7 Master Bedroom Wall Decal Ideas

A master bedroom is an oasis for couples. It is the very place where a husband and a wife talk about their plans, ideas for a much-needed getaway, about their kids, and about anything. It is also where disputes are settled and confrontations are hidden from the wary eyes of the kids. In short, it is a place where two people must become one. So what do you do with its four corners to ensure a harmonious flow of positive energy? Here are some awesome master bedroom wall decal ideas which may be of help.

1. Like Newly-Wedded Bliss


Let your over-the-bed master bedroom decal be a reminder of your deep love for each other. When couples count years often, a sense of monotonous familiar can lead to indifference. When the spark is gone, so does the level of openness declines. Start to reminiscence your newly-wedded bliss with this Infinite Love decal. Dreamy and heartwarming, this makes a great reminder to the vows you’ve exchanged.

2. All-Out Romance

Don’t you just love cuddling in the dark with only the stars as witnesses to your sighs and hush-hush laughter? When the walls are filled with decorative elements to the brim, try this dreamlike canopy of glow-in-the-dark stars. Let the starlit ceiling add romance to your bedroom breaking barriers and adding that much-needed glow to your desire.

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Decal

Add more drama to your starlit ceiling with glow in the dark decal for your electrical switch and outlets. This will ease your way of turning on the light in darkened room and add a more completed look to a charmed room.

4. Floral Power

Add a splash of joie de vivre to a seemingly monotonous master bedroom. Flowers can add a sense of vivacity and drama to seemingly lackluster bedrooms. One of the most sellable master bedroom wall decal ideas, this flowery sensation above lends a sense of nostalgia and longing that easily captivates the eyes.

5. Funny Bones

While the master bedroom may be considered a place of ponderings and serious talks, some couples also see it as a shared space to tickle their funny bones. These Loving Giraffes wall decal, for instance, adds both fun and drama to a seemingly somber space.

6. Traveler’s Haven

Some couples share an earnest love for traveling. They are those who go into bike tours or always take the time to plan for an escape every once in a while to recapture their youth, to de-stress, or to simply “stop and smell the roses”. This makes this compass one of the most awesome master bedroom wall decal ideas for travel-savvy couples.

7. Charmed Corner

Make your master bedroom sitting area or reading nook more relaxing. This Mandala wall decal will bring harmony and unity into the sanctity of your space. Many people actually use this design as a tattoo art to bring in some form of “completeness” and “contentment”. Putting it on your wall will definitely add a sense of relaxed ambiance that may extend to your union.

There are quite a number of master bedroom wall decal ideas for everyone to enjoy. The best thing about these decals is that they’re cheap, easy to apply, and requires less maintenance. When you’re ready to move to a new design, simply peel it off and use a clean sponge to wipe it off. No sticky residue. No headache. So, add flair to your master bedroom now with these astounding decals!

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