7 Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

One of the most taken for granted spaces in a home often holds the most significant function and the laundry room definitely makes the cut. What most households do, is simply put it in the garage or a back alley, making it seemingly insignificant to the whole set-up. So, why not give it much-needed TLC? Transform it into a space of utmost functionality with these organization-savvy laundry room ideas.


1. Remember Me. Forgetfulness is quite common to busybodies. When you have to juggle work, household chores, play and laundry, some things can be left out, like a pricey item needing special attention in the wash. Remind yourself each time by installing a miniature chalkboard in the laundry room. There are also sticker decal boards that allow erasable markers to remind you of those items.


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2. Laundry Room + Office. With many moms getting into the entrepreneurial or work-from-home groove; adding a small office right in the heart of a laundry room, definitely makes a practical move. Create an office nook and make use of barely noticeable appliances. Try to place your office space right where natural light seeps into a window. Add a built in desk and overhead storage and voila!


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3. Laundry In A Closet. Living in a high rise has its pitfalls. While suburban homes may have an entire room, these condominium units have to contend with whatever space is available for their laundry requirements. So why not convert a closet into a functional laundry room without “disturbing” the overall ambiance of your space. Simply stack up a washer and dryer then, add hamper-organizers onto shelves. Add a foldable drying rack, as well as an ironboard to seal the deal. Make sure to use seemingly irrelevant pocket spaces near windows to maximize every square inch footage and to let natural light seep in.


Source : lushome.com


4. Breakfast/Reading/Laundry Delight. Get the most of a laundry room by carving a breakfast-coffee-reading nook in a corner. Simply install a bean bag or a sofa with a coffee table and a rolling trolley or cart for books or coffee condiments. Add some stylish decals on the wall to personalize the space. Makes for great relaxation while waiting for laundry to dry.


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5. Smart Drying. Make good use of natural light seeping into your laundry room. Add a wall-mounted drying rack in your laundry room. This does not only save needed space in the laundry, it also makes drying of clothes stylishly easy and convenient.


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6. Ironwoman Anyone? School uniforms, office suits and formal clothes look too good to be seen wrinkled. Always have an ironing board ready by having a wall-mounted or foldable one. These ideas definitely free much needed space while ensuring functionality.


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7. Hidden Clothes Hamper. Organize clothes according to color and style. Colored shirts and pants must go into one hamper. White ones in the other, while socks and small stuff goes into a separate storage. To de-clutter, hiding them inside a slidable cabinet drawer would be a great idea.


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These laundry room ideas are all about crafting functional spaces, that take clutter away. So start planning that facelift as early as now. No matter how space-challenged your home’s laundry room, there are always innovative ideas to make it work, without spending a whole lot of money.



Top 7 Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

Want to convert an attic, a basement or an old storage space as a guest bedroom? Guest bedroom design ideas are quite aplenty. There are spaces inside your home which can be converted into a bedroom for friends and family members to crash into during special occasions. The challenge rests on how to create a cohesive look that reflects your home’s current design– and at a small budget. So, how to convert one without doing the usual upheavals of home improvement?

Source: countryliving.com

With no building codes or local zoning regulations to attend to, it is high time to put your interior designing chops into action with these ideas:

  • Get those walls repainted with a relaxing color palette. Go for warm, welcoming colors like pastels and neutrals. Shades of gold or yellow also makes a room warm and inviting. Some though are fans of blue and green to add that soothing effect to the whole space. The idea is to make the room look and feel bigger as they are. Just make sure the flow of paint color from the main house design remains complementary.

Source: southernliving.com

  • Guestrooms must have necessary amenities. Visitors at home would not want to impose themselves on the homeowners. Designing a guest suite should include all the amenities like a bathroom to take shower and do the usual morning or evening rituals they have as if they’re in their own home. This will give them freedom to get ready at their own pace while also giving you and your household members the privacy you need.

Source: consultinghouseinc.com

  • Be careful with your choice of furniture. Go for simple yet sturdy and functional. Take note of the space, too. You wouldn’t want to buy the whole shebang when there’s no space for a side table or a sitting area. List down the style and color you want and the list of furniture needed. Staple furniture in a guest bedroom should include a bed, a recliner or a chaise lounge, a TV stand, side table with lamp, and a chest. If there’s enough space, add a small task table with chair.

Source: consultinghouseinc.com

  • Choose complementary linens and window coverings. Consider the weather in your area when buying them. If you’re predominantly cold all year round, go for warm bed cover and thick drapes. Warmer environment will make do with lace-y curtains and bed quilt. Whisk in pillows, throw pillows, a comforter, and the likes. Pick what you believer works best with your current style.

Source: pinterest.ca

  • Accessorize with grace. Complete the whole look and feel of your guest bedroom with accessories that showcase your unique taste. Paintings or framed pictures on the wall, a mirror, a few indoor plants here and there, vases for flowery blooms, statues or sculptures, fluffy floor rug and, of course, don’t forget the lighting and fixtures. Tiffany lamps, chandelier, mood lighting– whichever you believe can get the look you desire without disrupting the continuity of the outside design to your guest bedroom.

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  • Have enough storage space. Guests will be bringing in luggage and other items for the duration of their stay. Don’t overdo it, unless they plan to stay forever. A portable luggage rack in a closet will also add a convenient feel to the space.

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  • Don’t forget the “extras”. Keep adequate supplies of bed linens, pillows, towels, and the works. Some guests may also appreciate a tube of toothpaste, a bar of soap, a shower gel and all that when on a visit. Others who have kids may also love to have a play area or a crib. So keep those things in mind.

Source: houseofhipsters.com

Indeed, creating a guest bedroom out of a seemingly useless space can be overwhelming. Let these guest bedroom design ideas guide you. With simple tools and minimal construction plan, you can finally convert a space into a cozy bedroom to delight loved ones and friends coming over.


Top 7 Farmhouse Light Fixtures On Amazon Under $150


Want a home that’s elegant yet comfortable? Farmhouse decorating style is known for a sense of elegance that soothes old souls. Its utmost simplicity and organic vibe, opens a whole new world of excitement in terms of decorating schemes. Regardless of your surroundings or space, there is always a way for you to embrace this rustic style with much aplomb. To get you started, here are some farmhouse light fixtures on Amazon under $150 that can effortlessly tweak your current design.


Source : decoist.com

1. The Rule of Thirds. Don’t just go for pairs, make your farmhouse lighting fixture of choice come in threes. These vintage style Edison wire cage chandeliers, ensconced above the dining area add a more vintage-y look to the whole set-up. This provides a breathe of fresh air, vis-a-vis eclectic repurposed chairs in teal, black, and white duly complemented by those nostalgic cutouts hanging on the wall. This light is oil rubbed and in a bronze finish, making it a perfect complement to any kitchen, dining or living room design style.

Axiland TrueLite Industrial 3-Light Dining Room Rustic Pendant


2. Partners in Style. Add more oomph to a monochromatic kitchen or dining area with this Chicken Wire Dome Pendant Light. Instead of just one, add two of these daring lights into your space to give it a sense of an old barnyard look with an industrial vibe. Aside from splashing a dramatic statement, installing two will also ensure topnotch illumination to open up the whole space.

Colonial Tin Works Chicken Wire Dome Pendant Light


3. Go magically rustic. Fashioned after the 1930s, this Globe Electric 3-Light Vintage Pendant farmhouse lighting fixture is truly a keeper. It does not only deliver needed lumens to light up the whole space, it also recreate a vintage industrial look that’s unique and inspiring. You can hang this on a kitchen island or a dining area ceiling. With a 45-inch flexible hanging rod, you can easily customize it to fit your desired height. Lights can also be dimmed to set desired ambiance or mood.


Globe Electric 3-Light Vintage Pendant


4. Glorify your bathroom sink in vintage farmhouse fashion. This Westinghouse Iron Hill 3-Light Indoor Wall Fixture can highlight a mirror and add more lumens to a seemingly small bathroom. Made in a 1940s old barnyard oil-rubbed bronze finish, complemented with highlights and metal shades, this can also be used as task light in the kitchen or work room or to simply create a timeless appeal to any space in your home.


Westinghouse Iron Hill 3-Light Indoor Wall Fixture


5. Add drama to a room with rustic precision. This flower-like Unitary Black Vintage Barn Ceiling Light, is designed to impress. Rustic yet elegant and timeless, it breathes new life into airy rooms particularly when complemented with a wood-paneled design or an all-white wall to ceiling paint job. Truly, this farmhouse inspired lighting fixture can make a room more intimate and inviting.

Unitary Black Vintage Barn Ceiling Light


6. Shoo away shadowy corners by installing soft and elegant farmhouse lighting. This Design House Mason Indoor/Outdoor Wall Light, adds a subtle yet caring note of farmhouse style and can be tucked in a corner; right above where anyone reads books or drinks tea, along with some deep thinking. It can also be used as a patio light.


Design House Mason Indoor/Outdoor Wall Light


7. Globe lighting fixture always create an elegant statement. With candelabras ensconced inside this farmhouse lighting, you can instantly communicate a vintage flair without any hitch. Instead of one, install two of these globe chandelier with candelabra bulbs to set the mood everytime you sit down to eat.


Without a doubt, the aforementioned farmhouse light fixtures on Amazon under $150 play an important role in setting the overall tone of a particular space in your home. Minimal and rustic yet cozy and charming, these seemingly simplistic elements can help highlight the whole space. If you may, there are also DIY guides for you to imbibe the same style as the above items, to shape the look of a particular room.


7 Space Saving Reading Nook DIY Ideas

Craving for some alone time simply curled up with a favorite book at home? Many bookworms dream of having their own special spot at home. But when you are an urbanite, the challenge to find that space to carve your own domain, can be quite challenging.

Here are some space-saving reading nook DIY ideas, however, which can help solve this woe.


Source : pinterest.com


1. Make good use of your current bookshelves. Prop them up together and install a loft bed on top. Add a bean bag or a cushion at the bottom, and voila! Your kids can now have a grand time reading their fairy tale books and nursery rhymes.


Source : pinterest.com


2. Carve a circular reading nook in your bedroom. Simply buy a wooden ring from your friendly Home Depot or from Ikea. Or cut a hole in a room’s wall and prop the ring in it. Or have a custom-fitted cabinet with this ring then, stuff in a cushion for a more relaxed reading nook, that even your kids will love.


Source : dangerecole.blogspot.fr


3. Make reading feel like living in the tropics by placing a hammock at the corner of a room, preferably near a wide window where natural light comes in. The sway of the hammock can make it even more relaxing. Best of all, you can easily fold it all up and clear the space when needed.


Source : futuristarchitecture.com


4. Invest in a good bean bag to create a simple, yet relaxing reading area. Transform a seemingly mundane corner of a room into your own reading nook. Make sure there’s ample light to protect eyesight.


Source : pinterest.co.uk


5. Get a summer tan while reading a favorite book! This kiddie pool converted into an outdoor reading nook, will make an easy DIY project for anyone. All you need is to prop up a comforter and some pillows then, voila! Insta-reading lounge and tanning area in one!


Source : arearughomedecor.com


6. Lucky are homes with a bay area window. Simply attach battens on the wall to construct the frame. Place a plywood face in the front or leave it open for storage bins or cabinets then, put plywood as top panels. Paint it with a color that best blends with the wall, then top with a pre-cut cushion. Now, that’s a reading nook worth of your time.


Source : pinterest.com


7. The easiest idea so far, is to simply prop up an over-sized cozy chair or a Lazy Boy recliner in a corner. This ultra luxe seat below, also makes a statement while igniting one’s senses to relax and simply read in peace and quiet. Add some plant life and then good lighting and you’re good to go.


Source : pinterest.com


There are hundreds of reading nook DIY ideas out there. The main idea is to make good use of a seemingly unremarkable space and convert it into a useful reading (as well as storage area, if possible) area. Just make sure that there’s ample light in the area to protect eyesight. Now, pack it up and start carving your own reading castle at home!


7 Outdated Decor Trends To Avoid

There is so much that can be done when redecorating a home. But like everything else in life, decor trends come and go. Even an expert interior designer has to go through the challenge of sifting through a highly dynamic market. Add to that one’s attachment to sentimental heirlooms and travel collections. When thinking of keeping up with the latest trends in the market, however, the following decor trends are considered no-nos this year and beyond.

1. Too Much Brass-ness

Source : ofdesign.net

One of the most lamented outdated decor trends to avoid is the misuse or abuse of brass. A trendy topic in 2016, brass is becoming more of an eyesore, as homes amass tons of copper-based decorative elements into such limited space. Two or three brass elements in a space can deliver a clear message, but beyond that it’s channeling overkill. So, what to do? Mix metals to provide an eclectic and unique vibe to a space. Timeless bronze for high traffic areas like the kitchen will also look ecstatic. Do remember that, when mixing metals, stick to similar finish for a more consistent feel.

2. Designer Lamps


Source : houseology.com

Say goodbye to designer lamps and their inconsequential knockoffs, from Serge Mouille lamps to Esvitales, Frank Lloyd or the villainous Calgao hangman lamp. These lamps have rocked home interior design for quite some time and must rest on the laurels of classicism. While they may be appreciated by antique lovers, it is time for you to move on to more well-crafted pieces. Try checking out local products near you.

3. Into The Abyss


Source : houzz.com

Move out white, pastel and all things light! This 2017, the dark side has finally trumped up the lighter side. But instead of deep-sea blue, reds, black or dark grey, dark green is the “in” thing these days– that is, for walls. Think about a Pantone green living room or an artichoke green kitchen. Scandinavian walls are so last year. In addition to green walls, a bevy of mustard, mink or dark taupe will also be in full swing for upholstery and decorative pieces to deliver a more harmonious vibe to a space.

4. All Things Faux


Source : howtocleanmarble.org

Expert designers, like their fashion counterparts, continue to lament the onslaught of fakes and imitation in decorative elements. Think about marble imitations, fake fur or rug, faux leathers, designer-labeled fabrics, engineered wood, and so on. While there may be some inspirational faux pieces coming every now and then, too much of these can prove to be an eyesore. Shift your focus instead on finding authentic pieces, even in pre-loved stores or flea markets.


5. Say Goodbye to Reclaim Wood

Source : foter.com

One of the biggest trends in 2015 to 2016 was reclaimed or repurposed wood. Imagine having a dinner table that used to be a part of a pre-colonial floor, or slabs from a barn, made into open kitchen shelves. Without a doubt, old wood adds more character and dramatic flair to a space, but this year you just have to make do with antique pieces.

6. Macrame No More


Source : ilevel.biz

One of the central concepts in boho chic decorative elements, the world of macrame has finally had its final bow. There are actually tons of ways to add a bohemian flair to a particular space, without hanging around cumbersome macrame decor. Got lots of them? Decrease exposure and then, infuse neutral pieces or those with clean lines to make the whole arrangement casual yet, elegant.


7. Geometric Decor


Source : digsdigs.com

Geometric design is so passe. This is even more so when used extensively. From lamps to terrariums, concrete geometric bases, to kitchen back splash, or bath feature walls, wall art, and so on, geometric decor must be used sparingly or none at all.


Source : decoratorswisdom.com

A word to the wise though, as much as possible steer clear of decor trends and inject your own signature flair into your home overhaul plan. Make good use of family heirlooms or collectibles from cross-continental travels. While these outdated decor trends to avoid may help clear up the confusion on what to infuse into your new home design, it is best to put your personality and life reflections onto center-stage when overhauling your space.