10 Creative Ways To Use Leftover Paint For Home Decor

Painting is an easy and budget-friendly way to update one’s space. A fresh color of paint is all you need to add more drama and flair to a seemingly dreary room. It also enhances the ambiance of the overall space. However, one often ends up with a lot of leftovers—and you can’t just dump them down the drain! Not only is paint hazardous to health, it can also cause adverse effects to the environment leading to contamination. When thinking of disposing, here are creative ways to use leftover paint.

1. Furniture Medley

Source: bombayoutdoors.com

Add some sunshine-y feel to your patio or even your living area by repurposing old furniture with a fresh coat of paint. You can match fabrics and paint color to generate a harmonious vibe. Bright colors can also add more life to a boring corner seat. This old rattan chair above is spray painted with powder blue leftover paint to add balance to the patio.

2. Merry Tree Stumps

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One of the creative ways to use leftover paint, is by painting tree stumps used as coffee table. These low tables are a great addition to living rooms as they don’t take up that much space. All it needs is a fresh coat of enamel applied to the sides. Varnish the top and voila!

3. Canned Wine Rack

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Got both leftover cans and paint? Why not make a DIY wine rack? Simply paint those soup or milk cans with your choice of color, glue them altogether, and voila! You now have a canned wine rack which you can easily place on your kitchen tabletop.

4. Color Me Light

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Customize each room’s lamp with leftover paint that complements the current color scheme. There is simply nothing that high gloss paint cannot transform to make a room more put together. You may also recycle wooden bushel baskets, paint them with your choice of leftover materials—all to create a pendant lantern.

5. Oil Drums Dress Up

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Rev up your outdoor barbecue grill patio with this dressed up oil drum. Simply paint it with your choice of leftover paint. Add a sturdy yet not-so-heavy countertop and faucet to recreate a movable sink. This truly adds a creative sense to an outdoor space.

6. Woody-Artsy Wall

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House repairs often leave scraps of wood. With another creative way to use leftover paint, up your sleeves, you can once again turn these scraps into something useful, like wall art. It’s going to be time-consuming but the results can be truly astounding. You can create a whole wall or divide it into 3 or 4 sections to add some style.

7. Alice In Wonderland Staircase

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Don’t you want to ascend or descend in style? Then, this statement staircase is definitely a great enhancement to your current abode. Simply mask-off with painter’s tape on each tread. Paint each with different colors of semi-glossy paints to recreate these steps. Be mindful of the room’s color scheme to ensure balance.

8. Serve With Style

Source: blog.homedepot.com

Got scrap of woods, plywood or birch? Why not make a DIY custom tray. Take all the trivets and coasters then, color them with your leftover paint. An unassuming drawer pull can become fancier when the wooden tray is played with color. This also includes trivets and coasters for drinks or boards for tapas or mini hors d’oeuvres.

9. Garden Fever

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Give your garden beds a facelift. One of the creative ways to use leftover paints as well as wood scraps, is to make a mini-fence for your garden beds. Simply paint these wood scraps and you've got an awesome garden that harmonizes with outdoor wall paint.

10. Key and Mail Rack

Source: pinterest.com

Make good use of your DIY skills by making this key and mail rack. A few scrap of woods and some carpentry skills as well as a fresh coat of paint—these are all it takes to make this key-and-mail rack rock. This one can also be used as a coat or umbrella hanger.

Paint Others Red

There is no limit to the creative ways to use leftover paint. You can also donate it for a loftier cause, like to a local elementary school for their art project or for a friend’s home, which badly needs a fresh coat of paint. There are also disposal locations who accept them as donations for free housing projects, like that of Habitat for Humanity. The idea is to not just toss them away like waste. So, the next time you plan for a makeover, do make sure to get a good estimate of your paint needs to eliminate leftovers.

10 Nature Inspired Home Décor Ideas For Urbanite Homes

Does your daily grind continually pull you down? A home is supposed to be a sanctuary, a place to relax and recharge your senses. When inundated with work problems, heavy traffic, toxic co-workers, and other negativities, going home to an inviting living area, appetite-savvy kitchen, and relaxing bedroom will make a lot of difference. Think about sitting in a garden and that snug-safe feeling of being swayed by the mesmerizing retreat that only nature can bring. So, why not bring that comforting experience right into your urbanite home?

Source : amazinginteriordesign.com

To get you started, here are 10 easy-as-a-breeze nature inspired décor ideas to use in your current abode.

1. Upcycled

Source : diynetwork.com

Streamlined furniture is the rage these days. Instead of the usually heavyset rustic ones, today’s furniture is bringing a hint of sultriness and sense of naturalness in lines, curves and details. Take this tree bark set on an old office chair metal stand. This fusion of midcentury details with natural elements embodies today’s top nature inspired décor ideas trend.

2. Midcentury Comeback

Source : furniturefashion.com

Another 1950s and 1960s line-natural material fusion is making a huge comeback. Instead of the usual unwieldy rendition of classic takes, today’s midcentury furniture is much cleaner and simplistic with zero stuffed lines. This cat’s bedroom, slash side table made from wood and ocean-blue burnished door for hidden storage is one that oozes functionality and tidiness essential in today’s modern living.

3. Floral Fabrics

Source : justfabrics.co.uk

Want something bold and natural? Go all out with vivid and captivating florals. Add freshness and a burst of color to your home by throwing such designs to curtains, throw pillows or upholstery. A rug with large floral design will also make a contemporary setting feel closer to nature than you truly are.

4. Leafy Walls

Source : cuttingedgestencils.com

Forget flowers. Turn a new leaf each day of your life, literally. Look for decals or wall papers, throw pillows, curtains, chairs or rugs with plant-based motifs. This stencil wall pattern adds character to a receiving area without drowning the whole place. To complement, use natural or wood-like flooring.

5. Organic Linens

Source : myessentia.com

Do you want a relaxing bedroom with a natural feel? Go organic! Sheets and mattress covers made and printed using organic materials will not only add flair to a home designed with nature inspired décor ideas, but also insures health protection. Organic linens prevent respiratory issues and ensure protection of the environment. You are not only living comfortably but the environment is kept safe as well.

6. Wickers and Baskets

Source : budaksayang.com

Urbanite homes tend to close their doors to patios and terraces due to space restrictions. To add a natural sultriness to your apartment or high-rise abode, using wicker or basket-woven pieces for a dining or living area, is an excellent idea. If they’re too pricey for your budget, there are painted furniture nowadays that mimic this design element. You may also paint wicker furniture with silver or metallic hues to create a modernized look.

7. Plants Galore

Source : itsy-bits-and-pieces.blogspot.com

Another great take in nature inspired décor ideas, is the use of indoor herb gardening right at the heart of the kitchen. Whether you like on a 50th floor penthouse or in a small apartment smack right in the heart of NYC, potting herbs in mason jars, old drinking glasses or discarded tin cans will make a love of difference. It does not only support recycling and naturalistic look for a home, it also improves air quality and your recipes as well.

8. Woodsy Feel

Source : hgtv.com

Wrap up the whole natural look with a wooden floor or perhaps, with tiles or patterns that mimic natural wood. Use vinyl planks, for instance. It is affordable and resembles wood planks, complete with textured and beveled edges. It can withstand high foot traffic and provides added warmth to the whole space. It also requires less maintenance than tiles and other types of flooring.

9. Under The Sea

Source : pinterest.com

Don’t forget light elements that also usher natural elements of nature inside the home. Coral-designed lamps, for instance, are making a comeback these days. This coral-designed chandelier adds textural interest to a living or kitchen or foyer area.

10. Adrift

Source : etsy.com

While today’s nature inspired décor ideas seem to be reminiscent of the mid-50s and early 60s, it is devoid of the usual clean-cut unwieldy feel. Modern decorative elements today boast of rough edges and transformations that celebrate imperfections. Take this driftwood candle holder, for instance. It bedazzles in a rough-hewn way adding more vividness to an erstwhile stiff design.

Bottom line is: To curtail the usual toxic grind of urbanite living, the use of nature inspired décor ideas is a must. Add a touch of whimsy to create a tailored space, but complement it with humor and charm to lend a more comforting feel. This synergistic fusion will most definitely create an element of soothing coziness amid everything else.

10 Archaic Decor Mistakes To Avoid

Have you ever stepped into a home and found yourself noticing that magical pull of comfort and relaxation? Or have you ever walked into another home and felt the exact opposite? Every home has its own unique interior design, owing to the perfect balance between the space, furniture and furnishings. They all have wall-to-ceiling elements and are different in how they are arranged to collectively exude balance, comfort and charm. This was written to make sure homeowners will not fall into the usual trap of archaic thinking. When thinking of creating a cozy home, here are some common décor mistakes to avoid.

1. Do not fall into the oblivion of extremes. Too much of a Spartan look is definitely unwelcoming. Walls with nothing on them or an absence of furniture does not necessarily exude what you call a minimalist feel, but is rather standoffish. No matter how modern a home or how space-deprived, adding your personal touch will help add a sense of amiability to it.

2. Ditch the matchy-matchy decorating style of the past. Replicating a room straight from a catalog with matching furniture and furnishings makes it look contrived. Go for a “lived-in” look by choosing an eclectic design. Choose different yet pleasing furniture pieces and accents. Put antique with new pieces side-by-side or add a splash of color to an erstwhile dreary space. Create a space that tells a story, too.

3. Never buy furniture without knowing proper measurement as well as arrangement plan for a space. Remember that showrooms are way much larger than your own space. Lighting element in showrooms also provides an added appeal to those pieces making them look pleasing to the eye. But upon delivery at home, you’ll be aghast at the results. So always draw a floor plan to give you a semblance on what to pick and don’t forget to get their sizes, too.

4. Artwork does not always mean plastered or hanged on a wall. Some can be propped to a mantelpiece or a side table, too. Placing them too high is yet another décor mistake to avoid. As much as possible, keep prints and paintings as well as framed photos and mirrors on wall at eye level. This means keeping them at an optimal height of around 60 inches.

5. Remember that super-grand chandelier hanging right at your dining area? Ditch that monstrosity. Improper lighting can easily change the ambiance of the whole room. Instead of adding glamour, the whole room may feel tacky and downright ridiculous. Choose functional lighting instead.

6. Don’t go around hanging quotable quotes decals and other decorative glitches in every wall of your home. It does not only look cheap, it also makes the whole ordeal annoying. Can you possibly imagine putting a huge EAT sign on your kitchen wall? Wall decals are too juvenile. Instead, accessorize in harmony with other elements in a room.

7. Too man color accent and photos are common décor mistakes to avoid. A splash of red in an all-white room can look great for a bar stool. Do not overdo it by matching it with red kitchen appliances or, worse, a red table. If you’re too sentimental and you love keeping framed photographs then, make a gallery wall. Arrange what’s left in an album and safely tuck them in a shelf.

8. Just because we live in a tech-savvy world, doesn't mean you should just splash those cables around. Think about smartphone and tablet chargers, USB cable, electric cords, and so on. Not only are these eyesores, they are fire hazard, too. Keep them hidden by repurposing storage solutions. Feel free to drill a hole at the back of furniture to house them, too.

9. Some homeowners tend to ignore their foyer area. It could be out of boredom or perhaps, they simply consider it a passageway to and from the living area. Bare foyers often, exude catatonia. It’s unwelcoming! Make a statement from the moment a guest steps into your home by using patterned wall papers or by hanging a painting on top of a mantelpiece. A mirror may also add an illusion of space in this rather elongated area—or to give you a quick check before dashing out.

10. Using television as the living area’s center of attention—DON’T! It’s ancient tradition to use the TV as focal point in your home’s living room. Use a fireplace or perhaps, a visually-captivating painting. If you can’t live without it, simply keep it tucked away when not in use.

In A Creative Nutshell

Create an inviting yet elegant home that exudes balance in every turn. When decorating your place or changing decor, try sitting in and absorbing everything you see and feel. Decide if the place is comfortable to the senses. All in all, remember these décor mistakes to avoid and you are up to a good start of living the cozy life.

Stress-Free Home Office Decorating Ideas

Whether you work freelance or do regular field assignments, you will need a dedicated space for work at home. Many people spend the majority of their waking time, working. Even the most conscientious of workers often, bring reports and presentations back, to be done in the comforts of their home. With this, it is only fitting to create a work space that’s not only comfortable and inviting, but also one that exudes productivity, creativity, and stress-free ambiance. When thinking of doing just that, here are some stress-free home office decorating ideas to get you started.

Source: idealhome.co.uk

1. Find a space with a view. Do not go the usual on-the-corner or up-in-the-loft route, which leaves nothing but a blank wall. Welcome the sunshine or the moonlight, the pitter-patter of rainfall or the gentle sway of snowflakes by setting a desk and a chair in front of a window. Place a vertical bookcase on one side and a computer nook on the other corner. Keep your furniture choices in sync with the rest of the room for that seamless look.

2. Personalize your space. Even when in a bedroom, an attic, a garage or well-within your living area, personalizing a home office space with your own art preference, photos, posters, and the like, will give it an impression of your own taste. Do remember to still keep things in sync with the rest of the décor.

Source: realsimple.com

3. Divide strategically. When you and your partner both require a home office and there’s not enough space to spare, why not create a side by side work space? Simply differentiate your work space with a wise use of color schemes. Make use of same furniture style though to infuse consistency.

4. Energize your space. Arrange a creative and productive work space by using vibrant colors like yellow, red or orange. Blue and green or a combination of both will also help rejuvenate a dreary space. For neutral colors, adding bright accents can deliver a more upbeat work space.

Source: designshuffle.com

5. Create a focal point. It is important to signify a desk as a focal point when it comes to a stress-free home office decorating idea. Go for something that is both functional and clutter-free. Go for wood or one with plenty of storage nooks to carry other essentials while providing a clutter-free top. You may convert an old but enchanting armoire. Then, accentuate with an ergonomic chair for health and safety.

6. Remember: wise storage. Your home office must be organized with plenty of room for storage. Create dedicated areas for books, report files, reference manuals, magazines, and other paperwork elements. When short on space, build up a seemingly bare wall with floating shelves.

Source: ebay.com

7. Accessorize creatively. Add color and flair to your space by adding artsy accents. Unleash your DIY prowess in creating report trays, journals, pencil cups and other knick-knacks. Hang artwork or other words of inspiration.

8. Light it up. Don't forget to fill your space with natural lighting. This is part of the reason why it’s important to place a work desk closer, if not in front, of a window. Simply put, you will need lighting to work. Lighting also sets the tone of the entire work space. To make it more functional and effective though, it is imperative to add a lamp. Choose one that blends amazingly to your overall decorative space.

Source: pinterest.com

9. Add life to your workspace. Hang an orchid or perhaps, place a potted plant on top of your desk. Plants add a sense of vivaciousness while improving air quality. Do remember to read labels when buying one. Some plants have specific requirements and make sure to pick one that’s easy to maintain.

10. Don’t forget music. For a stress-free work environment to work, adding music elements that doubles as decor, also works wonders. Choose Bluetooth speakers which you can easily sync with your smartphone.

Source: idealhome.co.uk

You don’t really need a spare room to set up a work space at home. A spare corner can be easily transformed into something creative and productive with the right home office decorating ideas. The key is to keep a few key pieces like a desk, a chair, shelves and a few accents—and to ensure that color palette, texture, furniture finish, design, style, and other decorative elements, perfectly mesh with one another.

10 Small Space Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

Urbanite living is becoming even more prevalent these days. People in suburban and the rural countryside, are getting into the groove of high rise living and multi-storied apartment complexes. They are looking into condominium units to save not just on taxes, but to go the “simple living” route. With more compact living units however, comes the usual dilemma—how to make good use of every square inch and add a stylish punch? With hundreds, if not thousands, of tips and guidelines from topnotch interior experts, the mistakes to avoid for decorating a small space can be a tough act to follow. Here, we have collected at least 10 small space decorating mistakes to avoid in ensuring a lovely yet space-savvy home.

Source: i2.wp.com

1. Always Going “Small”

Source: cbrp.tk

One of the toughest mistakes to avoid for decorating small space homes is the idea of choosing “small”. People are so afraid to think big with the creeping notion that such interior decorating idea will constrict the whole space in a chokehold. Not really! Don’t ever believe in such a misconception. Modern design elements do not limit small spaces with small-scale furniture and décor. There are big ways so as not to overpower a small room. When a space is tight then, look for a big statement piece that allows extra storage. Take this grand sofa, for instance. It can be used as both a living room and dining room element without being too cheesy. All it takes is to dramatize your space. With space underneath those high legs, you can also add a movable storage element.

2. Zero Furniture Plan

Many small-space dwellers think that all they need is small furniture pieces to keep things in order. This old-school furniture plan is one of the biggest mistakes continually being perpetuated by many. While every inch matters, there are cool furniture arrangement options for you to consider. Simply create arrangements that allow you to maneuver between daily needs and for hosting social gatherings. Go for simple furniture pieces with pull-up chairs or hidden areas for ottomans.

3. Post-It Rugs

Source: newhavenhardware.com

Many homeowners pick rugs the side of postage stamps due to the constricted space. Designers advise however to go big on rugs. Not only does small post-it rugs make a room lend an ambiance of a smaller space, it also limits the degree of stylishness and texture added to the space. Don’t shrink the room any further. Go big or perhaps, lose the rug entirely for a more fluid interior design.

4. Color Me Blind

Source: pinterest.com

Don’t let go of your love for dark colors. Homeowners think that dark monochrome colors always make a small room feel tapered or restricted. Well, you can actually put dark and bright colors side by side. Here, cerulean blue walls topped with crisp white and natural wicker accents allow harmony and balance, without going into overdrive.

5. Bedroom Drama

Source: furni.walkabye.com

Don’t limit dramatic flair to your small bedroom. Eliminate the claustrophobic feel of low-ceiling bedrooms by using light crisp color schemes. Think about bright white walls accessorized with colorful navy striped beddings to recreate a relaxing beach home. Invite natural light in to surround the place or add a crystal-bauble light or chandelier to add some punch.

6. Bored Bathroom

Source: aftashouse.com

A bathroom also doesn’t have to be stiff when decorating a small space abode. Think about using fun and color with patterns and paints. To add more storage, simply install open wall shelves and slim étagère to hold those must-haves. You may also make use of recessed walls.

7. Storage Limits

Source: hgtv.com

One of the most common mistakes to avoid for decorating small space homes is focused on storage limitations. Homeowners tend to focus all their efforts to utilize every square inch footage—don’t! Don’t stash everything on awkward corners and spaces. Instead, go high. Use ceiling space for floating storage. Go for tables and chairs with concealed storage while leaving ample free space underneath their legs. Taking advantage of a rolling island cart instead of fixed islands, as well as open shelves on kitchens also makes sense.

Bonus: Free Entry or None At All

Source: bhg.com

Just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you deprive your home of the usual flair of an entryway. Well, you can’t recreate the whole luxurious foyer thing, but you can certainly organize a stylish entryway. Make use of a partition screen and then, place a slim table to hold a few decorative pieces. This allows having a makeshift wall divide from the main living area to your doorway.

Charm It All Up

There is no limit to your imagination on what can be done in a small abode. Take to heart these mistakes, to avoid for decorating small space homes and add your own artistic flair. Go for a cohesive theme and work-up your design style with charming trinkets and accessories. All in all, a discerning eye is all it takes to avoid the usual small space decorating mistakes to ultimately create great impact and add character to it.