10 Ways to Enhance Lighting and Style Of Your Home With Mirrors

Apart from huge windows and tall ceilings, mirrors are a space-savvy decorators and DIY homeowners’ best friend. There is just no better way to enhance lighting and style of homes than a well-placed mirror. This stylish object helps expand walls, amplify natural and artificial light, enhance view, open small spaces, break-up visual clutter, and basically solve all types of design dilemmas.

A well-placed mirror adds some sparkle and oomph to any interior design. Here are 10 clever ideas to do on your own abode.

1. The Full Wall Mirror Effect

A seamless full-wall mirror can astoundingly solve small living room, kitchen, or bedroom space problems. It gathers natural light and magically creates an illusion of a much larger space. Areas which appear gloomy or dreary will also be illuminated. Add a standing lamp to make it even more magical at night.

2. Large Mirror On A Mantel-top


Place a larger-than-life mirror on top of a mantel to open up the space. This will make the room seem larger as well as optimize light saturation to make it cheerful and upbeat. Simply whisk in a few decorative pieces to glam it up.

3. Mirror to Reflect A Window

Bring in natural light into a room by placing a large mirror opposite it. The one above makes good use of a customized large mirror placed semi-diagonally to create a warped illusion and bring eyes to the top. Placing a mirror opposite a window also makes a room create a lively aura.

4. Mirror As Kitchen Backsplash


Some people use stones, tiles or laminated items as backsplash behind a sink or a cooktop. Why not use customized mirrors to help open your kitchen space? To hide splatter and for easy clean-up, make good use of antique varieties or those easy to wipe models.

5. Mirror Wall Art

Homeowners may also use mirrors as both wall art and light enhancer. These three wall mirrors here create a dramatic statement to a formal dining area while enhancing natural light.

6. Mirror In-Between Windows

Living in a high rise allows you huge access to natural light sources. Ditch the curtains for those windows and place a full-length mirror in between. This will create an illusion of an additional window to maximize natural light. The idea of simply propping one against the wall also reverberates relaxation.

7. Of Mirrors and Boudoirs

Some boudoirs do not incorporate a mirror to their design. Why not hang one at least 1 to 2 inches from it? Or simply prop a large mirror? This can trick the eye into believing that there’s more space therein. Propping a lamp there also optimizes the lighting element and delivers a glamorous look.

8. Sunburst Mirror Ideas

Design your own sunburst mirror to make a room more elegant and magical. You can prop it on top of the matrimonial bed or over a console. Sunburst mirrors also make excellently stylish living room centerpieces.

9. Round Mirror and Books

Add more splash to your bookcase by tucking a round mirror in it. Placing a round mirror right smack into the center of a standalone or wall bookcase, will create a sense of artistic depth into a room. If you have an old entertainment center, simply paint it with white, place the mirror in place of a television, and illuminate light and charm to the whole space.

10. Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Most bathrooms quintessentially have a medicine cabinet that’s every bit as neglected as the contents in it. Add a splash of design savvy by placing a mirrored medicine cabinet. This will help gather natural light and add more sass to the space.

Many homes have mirrors but only a few actually have a good grasp on how to use them efficiently and stylishly. These are just some of the many ideas to use mirrors for better lighting and design. Try one of these in your home to fully enjoy their charming effects.

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