7 Rustic Bedroom Ideas For Urbanites

Planning a revamp in your sleeping quarters? Why not go for simple natural lines and elements which are elegantly added, to create a rustic feel. Though often deemed unsophisticated and artless, today’s modern rustic bedroom decor ideas preferred by busy urbanites, have continually become the standard for comfort and coziness amid the hustle and bustle of city life. So how can you make something bucolic, work in a complex environment where modernization is happening left and right?

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When thinking of creating a warm and cozy bedroom space that invites you in, the following ideas for a rustic feel amid city-living, can truly make an interior extraordinary.

1. Warm Color Palette. Rustic bedrooms emanate the neutral and natural elements, in a country style setting. Think about warm browns, beige, dirty white, pale yellow, cantaloupe orange, greens and blues, with a splash of gray, red or black. Some may even add a little gold every now and then, to create an utmost relaxing bedroom, reminiscent of pastoral life.

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2. Love of Wood. One of the central themes in all rustic bedroom ideas, whether classic or modern, is the use of wood in its natural form. Think about logs made into bedroom ceiling beams, bed frames, or night stands. Wood, in its mighty rawness, deliver a room’s organic beauty. Feel the difference by placing paneled walls or using reclaimed wood. Flooring using wood slats can also add charm to a bedroom’s appeal. Giving your queen-size bed a lift with this heritage pine from Ameriwood Home, for instance, can add that natural charm.

3. Textile Overhaul. Create a softened ambiance in your sleeping quarters, by using fabrics with a natural feel from bed linens to curtains, rugs and throw blankets. Wool and linen, as well as burlap fabrics, are excellent choices. Woven textiles are also a good choice. You may also give a room that crisp morning air flair, by incorporating rustic floral fabrics. For example, Vietnam roses on a rustic country-side with this vintage country FADFAY 4-piece Rustic Floral Cotton Bed Sheet (Twin-Size).

4. Texture Fun. Be more adventurous in recreating a rustic bedroom amid a bustling cityscape, by playing with texture in your interior decorating scheme. Create balance, as well as contrast effectively by mixing and matching different textures all throughout your decorative materials. Some good ideas include ethnic rugs, sheepskins, a lone velvet reading chair, herringbone floors, recessed moldings, and plants. Anything with patterns or movements, inviting you to touch and explore, will definitely make the room feel cozy and complete.

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5. Keep warm. Unless you live in the tropics, a fireplace is often a central point in any rustic bedroom concept. Traditionally, it is covered with wood or natural stone. For urban homes, however, a remote-controlled fireplace-TV console, like the one below from Ameriwood Home Chicago, is the rage nowadays. It adds a sense of warmth into a room, as well as having storage for a TV, gaming console, cable box, and so on.

6. Clunky and Chunky Furniture. Ditch the usual sleek furniture pieces common in various urbanite cribs. When it comes to rustic bedrooms, beds, dressers, armoires, night stands, and divans must be large, robust and eye-catching. It does not have to be all wood though. Incorporate metal into the design, too. This Sauder 6-Drawer Dresser, for instance, makes an excellent choice to complete the whole look.

7. Light It Up. Soft, warm, and inviting– these should be the central point of any bedroom lighting, whether rustic or not. This is your sanctuary for much-needed rest from the stressful life in the city. So why choose lighting and fixtures that add more stress to your life? Look for pendant lights, ceiling lights, or perhaps, chandeliers like this LightInTheBox Rustic Wooden Pendant Chandelier that adds a little bit of vintage flair to your room.

Overall, keep these rustic bedroom ideas in mind when revamping your current space. Think of everything warm, cozy, comfortable, and inviting when choosing elements to incorporate into a bedroom. Don’t just settle for the usal charming coarse style though. Tweak your design elements a little bit to add your own personal take.


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