6 Best Kid Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Ever gone traveling with a little tot? What have you observed about your luggage? The littlest family members are often the ones with the biggest luggage. In homes, however, another challenge surfaces, small bedrooms with so many things to accommodate. From clothing to toys, books and school things, all depending on their age range— plus the whole idea of arranging a clutter-free bedroom ready for those inevitable sleepovers and safety—can be a heady thing! Fret-not, we’ve come up with these kid bedroom ideas for small rooms to kickstart your abode’s bliss.

1. Wise Furniture Choices

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Like all other spaces in your home, these kid bedroom ideas for small rooms begin with one thing—must-have furniture pieces with storage. Begin with a toddler bed which can be adjusted later on. This will help free extra floor space for a play table as well as make the whole room feel larger. A tiny desk propped up on a corner can also double as a changing area or a hinged/foldable one may also work. Closets must be either built-in on recessed walls to free up ample leg room. A side table to hold a reading lamp or a standalone lampshade will also be needed for those bedtime stories. Don’t forget, built-in storage in these furniture pieces, help save space.

2. Loft Bed or Bunk Beds!

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For homes with 2 or 3 kids, a bunk bed is a wiser option. It allows you to free-up ample space by reducing a two-bed floor space into one. Do make sure to choose one that has ample height on the bottom with extra shelves for storage or an extra pull-out bed perfect for sleepovers. Small bedrooms with a high ceiling, however, can enjoy more space with a loft bed. Make use of the bottom area as closet or as a study space.

3. Storage, Storage and More Storage

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Built-in storage is a practical choice for small children bedrooms. This can free-up most of the room’s every square-inch space. Recessed walls and alcoves can be used as perfect places to make out a wardrobe or a study area or a storage for toys and bedroom stuffs. For freestanding furniture, however, go for dual-purpose pieces. A wardrobe with drawers or shelves that can be hung on walls is also a perfect option. While bespoke storage is topnotch, it can be pricey to the pockets. So, try your carpentry skills for a change. There are video tutorials online to kickstart a new hobby.

4. Color Fun

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No matter how shabby a kid’s bedroom, a splash of color will help make the interior alive. A white wall-to-ceiling color scheme can make a compact space give an illusion of spaciousness. Simply add fun splashes and dramatic flair with colorful patterns, and decorative items. Think floral curtains, cushions, pillow cases and bed linens for little girls or navy suit and animal safari for little boys. Add a play rug and equally colorful accessories to complete the scheme. Propping up a decal or mural on the wall will also make a lot of difference in adding illusion of height or space to a bedroom.

5. Functional Work Space

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Time flies so fast that in a few moons, your little tot may well be in preschool. One of the grooviest kid bedroom ideas for small rooms is a work table that doubles as a play table, reading nook or as a dressing table. Go for ones that provide ample space for storage without sacrificing artistic flair. Take this standing work table, for instance. It can double as a work-or-play dressing table, while the inside reading nook also holds space for books—or toys!

6. Let There Be Lights

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An often overlooked concept in designing children bedrooms, lighting actually holds an important aspect in creating a livable and multifunctional space. When choosing lighting and fixtures, it is imperative to remember these two—ambient and task lighting, and safety. Overhead fixtures, whether recessed or ceiling-mounted should lend a relaxing glow. Task lighting like scones and lamps, on one hand, must highlight specific activities like reading. In all these, lighting fixtures must always be inclined and far from children’s reach. If possible, go for ones which can rotate or bend to any direction allowing illumination where it’s needed.

Where Small Things Matter The Most

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A room with a theme can be truly astounding. But when you are short on cash and need to make do with what you have, adding your own decorative touches will make the whole set-up more relaxed and lived in. Children grow old (fast!) thus, it is virtually impractical to invest in girly tones or boyish cartoons. Go instead for cozy chairs and bean bags, repainted and refurbished furniture, self-made artwork, and all things snuggly comfy for cuddles and hugs. In the end, the best kid bedroom ideas for small rooms should not be expensive but rather fun, personal, and practical.

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