Top 7 Ceiling Design Ideas for Less

The ceiling is often one of the most taken for granted areas during home remodeling projects. Many homeowners believe that ceiling design ideas are but cherry on a cake.

One can simply paint it flat white, hang a chandelier, and voila. But do you know that a great ceiling design for the living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom, or even nursery and patios, can deliver a sense of character and charm that will leave a deep-seated impression of those who step into your abode? Yes!

So, when thinking of ceiling design ideas, here are 7 styles that won’t overburden your pockets.

1. Painted to Perfection

Today’s innovative technology brings about a riot of unique and dramatic colors, which can suit any meticulous taste. Ditch the usual white or brown route and go for teal, like the one above or Amaranth purple, magenta, wake-me-up yellow, and other attractive hues to match your furniture, rugs, and other decorative materials. Do keep in mind that small rooms will do best with lighter hues to give an illusion of bigger space. For areas with high moisture content, it is also wise to start with a paint primer that prevents mildew and molds.

2. Pressed Tin or Corrugated Metal

For spaces with high ceilings and for older abodes, pressed-tin panels painted in your favorite tint of white, silver, or gold will make great ceiling design ideas. For a more inexpensive option, corrugated metal would also make a good ceiling idea for both rustic and modern design schemes. Both add double protection on roofing issues permeating the interior of the home, as well as adding visual appeal to it.

3. Ceiling Paper

Decorative paper for walls is so passé. Why not add drama to your ceiling using them? Add a feel of coziness or whimsy to the whole space by placing “ceiling papers” with delicate or bold patterns, ranging from geometric shapes to flowery blooms, nautical designs, African safari, and so on. Oversized rooms will do best with bright and bold patterns while smaller ones will blast off with delicate patterns in light hues. With hundreds of available designs, ceiling paper is one of the most versatile ceiling design ideas.

4. Classic Wood

One can never go wrong with the classic wood design. It will channel a cozy countryside or New England cottage ambiance. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, wood ceiling buff-up a room’s insulation and absorbs noise. For an inexpensive route, choose mineral fiber planks or foam-made faux beams that can be painted or stained.

5. Textured Appeal

For those who want to maintain the utmost simplicity of an all-white ceiling, adding texture will make it more dramatic. Spray-able or airbrushed popcorn texturing can be done by simply adding dried granules to your choice of latex paint or via thinned drywall compound stomped with a brush. When the texture applied is fully dried, the ceiling can then be painted with white—or your choice of color.

6. Lighting Extravaganza

One of the most aesthetically-appealing ceiling design ideas is to add a plethora of lighting fixtures to highlight the space. The bathroom above, for instance, makes use of dimmable vectrons for a cozier bathroom. Recessed lightings, pendants, track lighting, and other sorts of lighting styles, will help enhance your ceiling.

7. Decorative Ceiling

Nurseries and kids bedrooms are a haven for creative imagery. Make a small room standout by letting the eye move upward with decorative options. Let your creative prowess go wild making use of the ceiling as an empty canvass. The above pink flower creation adds a fairy tale appeal to a little girl’s bedroom.

Without a doubt, ceilings are often overlooked when planning a home improvement project. Ceilings can be redesigned so it will draw attention upwards and add more dramatic ambiance or create a cohesive look for the whole space. With these budget-friendly ceiling design ideas, you can finally consider redoing such in your own home.

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