10 Small Closet Organization Ideas

So it’s the New Year and you want to make a bedroom revamp, but don’t know where to start. How about organizing your closet for starters? While it may be a tough task, small closet organization ideas are quite aplenty these days. You can now start using every square inch of vertical and horizontal space in your closet and eventually come-up with a mess-free and functional space. Here’s how to do it.

1. Let the purging begin! When thinking of starting the year right, you may find it fitting to get rid of clothing that no longer fits. This is to ward-off negative vibes and of course, to free ample space in your closet. Apparently, most closets have to contend with blouses or pants that are 3 sizes smaller or designs that your grandma may even have a hard time wearing. This will help you free not just closet space, but hangers as well.

2. Carefully make a list of what space you need to stack the things you have, and start organizing from there. You will most likely need space for foldable shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, and blouses, as well as vertical spaces for pants, dresses, and other longer items. Shoes, scarves, belts, jewelry, and other stuff may even find their way into your closet and you will need something to hold them in. Carefully assess them and find the tools or storage for them. Modern households today go for IKEA’s closet fashion sense, for their space-saving functionality. Others, however, prefer a personalized built-in look.

3. Carefully utilize the entire closet space. Some people totally miss out on the hard-to-reach storage areas on top and at the bottom. You can always stack plastic wares to hold your knick-knacks on top or create small cubbyholes for bags. Shoes are better stored at the bottom for easy access.

4. When storing clothes in small closets, it is essential to use the appropriate rod support. Rounded or oval closet rod brackets, for instance, are not only space-savers, they are also adjustable with a mere screwdriver and quite easy to install. For hard-to-reach areas, adding extra hanging rods perpendicular to the main one will help maximize storage space for clothes.

5. If you want to double your shelf space, placing under-shelf baskets is a wise way to do it. You can stock accessories or any knick-knacks in there. This will not only keep your closet organized but also optimize space as well.

6. Make good use of hooks and chains to optimize vertical space. Simply set a sturdy rounded rod, hang a stainless steel chain or S-hook and voila! Stack-up pants, long dresses, sweatshirts, and other stuff. One hanger after another will reclaim wasted space. You may also use a multi-hanger system available in many Home Depots near you.

7. Make good use of the inside area of your closet door. You can place a multi-hanger system to hang up scarves, hats, bonnets, and other stuff. Shoes can also be placed on this area. Simply install racks to hold them securely in place.

8. Turn the bottom of your closet into a space condo for shoes or other knick-knacks. Bottom space can also hold storage baskets and boxes to hold your important stash of things that don’t “fit” on the storage spaces above.

9. Again hooks are women’s bestfriend. Make good use of over-the-top closet space as storage for luggage or suitcase or any other huge things that can consume a lot of square footage. You may stuff those suitcases with out-of-season stuff. Label them so you won’t forget!

10. If there is still available space on either above or below your closet space, make good use of boxes or wicker baskets to store certain things that must be well-kept. It could be your hair extensions, wigs, and other seasonal items.

Make good use of these small closet organization ideas when revamping your closet space. Always begin with a plan in mind and make sure to list down the essentials. You will eventually give your closet much-needed breathing space when done accordingly.

10 Small Closet Organization Ideas
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10 Small Closet Organization Ideas
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