7 Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

One of the most taken for granted spaces in a home often holds the most significant function and the laundry room definitely makes the cut. What most households do, is simply put it in the garage or a back alley, making it seemingly insignificant to the whole set-up. So, why not give it much-needed TLC? Transform it into a space of utmost functionality with these organization-savvy laundry room ideas.


1. Remember Me. Forgetfulness is quite common to busybodies. When you have to juggle work, household chores, play and laundry, some things can be left out, like a pricey item needing special attention in the wash. Remind yourself each time by installing a miniature chalkboard in the laundry room. There are also sticker decal boards that allow erasable markers to remind you of those items.


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2. Laundry Room + Office. With many moms getting into the entrepreneurial or work-from-home groove; adding a small office right in the heart of a laundry room, definitely makes a practical move. Create an office nook and make use of barely noticeable appliances. Try to place your office space right where natural light seeps into a window. Add a built in desk and overhead storage and voila!


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3. Laundry In A Closet. Living in a high rise has its pitfalls. While suburban homes may have an entire room, these condominium units have to contend with whatever space is available for their laundry requirements. So why not convert a closet into a functional laundry room without “disturbing” the overall ambiance of your space. Simply stack up a washer and dryer then, add hamper-organizers onto shelves. Add a foldable drying rack, as well as an ironboard to seal the deal. Make sure to use seemingly irrelevant pocket spaces near windows to maximize every square inch footage and to let natural light seep in.


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4. Breakfast/Reading/Laundry Delight. Get the most of a laundry room by carving a breakfast-coffee-reading nook in a corner. Simply install a bean bag or a sofa with a coffee table and a rolling trolley or cart for books or coffee condiments. Add some stylish decals on the wall to personalize the space. Makes for great relaxation while waiting for laundry to dry.


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5. Smart Drying. Make good use of natural light seeping into your laundry room. Add a wall-mounted drying rack in your laundry room. This does not only save needed space in the laundry, it also makes drying of clothes stylishly easy and convenient.


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6. Ironwoman Anyone? School uniforms, office suits and formal clothes look too good to be seen wrinkled. Always have an ironing board ready by having a wall-mounted or foldable one. These ideas definitely free much needed space while ensuring functionality.


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7. Hidden Clothes Hamper. Organize clothes according to color and style. Colored shirts and pants must go into one hamper. White ones in the other, while socks and small stuff goes into a separate storage. To de-clutter, hiding them inside a slidable cabinet drawer would be a great idea.


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These laundry room ideas are all about crafting functional spaces, that take clutter away. So start planning that facelift as early as now. No matter how space-challenged your home’s laundry room, there are always innovative ideas to make it work, without spending a whole lot of money.



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