7 Timeless Twin Girl Bedroom Ideas

Having twins means twice the blessings. Not many families are blessed to have twins. So consider yourself lucky. However, as fun as having two sets of awesome daughters may sound, preparing a bedroom for these identical, but equally unique human beings, can be tough.

Apart from thinking of two at a time, understanding their unique personalities can be a challenge. If you are one of the many parents out there looking for the best space for your girls, here are twin girl bedroom ideas to begin with.

1. Go All Out Pink

When it comes to girl bedroom decorating, pink has always been a top favorite. You can either paint the wall pink or arrange all other aspects of the space, from bed to covers and carpets, with the same hue. Perhaps, you may want to simply use pink as a highlight color on your furniture. All in all, creating an all-pink bedroom will definitely make your daughters’ hearts flutter with joy.

2. An Ode to the Countryside

Channel your family’s love for the countryside into your twin girls’ bedroom. Creative and airy, you can fill the room with calming pastels, gorgeous florals, vintage accessories, and other unique stuffs to make it feel like a small country cottage. Think of patchworks and handwoven quilts, textured tapestry, and comfortable elegance—and you have a country-style bedroom that’s just heavenly for little girls.

3. Bunk Them Up

Worried about small space? Try using a bunk bed. Kids love bunk beds more than adults though. With their agility and enthusiasm, getting up and down this simple arrangement can add more fun to their sleeping quarters.

4. Go Vintage

Vintage twin girl bedroom ideas are great play of characters for your daughters’ space. Centered around the idea of a nostalgic past, this bedroom design style speaks of quiet fun and restful retreat. Think about sinuous lines and muted colors, beautiful patterns and patchwork design, art nouveau paintings and décors. Elegant and restful—as a room should be.

5. The Royals

Next to pink, little girls have a penchant for purple, the color of royalty. Bring such royal touch into your princesses’ bedroom by creating a purple haven for them. A purple-themed bedroom like the one above creates a sense of seemliness albeit its limited space. You can choose purple furniture and décor, and paint the bedroom wall in white. Add vintage mirrors or perhaps, footstools or purple rugs to complete the whole royalty look.

6. Poles Apart

Some twins tend to have different personalities. While the other one professes her love for pinks and all things Hello Kitty, the other might be more inclined for purple or blue, yellow or green. How do you solve that? Compromise! Let each of your daughter’s personality shine through by creating a 2-sided bedroom with each side bearing each daughter’s unique taste. If they are of age then, let them be involved in the choosing to ensure that one child is not left out for the other.

7. The Attic

The Attic
The attic is one of the most taken for granted spaces in a home. Transform this space into something unique for your twin girls. Make good use of sharp corners and limited space to suit your design in mind. The decorative wall above, for instance, gives the bedroom more astounding visual effect.

In a nutshell, it is always a source of constant awe to have twins. While many seek out the help of professional interior designers, there is no limit that you can do as a parent to give your little girls the bedroom they will love. With these twin bedroom girl ideas, your girls will definitely be in good space.

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