7 Space Saving Reading Nook DIY Ideas

Craving for some alone time simply curled up with a favorite book at home? Many bookworms dream of having their own special spot at home. But when you are an urbanite, the challenge to find that space to carve your own domain, can be quite challenging.

Here are some space-saving reading nook DIY ideas, however, which can help solve this woe.


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1. Make good use of your current bookshelves. Prop them up together and install a loft bed on top. Add a bean bag or a cushion at the bottom, and voila! Your kids can now have a grand time reading their fairy tale books and nursery rhymes.


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2. Carve a circular reading nook in your bedroom. Simply buy a wooden ring from your friendly Home Depot or from Ikea. Or cut a hole in a room’s wall and prop the ring in it. Or have a custom-fitted cabinet with this ring then, stuff in a cushion for a more relaxed reading nook, that even your kids will love.


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3. Make reading feel like living in the tropics by placing a hammock at the corner of a room, preferably near a wide window where natural light comes in. The sway of the hammock can make it even more relaxing. Best of all, you can easily fold it all up and clear the space when needed.


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4. Invest in a good bean bag to create a simple, yet relaxing reading area. Transform a seemingly mundane corner of a room into your own reading nook. Make sure there’s ample light to protect eyesight.


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5. Get a summer tan while reading a favorite book! This kiddie pool converted into an outdoor reading nook, will make an easy DIY project for anyone. All you need is to prop up a comforter and some pillows then, voila! Insta-reading lounge and tanning area in one!


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6. Lucky are homes with a bay area window. Simply attach battens on the wall to construct the frame. Place a plywood face in the front or leave it open for storage bins or cabinets then, put plywood as top panels. Paint it with a color that best blends with the wall, then top with a pre-cut cushion. Now, that’s a reading nook worth of your time.


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7. The easiest idea so far, is to simply prop up an over-sized cozy chair or a Lazy Boy recliner in a corner. This ultra luxe seat below, also makes a statement while igniting one’s senses to relax and simply read in peace and quiet. Add some plant life and then good lighting and you’re good to go.


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There are hundreds of reading nook DIY ideas out there. The main idea is to make good use of a seemingly unremarkable space and convert it into a useful reading (as well as storage area, if possible) area. Just make sure that there’s ample light in the area to protect eyesight. Now, pack it up and start carving your own reading castle at home!


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