10 Nature Inspired Home Décor Ideas For Urbanite Homes

Does your daily grind continually pull you down? A home is supposed to be a sanctuary, a place to relax and recharge your senses. When inundated with work problems, heavy traffic, toxic co-workers, and other negativities, going home to an inviting living area, appetite-savvy kitchen, and relaxing bedroom will make a lot of difference. Think about sitting in a garden and that snug-safe feeling of being swayed by the mesmerizing retreat that only nature can bring. So, why not bring that comforting experience right into your urbanite home?

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To get you started, here are 10 easy-as-a-breeze nature inspired décor ideas to use in your current abode.

1. Upcycled

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Streamlined furniture is the rage these days. Instead of the usually heavyset rustic ones, today’s furniture is bringing a hint of sultriness and sense of naturalness in lines, curves and details. Take this tree bark set on an old office chair metal stand. This fusion of midcentury details with natural elements embodies today’s top nature inspired décor ideas trend.

2. Midcentury Comeback

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Another 1950s and 1960s line-natural material fusion is making a huge comeback. Instead of the usual unwieldy rendition of classic takes, today’s midcentury furniture is much cleaner and simplistic with zero stuffed lines. This cat’s bedroom, slash side table made from wood and ocean-blue burnished door for hidden storage is one that oozes functionality and tidiness essential in today’s modern living.

3. Floral Fabrics

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Want something bold and natural? Go all out with vivid and captivating florals. Add freshness and a burst of color to your home by throwing such designs to curtains, throw pillows or upholstery. A rug with large floral design will also make a contemporary setting feel closer to nature than you truly are.

4. Leafy Walls

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Forget flowers. Turn a new leaf each day of your life, literally. Look for decals or wall papers, throw pillows, curtains, chairs or rugs with plant-based motifs. This stencil wall pattern adds character to a receiving area without drowning the whole place. To complement, use natural or wood-like flooring.

5. Organic Linens

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Do you want a relaxing bedroom with a natural feel? Go organic! Sheets and mattress covers made and printed using organic materials will not only add flair to a home designed with nature inspired décor ideas, but also insures health protection. Organic linens prevent respiratory issues and ensure protection of the environment. You are not only living comfortably but the environment is kept safe as well.

6. Wickers and Baskets

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Urbanite homes tend to close their doors to patios and terraces due to space restrictions. To add a natural sultriness to your apartment or high-rise abode, using wicker or basket-woven pieces for a dining or living area, is an excellent idea. If they’re too pricey for your budget, there are painted furniture nowadays that mimic this design element. You may also paint wicker furniture with silver or metallic hues to create a modernized look.

7. Plants Galore

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Another great take in nature inspired décor ideas, is the use of indoor herb gardening right at the heart of the kitchen. Whether you like on a 50th floor penthouse or in a small apartment smack right in the heart of NYC, potting herbs in mason jars, old drinking glasses or discarded tin cans will make a love of difference. It does not only support recycling and naturalistic look for a home, it also improves air quality and plants for your recipes as well.

8. Woodsy Feel

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Wrap up the whole natural look with a wooden floor or perhaps, with tiles or patterns that mimic natural wood. Use vinyl planks, for instance. It is affordable and resembles wood planks, complete with textured and beveled edges. It can withstand high foot traffic and provides added warmth to the whole space. It also requires less maintenance than tiles and other types of flooring.

9. Under The Sea

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Don’t forget light elements that also usher natural elements of nature inside the home. Coral-designed lamps, for instance, are making a comeback these days. This coral-designed chandelier adds textural interest to a living or kitchen or foyer area.

10. Adrift

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While today’s nature inspired décor ideas seem to be reminiscent of the mid-50s and early 60s, it is devoid of the usual clean-cut unwieldy feel. Modern decorative elements today boast of rough edges and transformations that celebrate imperfections. Take this driftwood candle holder, for instance. It bedazzles in a rough-hewn way adding more vividness to an erstwhile stiff design.

Bottom line is: To curtail the usual toxic grind of urbanite living, the use of nature inspired décor ideas is a must. Add a touch of whimsy to create a tailored space, but complement it with humor and charm to lend a more comforting feel. This synergistic fusion will most definitely create an element of soothing coziness amid everything else. You can always look to the outdoors for more nature inspired home décor ideas for urbanite homes.

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