8 Budget Friendly Window Decor Ideas For The Holidays

Christmas is perhaps, the most joyful time of the year. It is also the season when homes across the country transform into their best looks to embrace the festive holiday atmosphere. While everyone may ponder on how to make the best Christmas tree or craft a Nativity Set from scratch, many take window decor ideas for the holidays for granted.

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Window decorations are often ignored, as the focus of households gear on indoor decorative elements, as well as that of lawns, patios and backyards. Various Christmas window decor ideas, however, can add interest to your overall design. To get you started, here are some inspirational ideas to kickstart your creative chops.

1. Traditional Wreaths

Christmas wreaths don’t have to be used for doors alone. In fact, many homes nowadays put such festive wreaths on their windows to add more of a dramatic flair into their decorative craft. You may recycle old ones from Christmas past or make your own using recycled materials like water bottles, discarded CDs and so on. Got an old French tutu? Create a round base using the fabric. Add glitter and Christmas balls and voila!

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2. Winter Wonderland

Remember creating paper snowflakes every Christmas for your grade school arts ‘n crafts class? Create a Winter Wonderland appeal to your windows by folding and cutting coffee filters. There are various patterns that deliver an equally beautiful and magical appeal to your window. Don’t need such a hassle? Then, simply purchase this snowflake stickers set from Amazon below to decorate not just your glass window, but doors too. Enjoy some 27 snowflakes in various sizes and designs to create a truly magical window decor.

3. Good Ol’ Doilies

Another excellent budget-friendly window decor ideas is by forming a Christmas tree using old doilies on your glass window. Doilies look like snowflakes from afar and usually come in various patterns and designs, perfect to prettify any house, store or school window.

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4. Fairylandia

Want a hassle-free window holiday decor? Then, simply hang fairy lights or a curtain string light like the Icicle Curtain Christmas Lights below. They can dress up your window in utmost simplicity and without any fuss. Curtain Christmas lights add warmth to your home, making them common favorites and can also be used in various festive occasions like weddings and Valentine’s Day.

5. Minimalist Celebrations

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Get into the minimalist groove with this Joy to the World window holiday decor. Simply create the letter J, O and Y using garland. Feel free to wrap them in fairy lights to add more vibe when lights are off. If you have two windows facing front, carve the word L-O-V-E or H-O-P-E on the other side for a balanced look. Thoughtful and deliberate– just like what every holiday season entails!

6. Hanging Balls

Another easy and inexpensive way of decorating a window for the holidays is by hanging Christmas balls. All you need is garland, a bow, a string or yarn, curtain rod, and Christmas ornaments. These can easily be bought from Amazon, like this shatterproof Sea Team 155-Pack Assorted Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments. You can hang some of them on your Christmas tree and leave some for your window, to complete the whole look.

7. Nativity Scene

Show your love for the Holy Family by setting up a Nativity Scene on your window sill. Some households make use of cut-outs from cardboard or you can use any recyclable materials to create one, complete with farm animals and a Guiding Star. This makes a great decor for homes with huge front lawn windows, as well as for Sunday school and children day care centers. To save money and effort, you can checkout this Nativity Scene window decor with double-sided tape for easy application and removal.

8. Waiting for Santa

Don’t have a fireplace to hang your Christmas stockings on? Why not hang them on your window as if waiting for Santa to drop-off your gifts? You can surround a window with cotton-y snow background. Add a few strings of fairy lights and voila! Feel free to shop for Christmas stockings on Amazon HERE.

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Indeed, there are so many window decor ideas for the holidays that you can make without making a dent in your money chest. From beautiful Christmas wreaths to DIY snowflakes or ornaments made from old stuff, cheap decals, and so on, you can do more to make those windows sparkle and create a complete holiday look for your home.


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