10 Under Stair Storage Ideas For Your Home

Many multi-level homes have ample under the stairs space within their reach. Often, these spaces are left alone due to their inconsistent angles or inconvenient structure. But do you know that there is so much you can do to optimize this seemingly useless space? Creating ample storage to make the space more functional can be done in more ways than one. To get your creative juices started, here are 10 under stair storage ideas to maximize every square footage of your home.

1. Bike Station

Some homes have a stair from the garage leading to the main house. Why not use this extra space to store your wares. A bike holder is one of the most revered under stair storage ideas every cycling enthusiasts should have. Aside from saving ample space, it also prevent an accidental slip from ruining a thousand-dollar bike.

2. Under Stair Shoe Rack

There is never a shortage of shoes in many homes. This is even more so when you have children or grandchildren living with you. So, why not keep them all together in a single space. Put that space underneath the stairs to good use and make it a home for all your fancy footwear.

3. Pantry Under Stair Storage Ideas

Got a stair that leads to the kitchen area? The space beneath your stairs will make a great spot for a pantry. Here, you can store cooking ingredients, bottled herbs and spices, condiments, and other kitchen needs. Now, you can be free of those pesky kitchen cabinets that take up most of your kitchen space.

4. Book Under Stair Shelves

Bookworms would love to have their own library where the room is filled with first edition classics from top to bottom. But not everyone can afford holding a library in their home. So, instead of stashing them in a box, put them to good use by converting your under stair space into a book shelf. This is a great idea as both a decorative and functional element in a home interior design.

5. Under Stair Closet

Short on closet space? No problem! Place a closet underneath a set of stairs to make use of existing floor space. Here, you can store everyday stuff like work blazers and winter coats, work shoes, and even bags.

6. Cupboard Under The Stairs

Some stairs go directly to the kitchen leaving 101 under stair storage ideas for you to decide on. Choose whether you want open shelves like the one above to showcase your fine China or closed shelves to hold other knick-knacks as well.

7. Under Stair Wine Cellar

For homes with a penchant for good wines, a wine cellar would make a huge difference. But when space is limited but your love for a good drink is still unabated, consider converting the under stair space into an understair cellar to hold your prized Chardonnays and Merlots. Cheers!

8. Coat Rack

Ditch the hooks behind the front door as they are quite messy to the eye. Instead, install pre-fabricated shelving with hooks and hanging racks to place coats, jackets and windbreakers. Feel free to place boots and outdoor stuff, too.

9. Pet House

Dogs and cats are a mans best friends. So, why should you not give them a private space inside your home? Convert that space under your stairs into a pet house, complete with rugs and pillows for your furry friends.

10. Mini Home Office

How many people have thought of turning space underneath the stairs into a working area? Turn a seemingly inconspicuous under stair space into a mini-office. You can customize the space or simply place a computer desk to hold the things you’ll need for work such as a PC or a laptop, some books, speakers, telephone, an ergonomic chair and the like.

Indeed, everyone with an upstairs in their home can easily turn a seemingly dead space underneath, into a usable one with just a few tweaks. These under stair storage ideas are just 10 of the hundreds of ways to not let this space go to waste. Check with your neighborhood carpenter or custom-furniture makers to start optimizing every square inch of your home today.

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