10 Small Master Bedroom Decor Ideas For Less


The master bedroom is a couple’s personal retreat. This is where love and intimacy blooms. While most of today’s homes have limited space and inflation seems to make prices of decorative items balloon, this should not stop you from finding small master bedroom decor ideas to make your resting place more comfortable, inviting, and relaxing. To get you started, here are some useful tips and tricks gathered from various interior designers.


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1. Add a splash of color. One of the most effective, yet least costly decorating tools, is repainting your bedroom’s wall. To give it an illusion of a much bigger and brighter place, using light neutral colors will do the trick. Cool shades of blue, green, and lilac can add a sense of warmth and serenity. Neutral shades of tan and beige, also helps open up the whole space. With these, you can make a bedroom less confined with clearer lines.

2. Keep furniture minimal in a small master bedroom. Ditch the four-poster or medieval-sized beds that seem to engulf the whole room with their sheer size. Go for a comfy queen or double bed. If you and your partner are not fond of reading before bedtime, steer clear of side tables then. Instead prop a floor lamp or a potted plant in place. Of course, don’t forget to include a stool or an ottoman (that also holds extra storage) at the foot of the bed. This makes a great companion when preparing to go out.


3. Keep everything pulled together with matching window treatments and bedding vis-a-vis your wall. There is nothing more vivid and organized than matching your light-colored bedroom with complementary bed linens, pillow covers and curtains. Go for satin or velvety bed linens. Lace-y and flowing curtains in monochromatic colors will also add more warmth to the whole space.

4. Recreate a five-star hotel ambiance with a perfect play between natural and artificial light. Start by installing window treatments which fully welcome natural light during the day time. Add lamps in shadowy corners. Shade lamps can add not just glamour, but also stimulate a sensual edge, perfect for enhancing intimacy.


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5. Accessorize with minimalism and style in mind. Don’t cramp up a small master’s bedroom with unnecessary details. Rather go for carefully arranged decorative materials like a vintage alarm clock, a slim side table, a crystal vase, a diffuser for essential oils, and so on. Hang a piece of artwork or a framed photo of the whole family having a good time, as a focal point. Free clutter on your dresser by simply propping a mirror to open the whole space and reflect light from the outside.

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6. Storage. Make good use of every square-inch space in your master bedroom by setting up off-the-shelf storage units. Instead of installing a headboard and flanking the bed with side tables, placing two tall units which can be built into the wall or as a stand-alone shelf to hold the usual knick-knacks, will make a lot of difference. Space underneath the bed can also hold storage for blankets, linens, pillows, and even socks and undies.


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7. Bathroom Essentials. You don’t have to create an ultra glamorous bathroom to make a master bedroom complete. With most homes being space-challenged these days, couples have to contend with small bathrooms in their bedrooms, too. All you need is to keep things organized by hanging floating shelves and built-in storage, to create a relaxing space. Add a mirror to invite natural lighting and to give an illusion of a bigger bath space.




8. Add Plant Life. Breathe life into your bedroom with low-maintenance succulents. You can simply prop them up on top of a dresser or hang them by the window via the curtain rod. This improves air circulation and gives a relaxing mantra to the whole space.


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Bottom line is: These small master bedroom decor ideas for less simply show that there’s no reason for you to not make the best out of a seemingly dull space. Bring your decorating chops to the forefront and let your personal taste take center-stage. With your dedication, this decorative haul will definitely be bound for success.

7 Master Bedroom Decor Ideas For New Couples


Looking for master bedroom decor ideas as a new couple? New relationships often bring new responsibilities and a new outlook on life. It heralds a new beginning for two people as they journey into life as one. With two personalities in play, giving due attention to how a home is organized, definitely makes sense. Where else can intimacy, trust and respect start, but in the comfort of the master bedroom.

While other spaces inside a home may also be important, life as a couple begins and ends in this space. Thus, finding a way to integrate a sense of style and taste as a couple, into a single resting space, will help create a positive and cozy space to help build your dreams together.

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When thinking of decorating a master’s bedroom, here are some useful ideas to remember.

1. It’s all about the bed. One of the most important master bedroom decor ideas for new couples should, of course, start with a cozy and comfortable bed. There’s a reason why it’s called a “bedroom”. Apart from choosing a size that fits both of you comfortably, it must not also be too big that it occupies the whole space. The mattress and the padded layers must be soft and comfortable, but a little firm for excellent spine support. You can add lace-y curtains to make it more enchanting. The idea is to make it as restful as possible, without losing romance.

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2. Keep it hot with a luscious color palette. Colors influence your mood, as well as that of your partner’s. From the wall to the ceiling, curtains and carpet, as well as bed linens, choosing hues that complement each other while exuding relaxing and positive vibes will do great. Think mint green, sleepy yellow, beige or all white. Powder blue is another great option as it balances the masculinity and femininity of the couple. The rule is that– if you use dark colors on your walls, lighter and brighter colors must be used for curtains, bed linens, and carpet– and vice-versa.


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3. Of course, soft and smooth– linens, that is. A bedroom will need linens not only to ensure comfort, but also for proper hygiene. When choosing fabric for your bed, curtains, pillow cases, and so on, one must also focus on maintenance and overall feel. Yes, pricey Egyptian or pima cottons are still the “in” thing these days. They are durable and breathable making them perfect choices for all seasons. Satin and linen also make great options. Their silky feel adds more sensuality into the whole mix. Do check for allergies with a partner before deciding what to buy.


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4. Think sexy in terms of privacy. The window treatment is another important master bedroom decor ideas for new couples. Lace-y curtains on four-poster beds, give an added sensual charm to the whole space. Apart from romance, curtains add a sense of privacy to the whole space. Do use cool, soft hues that soothe the senses. Patterned fabric may also add a more sensual attraction to the whole space.


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5. Add some lighting effects. From photography to your bedroom, the magic of illumination brings changes so astounding, to make love and passion flourish in your home. You can choose to have a chandelier for that bedroom glow, table or floor lamps for radiance and for the quintessential book-reading session before retiring to la-la-land, and possibly wall and LED lighting with a dimmer, to emit a majestic vibe. The idea is to place these lighting fixtures in strategic places to enhance different moods.


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6. Give a touch of artistry and whiff some magic into the air. Draw the eye into a tantalizing wall art. It could be a painting, monogram of your names or initials, a mirror, a sculpture– virtually anything that draws the eye into the center of the room. Some use decals or picture frames, too. Aside from art work, adding decorative scented candles and knick-knacks collected over the years, also adds more drama to your space.


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7. Don’t forget plants! Fresh flowers in a crystal vase can help add a sense of optimism and style to a seemingly dreary master’s bedroom. Of course, plants like English Ivy, rubber plant, Barberton daisy, bamboo palm, hanging orchids, and so on make great additions, too. Place small pots on your windowsill or place one over a corner. Apart from adding aesthetic value, you will also be improving air quality of the bedroom.


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Welcome to your chance at a happily ever after, by breathing new life into your private space. Let these master bedroom decor ideas for new couples be your guide. Do remember to get your partner’s opinion when deciding on any changes to ensure balance and harmony.


7 Bedroom Treatment Ideas To Brighten Your Space

Want to spruce up a bedroom without doing a major overhaul? A bedroom is a place for rest and privacy. It is a place where one can roam around their deep thoughts or go into amorous encounters, without garnering unbecoming ogles from others. Dressing your own resting place is, in all its form and intricacies, an intimate chore. To freshen up things without sacrificing privacy or ambiance, here are bedroom treatment ideas to bring new life into a seemingly boring space.

1. Fit-For-Royalty Canopy


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Turn your bed into a fabulous focal point by swathing it with a crown-like canopy made of draperies and other fabrics. Flanked by two bay windows, this makeshift canopy draws the eye to the center of the bed, giving it a ceremonious royal treatment. Think of toile and ivory linens draping the headboard, to lend a sense of understated elegance. Simply tie each end on a curtain holder to give it utmost refinement and charm.

2. Mixed Patterns


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One of the most common mistakes in bedroom treatment ideas is the use of uniform fabrics on curtains, drapes, and so on. But why settle for just one curtain pattern when you can mix and match various fabrics to add more personality to a bedroom? From curtains to bed linens, adding variations in patterns will provide a lighthearted mood to any space. It is also a must for long-walled windows to prevent redundancy.

3. Dressed Up Doors

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Most master bedrooms often have french doors that lead to a patio, balcony or a work space. Where privacy is deemed non-negotiable, covering these architectural pieces with fabrics is a must. Apart from tuning out prying eyes of kids or house guests, treating a bedroom door with fabrics that allows natural light in without risking privacy, will make a great bedroom treatment idea.


4. Curtained Wardrobe


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For urbanites who make do with every miniscule square-inch space in their studio flats or multi-storied apartments, using adaptable storage systems like that of Ikea’s ALGOT series, allows for a more flexible space. To dress these installations, simply add curtains to work as a wardrobe door. Not only does the use of fabrics help to harmonize the ambiance of a bedroom space, it also adds an extra layers of softness.

5. Window Seat Elegance

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Dreamy bedrooms often have window seats. This may either be used for cuddling with a loved one or for reading a book by your lonesome. A charming addition to a bedroom, it adds a sense of elegance reminiscent of fairy tales when a damsel in distress awaits for Prince Charming. But while natural light is important in window seats, privacy for the bedroom must also be considered. To address both, simply add sheer drapes. When opened, the scenic view helps suffuse the senses, while closed, privacy will be wrapped up. Perfect!

6. Dramatic Draperies


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Add a dramatic flair to your bed with ceiling-to-floor curtains. These drape-like free-flowing fabrics deliver an astoundingly elegant flair reminiscent of Parisian debutantes in their coquettish ball gowns. You don’t need to buy a four-poster bed either. Simply mount iron rods on the ceiling to hold the billowy fabrics in place.

7. All Shaped Up

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Create a sense of balance to a seemingly mannish aura in a bedroom by adding a curvy window cornice. Newly married couples moving into a previous man-cave, often face the issue of how to dress up windows without feeling too girlish. As a compromise, simply adding a scalloped cornice will help soften the bedroom space without obstructing the view, nor turning the whole ambiance upside-down. This is less tedious to maintain, too.


Overall, these bedroom treatment ideas can easily turn a seemingly dreary and uninspired space into something vivacious and sultry without sacrificing overall design and privacy. A new set of fabrics will easily give any room a fresh new look to add more drama to a space. Do remember to use light colored or sheer fabrics to help embrace natural light while keeping your mind and body relaxed and well rested.

6 Bunk Bedroom Ideas

Looking for the right bunk bedroom ideas? It is quite common nowadays to face certain challenges in decorating a small bedroom. While many dream of having a king or queen size bed, complemented with a bevy of dressers, armoires or wardrobes, divan and what-have-you, these are sometimes luxuries families can no longer afford due to limited bedroom floor space. This is why bunk beds (or trundle beds) are becoming a fast sensation nowadays. It’s not only space saving, it is also fun to arrange and offers plenty of added storage, too. To give you an idea, here are ideas to make a bunk bedroom useful, functional and most-importantly, space-savvy.

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1. The Lounge

Turn a small room into a spacious one, by creating a lounge-area-like bedroom. Simply remove the bottom of the bunk bed and turn it into a lounge area for your child to enjoy. Think of his or her special interests and create a design with these in mind. You may try creating a study area complete with a small desk, ergonomic chair, reading lamp, book case, computer, and so on.

2. Paint for Fun

Often, pre-made bunk beds are made of wood or metal with brown or white color– which can be too blah for your taste. Why not coat it with your child’s favorite paint color. If you may, you can customize one to look like a work of art. Like the elephant bunk bed above, you can create a Safari themed bedroom with that in place.

3. Added Storage

Many use bunk beds to maximize use of space. What better way to do just that, than by giving a bunk bed a facelift. Add functionality to it by adding extra storage. Drawers can be added at the bottom to store clothing, socks, shoes, toys, bed linens, books, and so on.

4. Add Curtains

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Add drama to shared rooms by adding curtains to your bunk bedroom ideas. Simply place low curtains pinned from the ceiling. Curtains can either be pulled across or pulled back. Not only will the fabric add more color and perspective to the bunk bed, it will also help deliver a sense of privacy.

5. Fun With Geometry

Create an L-shaped bunk bed to maximize floor space and generate a more flexible bedroom. This will allow you to keep an old bed and add a loft on top. This gives the room added fun without having to spend so much. You can repaint an old bed and the makeshift loft. Add a few splashes of color like curtains or a mural on the side.

6. Full Twin Bunk Bed

Another popular bunk bedroom idea today, creating a full bed at the bottom and a twin bed on top speaks of comfort and added charm to any shared bedroom. While this can be quite pricey in furniture shops, you can actually avoid the sky-high cost by building one on your own. Even first-time carpenters can easily make this one, as there are various online tutorials to get by.

Fun-Filled Bunk Bedroom Ideas

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Without a doubt, these bunk bedroom ideas will help add flair and more functionality to a seemingly dreary space. The idea is to address what those who will be using the room need, and deep down want to make, out of their own shared space. Try to include them during planning sessions and gain input from their perspective. When you do, any idea for your bunk bedroom will definitely be appreciated.

Warm vs. Cold Bedroom Color Options: How To Pick Yours?

There is nothing more exciting than overhauling your bedroom, a kid’s room or that of a nursery room. When decorating, one of the most challenging aspects is your color selection. From wall to ceiling, to furniture and knick-knacks, your bedroom color options can run from subdued to utterly wild, all dictated by your unique preference. As color has different effects to both body and mind, finding the right one or combination thereof, requires deep thinking. To give you a headstart, here are some important points to consider when picking your color choices.

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The Color of Warmth And Energy

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Modern bedrooms are often awash with warm colors nowadays. Orange, yellows and fuzzy reds tend to dominate many abodes. But while these hues energize the body by stimulating the mind’s visual precursors, they are not highly advisable for bedtime, particularly to kids’ bedrooms and busybodies.

Orange is excellent for both communication and social interaction, however, too much of it can make the mind and body “hungry” for something. Yellow, another popular option, gives a sense of cheerfulness that brightens any room. Though a color associated with happiness and memory stimulation, too intense of a shade can prove to be distracting. Red, a common choice for kids’ bedrooms, in the belief of stimulating the brain’s analytic hemisphere and the body’s athletic ability, is actually a color associated with aggression and inability to focus when used excessively. Girly bedrooms adorned in pink from wall to ceiling, to decor? Not a good idea. While it evokes femininity and calmness, it can also trigger anxiety when done excessively.

Cold And Calming

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On the opposite side of the color spectrum, are bedroom color options that exude tranquility and calmness to the body and mind, as well as a sense of spaciousness to any room. In all these, however, darker shades must be used sparingly to prevent delivering a gloomy and forlorn ambiance.

White, gray and brown are some of the most commonly used bedroom color options. While white is purely captivating in its utmost innocence and purity, it can also be dull without any accents. A toddler’s bedroom donned in white, is also like a ticking bomb waiting to go off any minute. Gray is known to inspire deep thoughts, but too much can evoke loneliness and sadness, a powerful combination that can drive anyone to depression. Light brown and its beige-like rendition, can deliver a sense of being grounded and earth-loving. Darker ones, however, can be too much. Another calming option is blue for its coolness that alleviate anxiety. Gray-blue hues can be depressing though.

Today, many bedrooms are into green tones for its nurturing effect. Dark greens, however, continue to be a challenge, like purple and black. Both purple and black, royalty and elegant colors, are also becoming more intense in modern interior designs. A little caveat though, these colors work best in rooms with huge windows or high ceilings.

Finding the Right Balance

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Without a doubt, color is one of the topmost factors in interior design. Understanding of what each evokes in one’s psyche will help you choose wisely. It is only fitting to learn how bedroom color options can influence a room’s overall ambiance, as well as its boomerang effect on those who stay in it. Creating a perfect contrast, will help work to your bedroom’s advantage. Combine yellow with gray or go for different shades of yellow, and match it up with blue. A balanced combination between white and pink, or blue or a touch of red, will give a bedroom some warmth and break the glaring monotony. In everything else, go for a combination of both warm and cold bedroom color options to achieve a harmonious effect.