Budget Friendly Small Porch Decorating Ideas

When thinking of creating your own pocket of sunshine, this collection of small porch decorating ideas on a budget, can help bring in the good times.

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1. Brighten a seemingly bland front, back or side porch with new paint. For a wraparound front porch, painting your entrance door in a bold color, while blending into the surroundings and greenery, will help make the area standout without spending so much. Tables and chairs may be updated with a colorful patina, too. As always, repainting helps update the look of a new space without spending a lot.

Trivia: Do you know that superstitious Southerners used to paint their porches “haint” blue? Its main purpose is to ward off evil spirits called haints.

2. Unless you have a huge manse with an equally large porch, it is best to scale down the furniture when redecorating. The idea is to prevent cramping a space and allowing it to breath. With space continuing to be a challenge among many urban homes these days, looking for small yet sturdy furniture should be foremost on your mind. Think small coffee table and trimmed down wicker settee, complemented with a swing seat or a rocking chair. Aside from being easy to move around with, these are also visually lightweight. You can check out affordable wicker settee cushion seats on Amazon HERE.

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3. Turn your porch into a magical wonderland at night. While homey Patrician lanterns were all the rage some 10 years ago, today’s choice leans more on string lights. These 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs, for instance, cast a pretty glow that mesmerizes anyone to relax at night. They also make excellent lights for gardens, pergolas, gazebos, and to set the mood during family gatherings.

4. Make good use of what you have. Adding decorative elements should not break the bank. Instead of buying new accessories, look for whatever you can find indoors and bring them out. Candelabras stashed in an attic, vases and bowls sitting in your storage, seashells and knick-knacks collected from years of travel– these can add more flair to your porch decorating project. Do you have some previous knowledge of art and crafts? Do some upcycling by transforming empty glass and wine bottles into vases and decorative stuff.

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5. Showcase your creative chops by turning simple furniture into something else. Feel free to transform a seemingly lifeless tray into a tabletop. An old stool or battered sofa can be refurnished. You can turn basic shelving into an inexpensive yet elegant side table, to hold drinks during family fun gatherings. This chrome shelf from Amazon, for instance, can be spray-painted with gold or any choice of color, to blend well with other decorative elements.

6. Add warmth to the space by layering on rugs. Outdoor rugs do not only cover unflattering porch floors, they are also affordable. Layering of rugs, by the way, add more depth and dimension to the whole space. For longer-lasting ones, choose rugs made of natural fibers like this Safavieh Organica Collection Hand-Knotted Blue and Natural Wool Area Rug for added charm.

7. Don’t forget drawing the eye up. Add vertical greenery to add color, texture and life to your front porch. Simply hang it from the ceiling and voila! You can choose the DIY way or buy one from any of the hanging planter collections on Amazon. This Mkono Hanging Flower Plant Planter Basket, for instance, makes a colorful yet affordable option.

This small porch decorating idea on a budget is but the tip of the iceberg. There are many ways to create an outdoor space that draws in old American charm with aplomb without putting a dent in your budget. Spruce up your outdoor space by shopping in end-of-season sales to enjoy more bang for your buck, too. Visit home decor stores just right after Labor Day to save more.


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