the quaint bistros of Milan? How about the chic ones in Paris? Many romantic couple nowadays are so into the uniqueness and romanticism brought about by the bistro look of the aforementioned tourist hotspots. Bistro-themed kitchen evoke the emotional superiority of the Italians as well as the French, with their love for food and all things hearty and flirty. Here, a perfect balance between one’s adoration for coffee gets exactly the same accolade to that of bottles of wine. Cabinets and furniture pieces are darkly tinted with glassware dominating the whole elegant appearance. A rococo painting or a simple chalkboard often takes centerstage on this kitchen decor theme.

4. Cozy Cottage

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Nothing is more homey and unpretentious than a cozy cottage kitchen. If you want a more lived-in look that evokes happiness each time everyone gather, all you need is a harmonious blend of humble elements. Think about weathered or painted wood cabinets, wicker seats and bar stools, complemented with beaded-board walls as well as ceiling. Farm wares, ceramic utensils and vintage items may sometimes dominate the whole space. Wood floors and colorful curtains and other accents set the tone for the whole space.

5. Trendy And Space-Savvy

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Living in a high rise or apartment, kitchen revamp can be quite a challenge to urbanites. Apart from the challenge brought by limited space, design must also reflect the overall feel of the whole home and its surroundings. So, why not take the major elements on where you are currently living, and use that as main source of idea for this kitchen decor theme. Go for white or deep black or any other current color trends and patterns, too. Other notable accessories are bar stools, built-in cabinets and muti-functional furniture as well as modern wall art.

Give It Your Best Shot

There are countless other kitchen decor themes available for you to discover. Keep in mind though that when picking the best one, take your personality as well as that of your family (if any) into consideration. As a rule, always go for harmonious balance, functionality and convenience to create a truly awe-inspiring kitchen where your loved ones will grow.

7 Breakfast Nook Ideas You Will Love

Meals are supposed to be enjoyable, but sometimes a formal dining table can be such a lonely place. So why not add a soulful corner to have those Sunday meals. Charming homes have always had these small,yet astounding in feel, breakfast nook ideas which embody the adage “bigger isn’t always better.” Think about sipping coffee as the day breaks, with your feet propped up on your seat. Endearingly touching, isn’t it? Don’t have one in your home? We have rounded up 7 breakfast nook ideas which are not only comfortable, but will also make your heart swim with joy. Take a look...

1. Get Cozy

Get cozy with this plaid on white background breakfast corner. Do you have an elegant furniture set tucked away somewhere? Have them reupholstered with an all-white or plaid design. You may also use a bench with fitted with a customized cushion seat. A small round table and a splash of flowery bloom will wrap-up the cozy feel.

2. Modern Eclectic and Minimalist, Too!

Create an amazingly unique and stylish minimalist breakfast nook. This one comes with a customized mahogany table with carved spaces. Make use of vintage refurnished work chairs then, prop-up a planter, a cactus, or a bonsai plant to complete the whole look. This makes a great bachelor’s nook as it can also be used as an area to play poker or have a beer with friends.

3. The Alcove

Create a diner-like alcove in your kitchen. Place a built-in seating and a square or round table and ambient lighting to add coziness to the whole set-up. Whisk in a wall painting and a flowery centerpiece to compliment the look. An alcove creates a sense of privacy and serenity away from the hustle-bustle of the kitchen.

4. Single Room Only

For professional single ladies living in high-rise abodes, a cozy nook makes a great option instead of a formal dining space. This tiny window seat overlooks the busy street below with its built-in cushioned bench, movable round table, and geometric chair. It’s a quaint space to concentrate on your inner thoughts or to contemplate on life goals—or on what to wear for today’s board meeting.

5. The Solarium

There are a few lucky ones out there who bask in clean oxygen day in and day out. If you have the budget, creating a breakfast nook right at the heart of your solarium will definitely be an excellent idea. Create a large alcove surrounded by glass and the quintessential herb garden. It gives a sense of warmth during the frosty winter months and a respite in the midst of summer.

6. Go Swedish

Bring in a touch of Scandinavia into your home with Swedes’ shades of the sea and sky to recreate the palette of a serene summer-all-year-long house. One of the most notable aspects in Swedish style breakfast nook ideas is the presence of dishes usually stored in a traditional wood plate rack. Use vintage or recessed furniture to create driftwoods from the sea.

7. The Outdoorsy Breakfast Corner

Got a pocket patio in your home? Transform it into an outdoorsy breakfast nook. The one above is a makeshift patio leading to the kitchen. Use all-season furniture and compliment it with a stylish patio umbrella to complete the look

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of breakfast nook ideas out there. So, try measuring your available space and find or design furniture settings that will suit the dimensions. The idea is to keep the area as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Be reminded that these welcoming corners also make a good work station while multitasking in the kitchen or as intimate spots for those candlelight dinners.

7 Kitchen Island Ideas to Consider When Remodeling Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where families converge to dine and share their experiences all throughout the day. When thinking of remodeling an old kitchen, the addition of a new kitchen island may be foremost on your mind. The idea will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the whole kitchen space, it will also add more functionality and work space helpful to the family. To begin your remodeling efforts, here are 7 kitchen island ideas to consider.

1. Consider the overall purpose of the said space. Kitchen islands serves as an additional work and serving surface to your abode. Some islands usually integrate a sink to conveniently handle dirty wares and food cleaning. Others incorporate cooktops, as well as a sink, transforming it into the central area for food preparation and clean-up. In some homes, kitchen islands offer extra room for seating and storage, as well as a pocket eating area other than the main dining table.

2. It is also important to consider the shape of your space when thinking of crafting kitchen island ideas. Not all kitchens come with a square or rectangular shape. Some come in an odd S, L or U-form. Depending on the home’s floor plan, you may want to consider the curves and edges that provide a unique vantage point for the whole kitchen space. Rectangular and square kitchen islands can be softened by semi-circle islands in the same way as a curve-shaped one. Some infuse two rectangles to form a T-shaped island for a more captivating image. To create a more free-flowing kitchen foot traffic, some homes go for wedged shapes.

3. Your kitchen’s size must also be considered. Surprisingly, small kitchens are easier to design than larger ones. Kitchen island ideas for small spaces, focuses greatly on added storage and prep surfaces, delivering more functional solutions. Think about open or built-in storage to help stow cooking and dining essentials. Some small spaces choose mobile kitchen islands to allow more flexibility. Regardless of the size, however, additional workspace in this particular space is always a bonus.

4. What your kitchen island is made of, must also be taken into mind. The top materials used as countertops on many kitchen island ideas, are natural stone like granite or slate, solid surfaces, plastic laminate, ceramic tile, wood, quarts composites, and stained concrete. Today, there are hundreds of colors, textures, and patterns for you to choose from.

5. Homeowners are advised to make good use of their kitchen space, by addin an island to it for added functionality and, of course, charm. It paves the way for additional storage, as a dining or seating area, a second sink, a food prep area, or a cooking area. In some cases, kitchen islands also function as a divider between a living space or a dining space and the actual kitchen or cooking area.

6. Try to incorporate the overall architectural features of your home when thinking of kitchen island ideas. From wood carvings to trim moldings, posts, paints, and design, let this flow into your kitchen island feature to create a sense of uniformity and continuity. On hindsight, creating a unique and showpiece kitchen design may make do with modern and stand-alone kitchen island pieces.

7. Perhaps the most important aspect in choosing among various kitchen island ideas is the cost. Keep in mind that remodeling your kitchen island may very well run from $2000 to $20,000 when you do not know what to do. The final cost is often dependent on the quality of appliances, materials, and design aspects being used.

Indeed, finding kitchen island ideas to suit the heart of your home can be quite challenging. Keep in mind that you need to have this area tailored specifically for your kitchen needs. Plan carefully its design and features to successfully enhance and improve your kitchen’s functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.

7 Easy to Do Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Do you fancy new kitchen curtain ideas? The kitchen is the heart of every home. While it may be small and crowded with tables, chairs, utensils, appliances, pots and pans, the kitchen must also be airy and devoid of contraptions which may hamper the stream of natural light. This is precisely why kitchen curtains must be carefully handpicked to ensure that you get the right color, size, and style. To give you an idea, here are some great kitchen curtain ideas you can consider.

1. Beads Mania

Step out of the usual fabric, lace or plastic varieties. Making your own kitchen curtains from wooden, crystal or even colorful plastics will make a gorgeous add-on to any kitchen. Feel free to make a full beaded curtain to cover a kitchen doorway leading to a patio. Hang strands of them right at the sink window to catch magical light. All you need to have are beads of different colors, a fishing line, scissors, curtain rod, and other embellishments you wish to add. You can buy bulk bead items on Amazon if you want to create your own pattern and design.

2. Sheer Kitchen

There is nothing nicer in a kitchen than sheer curtains. Aside from bringing in natural light into the room, sheer kitchen curtains deliver a simple or clean look. You can place them near the sink or to cover a glass door leading to a patio. With their neutrality, this type of curtain can easily go together with any paint color and furniture design.

3. Attention-Grabber

For the ultimate dramatic flair, however, consider eye-catching kitchen curtain ideas and designs like stripes, burst of florals, gingham or plaid. The black and white foldable Roman window treatment above creates a sense of cohesiveness from the floor to the top. Plaids and stripes, by the way, can easily blend with any floor types and always deliver more depth in a room.

4. Go Roman

Kitchens often have small windows right above the sink. Make good use of foldable Roman shades as their size creates not just aesthetic and decorative advantages, but they also tend to NOT overpower the room. Roman shades actually compliment any architectural details of the whole kitchen space. Simply choose a fabric that will go along the other details of the kitchen.

5. Café Tier Curtains

If your kitchen has this “café area” or a space with a window, these tiered café curtains will definitely spruce it up. These short-tier 3-piece curtains usually cover the bottom half of the window with a valance hanging on top. They add a sense of privacy and luminosity to the space in a more balanced way, while letting in more natural light. This type of curtain only needs a tension rod or curtain clips to set up.

6. Country Road

Warm, homey, and welcoming, these are the very elements of a country kitchen. Think about plaids, pastels, and florals when looking for kitchen curtain ideas. Plaid fabrics loosely hanged on curtain rods bring interest and harmony as well as a cozy and rustic surprise that pokes at the heart.

7. Nostalgia

Add a sense of nostalgia to a kitchen that’s filled with history and memorabilia. One way to do that is too use old lace kitchen curtains. Lace always lend a dramatic flair to any setting giving it a seemingly old-world look with plenty of natural light streaming into the room.


Indeed, these kitchen curtain ideas can be of great help in creating a space with much care and attention. Apart from their practicality, they can also inspire you to concoct delicious meals for the whole family to enjoy. With this you can create an extraordinary cooking and/or dining space loved by everyone.

7 Kitchen Countertop Inspirations

Like a stylish necklace to a fabulous outfit, your kitchen countertop speaks volumes of your home’s personality and style. It can make a strong impression serving as a highlight to your overall kitchen design. But with the growing number of choices nowadays, picking from the wide-ranging kitchen countertop inspirations provided by the best artisans and interior designers can be overwhelming. One has to be mindful though, when choosing a design as it can easily turn into an expensive foray. So, before you splurge, consider these kitchen countertop inspirations so you’ll know precisely what will match your space—without overspending.

1. Glass-Topped Countertop

Glass countertops are noted for their sleek and streamlined appearance. Aside from clear glass, there are an array of glass color options to fit your unique taste and design. Glass kitchen countertops add a more modern vibe to any kitchen without even trying. It is also easy to clean and maintain being stain-resistant. If you prioritize sanitation, this type has long been considered one of the most hygienic of the lot. To ensure durability, go for tempered glass with at least an inch of thickness.

2. No-Fuss Quartz Countertops

When it comes to maintenance-free kitchen countertop inspirations, the engineered quartz has always been highly recommended by many homeowners. Aside from stain and acid free, it is also scratch-proof and resistant to both impact and heat. With a nonporous surface, engineered quartz kitchen countertops do not require sealers. To add style and creativity, there are virtually hundreds of colors and patterns available nowadays.

3. Stain-Free Stainless Steel

Stain-Free Stainless Steel
What used to be a staple in commercial kitchens is moving to many homes as well. Stainless steel is as modern as it can get. Its shiny metal surface exudes an industrial no-nonsense look. By far, it is also considered the easiest to clean with all kitchen countertop inspirations. With just a cloth and some mild soap, voila! It’s spick-and-span with nary a trace of mold and mildew or any microbial buildup. No wonder it has a growing following among modern minimalist homes.

4. Multifunctional Wood

There’s classy wood and then, there’s multifunctional wood kitchen countertop. Wood countertops are a common favorite among homes who want to recreate a warm cottage kitchen look. But instead of using classic wood, this butcher-block countertop style provides functional decorating a two thumbs up. Here, you can chop meat and vegetables, place hot pots and pans, and prepare all the nutritious goodies you wish to place on the table for the whole family to enjoy.

5. Polished Concrete Countertop

Concrete is one of the basic foundations of homes. With this in mind, why not add a sense of seemingly indestructible element into your kitchen countertop? But instead of the usual concrete, this one comes polished to add some artisanship and aesthetics. Durable and budget-friendly, it can help unify the overall design elements in your home from floors to walls to countertops.

6. Black Beauty

Classic black granite is quartz equally popular twin. Aside from offering a high-end appeal to the overall kitchen design, it also provides space for kitchen preparations. Easy to clean with just a single wipe, it prevents oils, acids and other food form from piling up in your countertop. So, there you go—elegance without the hassle of maintenance.

7. Go Laminated

If you are short on budget, however, and still want to exude the same artistry as having granite or a quartz, laminate countertops for the kitchen is your best bet in achieving such a design. Perhaps, one of the most budget-friendly kitchen countertop inspirations, these laminates can resemble wood, natural stone and other designs with just a fraction of the cost.

Bonus: Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

Most American homes have backyard kitchens to accommodate barbecue parties. Why not make the space fully functional by adding a countertop that allows you to slice tomatoes, chop-off steak, prepare meat for barbecue, mix green salads and so much more. When choosing outdoor kitchen countertops, it is imperative to prioritize durability and style second. Granite would make a good option for an open-air backyard kitchen as it does not absorb stain and won't easily fade in sun’s glare or from precipitation.

In conclusion, your choice of kitchen countertop should not only reflect your personal style. It must reflect how you prepare, serve and take pleasure in consuming food right at the heart of your home—the kitchen. With these kitchen countertop inspirations, always choose one that answers not just your home’s sense of interior design but also its capacity in food preparation and budget as well.