6 Bunk Bedroom Ideas

Looking for the right bunk bedroom ideas? It is quite common nowadays to face certain challenges in decorating a small bedroom. While many dream of having a king or queen size bed, complemented with a bevy of dressers, armoires or wardrobes, divan and what-have-you, these are sometimes luxuries families can no longer afford due to limited bedroom floor space. This is why bunk beds (or trundle beds) are becoming a fast sensation nowadays. It’s not only space saving, it is also fun to arrange and offers plenty of added storage, too. To give you an idea, here are ideas to make a bunk bedroom useful, functional and most-importantly, space-savvy.

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1. The Lounge

Turn a small room into a spacious one, by creating a lounge-area-like bedroom. Simply remove the bottom of the bunk bed and turn it into a lounge area for your child to enjoy. Think of his or her special interests and create a design with these in mind. You may try creating a study area complete with a small desk, ergonomic chair, reading lamp, book case, computer, and so on.

2. Paint for Fun

Often, pre-made bunk beds are made of wood or metal with brown or white color-- which can be too blah for your taste. Why not coat it with your child’s favorite paint color. If you may, you can customize one to look like a work of art. Like the elephant bunk bed above, you can create a Safari themed bedroom with that in place.

3. Added Storage

Many use bunk beds to maximize use of space. What better way to do just that, than by giving a bunk bed a facelift. Add functionality to it by adding extra storage. Drawers can be added at the bottom to store clothing, socks, shoes, toys, bed linens, books, and so on.

4. Add Curtains

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Add drama to shared rooms by adding curtains to your bunk bedroom ideas. Simply place low curtains pinned from the ceiling. Curtains can either be pulled across or pulled back. Not only will the fabric add more color and perspective to the bunk bed, it will also help deliver a sense of privacy.

5. Fun With Geometry

Create an L-shaped bunk bed to maximize floor space and generate a more flexible bedroom. This will allow you to keep an old bed and add a loft on top. This gives the room added fun without having to spend so much. You can repaint an old bed and the makeshift loft. Add a few splashes of color like curtains or a mural on the side.

6. Full Twin Bunk Bed

Another popular bunk bedroom idea today, creating a full bed at the bottom and a twin bed on top speaks of comfort and added charm to any shared bedroom. While this can be quite pricey in furniture shops, you can actually avoid the sky-high cost by building one on your own. Even first-time carpenters can easily make this one, as there are various online tutorials to get by.

Fun-Filled Bunk Bedroom Ideas

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Without a doubt, these bunk bedroom ideas will help add flair and more functionality to a seemingly dreary space. The idea is to address what those who will be using the room need, and deep down want to make, out of their own shared space. Try to include them during planning sessions and gain input from their perspective. When you do, any idea for your bunk bedroom will definitely be appreciated.

Warm vs. Cold Bedroom Color Options: How To Pick Yours?

There is nothing more exciting than overhauling your bedroom, a kid's room or that of a nursery room. When decorating, one of the most challenging aspects is your color selection. From wall to ceiling, to furniture and knick-knacks, your bedroom color options can run from subdued to utterly wild, all dictated by your unique preference. As color has different effects to both body and mind, finding the right one or combination thereof, requires deep thinking. To give you a headstart, here are some important points to consider when picking your color choices.

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The Color of Warmth And Energy

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Modern bedrooms are often awash with warm colors nowadays. Orange, yellows and fuzzy reds tend to dominate many abodes. But while these hues energize the body by stimulating the mind’s visual precursors, they are not highly advisable for bedtime, particularly to kids’ bedrooms and busybodies.

Orange is excellent for both communication and social interaction, however, too much of it can make the mind and body “hungry” for something. Yellow, another popular option, gives a sense of cheerfulness that brightens any room. Though a color associated with happiness and memory stimulation, too intense of a shade can prove to be distracting. Red, a common choice for kids’ bedrooms, in the belief of stimulating the brain’s analytic hemisphere and the body’s athletic ability, is actually a color associated with aggression and inability to focus when used excessively. Girly bedrooms adorned in pink from wall to ceiling, to decor? Not a good idea. While it evokes femininity and calmness, it can also trigger anxiety when done excessively.

Cold And Calming

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On the opposite side of the color spectrum, are bedroom color options that exude tranquility and calmness to the body and mind, as well as a sense of spaciousness to any room. In all these, however, darker shades must be used sparingly to prevent delivering a gloomy and forlorn ambiance.

White, gray and brown are some of the most commonly used bedroom color options. While white is purely captivating in its utmost innocence and purity, it can also be dull without any accents. A toddler’s bedroom donned in white, is also like a ticking bomb waiting to go off any minute. Gray is known to inspire deep thoughts, but too much can evoke loneliness and sadness, a powerful combination that can drive anyone to depression. Light brown and its beige-like rendition, can deliver a sense of being grounded and earth-loving. Darker ones, however, can be too much. Another calming option is blue for its coolness that alleviate anxiety. Gray-blue hues can be depressing though.

Today, many bedrooms are into green tones for its nurturing effect. Dark greens, however, continue to be a challenge, like purple and black. Both purple and black, royalty and elegant colors, are also becoming more intense in modern interior designs. A little caveat though, these colors work best in rooms with huge windows or high ceilings.

Finding the Right Balance

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Without a doubt, color is one of the topmost factors in interior design. Understanding of what each evokes in one’s psyche will help you choose wisely. It is only fitting to learn how bedroom color options can influence a room’s overall ambiance, as well as its boomerang effect on those who stay in it. Creating a perfect contrast, will help work to your bedroom’s advantage. Combine yellow with gray or go for different shades of yellow, and match it up with blue. A balanced combination between white and pink, or blue or a touch of red, will give a bedroom some warmth and break the glaring monotony. In everything else, go for a combination of both warm and cold bedroom color options to achieve a harmonious effect.

6 Best Kid Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Ever gone traveling with a little tot? What have you observed about your luggage? The littlest family members are often the ones with the biggest luggage. In homes, however, another challenge surfaces, small bedrooms with so many things to accommodate. From clothing to toys, books and school things, all depending on their age range— plus the whole idea of arranging a clutter-free bedroom ready for those inevitable sleepovers and safety—can be a heady thing! Fret-not, we’ve come up with these kid bedroom ideas for small rooms to kickstart your abode’s bliss.

1. Wise Furniture Choices

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Like all other spaces in your home, these kid bedroom ideas for small rooms begin with one thing—must-have furniture pieces with storage. Begin with a toddler bed which can be adjusted later on. This will help free extra floor space for a play table as well as make the whole room feel larger. A tiny desk propped up on a corner can also double as a changing area or a hinged/foldable one may also work. Closets must be either built-in on recessed walls to free up ample leg room. A side table to hold a reading lamp or a standalone lampshade will also be needed for those bedtime stories. Don’t forget, built-in storage in these furniture pieces, help save space.

2. Loft Bed or Bunk Beds!

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For homes with 2 or 3 kids, a bunk bed is a wiser option. It allows you to free-up ample space by reducing a two-bed floor space into one. Do make sure to choose one that has ample height on the bottom with extra shelves for storage or an extra pull-out bed perfect for sleepovers. Small bedrooms with a high ceiling, however, can enjoy more space with a loft bed. Make use of the bottom area as closet or as a study space.

3. Storage, Storage and More Storage

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Built-in storage is a practical choice for small children bedrooms. This can free-up most of the room’s every square-inch space. Recessed walls and alcoves can be used as perfect places to make out a wardrobe or a study area or a storage for toys and bedroom stuffs. For freestanding furniture, however, go for dual-purpose pieces. A wardrobe with drawers or shelves that can be hung on walls is also a perfect option. While bespoke storage is topnotch, it can be pricey to the pockets. So, try your carpentry skills for a change. There are video tutorials online to kickstart a new hobby.

4. Color Fun

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No matter how shabby a kid’s bedroom, a splash of color will help make the interior alive. A white wall-to-ceiling color scheme can make a compact space give an illusion of spaciousness. Simply add fun splashes and dramatic flair with colorful patterns, and decorative items. Think floral curtains, cushions, pillow cases and bed linens for little girls or navy suit and animal safari for little boys. Add a play rug and equally colorful accessories to complete the scheme. Propping up a decal or mural on the wall will also make a lot of difference in adding illusion of height or space to a bedroom.

5. Functional Work Space

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Time flies so fast that in a few moons, your little tot may well be in preschool. One of the grooviest kid bedroom ideas for small rooms is a work table that doubles as a play table, reading nook or as a dressing table. Go for ones that provide ample space for storage without sacrificing artistic flair. Take this standing work table, for instance. It can double as a work-or-play dressing table, while the inside reading nook also holds space for books—or toys!

6. Let There Be Lights

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An often overlooked concept in designing children bedrooms, lighting actually holds an important aspect in creating a livable and multifunctional space. When choosing lighting and fixtures, it is imperative to remember these two—ambient and task lighting, and safety. Overhead fixtures, whether recessed or ceiling-mounted should lend a relaxing glow. Task lighting like scones and lamps, on one hand, must highlight specific activities like reading. In all these, lighting fixtures must always be inclined and far from children’s reach. If possible, go for ones which can rotate or bend to any direction allowing illumination where it’s needed.

Where Small Things Matter The Most

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A room with a theme can be truly astounding. But when you are short on cash and need to make do with what you have, adding your own decorative touches will make the whole set-up more relaxed and lived in. Children grow old (fast!) thus, it is virtually impractical to invest in girly tones or boyish cartoons. Go instead for cozy chairs and bean bags, repainted and refurbished furniture, self-made artwork, and all things snuggly comfy for cuddles and hugs. In the end, the best kid bedroom ideas for small rooms should not be expensive but rather fun, personal, and practical.

10 Relaxing and Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas For New Couples

New couples tend to spend a great deal of romantic time together in the comfort of their bedroom. From saying sweet nothings to each other and sharing their thoughts as they build their dream castles in the sky, this is the place where they can uninhibitedly and unabashedly share their sensuality with each other. As newlyweds, the need to adjust to each other’s quirkiness is imminent. With this in mind, choosing the right bedroom décor ideas for new couples must be carefully thought of.

To begin your journey to forever, here are 10 relaxing yet romance-filled bedroom décor ideas.

1. Paint It Love

Warm up your walls with colors that bring in warmth to the senses. Red, by the way, is off the list as it is known to be a libido killer. Go for caramel hues or topaz. White or mint green also lends a sense of serenity.

2. Canopy

The bed will be the focal point of your bedroom. While many prefer simplistic bed frames complemented with an elaborate headboard, a canopy adds so much charm to the whole room. Canopies usually add an extra layer of protection from the harshness of light in a room. It can wrap both of you in a magical and plush embrace lending an impression of safety, privacy and utmost intimacy.

3. Candle Lit Desire

One of the most relaxing yet romantic bedroom décor ideas for new couples which you can do on your own, is by adding a candle shelf. This idea also infuses a certain form of elegance especially during a night of romance. You can turn off the lights as well as the lamps and let the soft glow of candles keep your warm and bathed in an amorous ambiance.

4. Mood Lighting

While candles may bring the ultimate romance, mood lighting also delivers a sense of passion into a bedroom. The idea is to generate a soft glow all throughout the room instead of the usual chandelier or twin bedside lamps. Recessed lights with a controllable dimmer will definitely create a stunning view. If you prefer lamps, however, try to paint the inside of those lighting instruments a pale pink to give both of you a rosy glow.

5. Add Scent

Don’t miss out on aromatherapy. Infuse the common scents you and your partner love by installing a diffuser. Choose sensual scents like sandalwood or vanilla, jasmine and ylang-ylang. Take this romantic diffuser from Lagute. All you need to do is place a few drops of essential oil for fresh air to come floating out, lulling your olfactories. Say goodbye to discomfort and say hello to calm bonding moments.

6.Sheer Curtains

While your focus may be on the bed itself, don’t forget to complement it more with romantic curtains. Sheer double-shirred fabrics are the in thing in curtains these days. Grecian valance also lend a soft elegance and luxurious look to make the room truly a lover’s den.

7. Pillow Talks

Apart from the 400 thread-count fitted sheets and plus comforters, investing in plush pillows that relax the head and neck, will also make a lot of difference. Be reminded that aside from the mattress, pillows lend that certain feeling of not being able to wait to relax and talk things over.

8. Artwork

Add a splash of artistry into your romantic haven. Go for art pieces that mimic both you and your partner’s stylish gist. If you may, see to it that the colors in a painting or the elements in sculptures complement that of the overall bedroom design scheme.

9. Surround Sound

Want to simply enjoy each other’s presence without uttering a single word? Try to infuse surround sound of a guzzling brook or the dazzling drop of a waterfall. Or perhaps, go for the relaxing waves of the shoreline or the soft chirping of a bird. White noise and meditative sound are also great ways to simply relax and enjoy each other’s presence. Truly, music is the language of the soul and what better way to enjoy that than by adding a sound machine with adaptive sound technology.

10. Touch of Zen

Wrap up the whole relaxed yet romantic feel with a Zen corner. Use aromatherapy candles, gem stones, and other elements that lend a sense of peace. Whisk plants on corners to make the room breathe in utter freshness.

Create a blissful sanctuary as you journey to forever. Let both of your personalities mesh together in rapturous joy as you perfectly blend design, style and functionality into your new bedroom. With these bedroom décor ideas for new couples, you are certainly off to the land where happily-ever-after never ends.

7 Budget-Friendly Toddler Bedroom Decor Ideas

Toddlers can be quite a handful. While the main contention is to provide them a safe place to freely move around, it is also imperative to keep things attractive and engaging. To give you an idea, here are budget-friendly toddler bedroom décor ideas to jumpstart your revamp project.

1. One of the easiest and least expensive ways of redecorating a toddler’s bedroom is to repaint. Paint the walls, ceiling, and window frames. Choose paint colors that tend to hide dirt or imperfections. Toddlers are fond of doodling everywhere, making walls one of the most highly trafficked areas in a home. Go for these palettes: red, orange, brown or yellow for extra warmth. For cooler hues, blue, violet, and green will make good choices. Feel free to add writing boards to freely allow them to scribble on walls.

2. Choose high quality yet versatile furniture, the ones you can touch up over the years. You need to understand that tables, chairs and beds can be scraped, scratched, and colored. Doodles and stains are a normal occurrence in a toddler’s bedroom. Thus, when buying furniture consider these aspects carefully. For instance, go for a bed with removable safety bars and trundle. Also make sure they are made of materials which can be repainted. The trundle is great for sleepovers or for extra storage. Miniature chairs and tables also allow them to explore learning and make great training for meal time.

3. Toddlers are constantly on the floor. Instead of looking for pricey new floorings and accents, go for area rugs. Studies have proven that interactive area rugs expose toddlers to a more eclectic or artistic environment, allowing them to grow smarter and become more skilled. Choose area rugs that are not only visually appealing but also stimulating to their senses. Also, interactive or educational area rugs are quite aplenty nowadays. They are designed to stir a young child's imagination.

4. Add a “busy board”. Children at this age have so much energy and they tend to focus on discovering new things and adventures. Learning something new is simply part of their daily activities. Any do-it-yourself Dad or arts and crafts Mom can set this up. Use basic letters, numbers and shapes to begin their journey. Then, slowly introduce new things as they age.

5. Choose cozy and artistic lighting for your toddler’s bedroom. When choosing overhead lighting, always keep the future in mind. Go for simple LEDs that are appropriate for a wide age range. Design a lighting plan that will continue to be compatible with any child’s tastes as he or she matures. Spruce up table or floor lamps though. Go for artistic ones to stimulate learning.

6. Keep things clean and organize by placing a window seat which doubles as a storage or reading area. Storage is one of the most crucial toddler bedroom décor ideas, as these little ones seem to not be able to get enough of toys, crayons, or books. Be reminded that a window seat will help point the bedroom’s play zone.

7. Inspire creativity by accessorizing wisely. Place a height chart, a portable easel, a shadowbox, and so on. Don’t invest so much on cartoons or TV characters. Fads easily come and go, as well as kids’ penchant for them.

Children from 2 years onwards are at a point of discovering their personality. They subconsciously absorb everything that they see in their surroundings. You would not want a room that restricts their freedom to express themselves or a space which they easily outgrow. With these toddler bedroom décor ideas, you can guarantee raising a precocious yet well-grounded and emotionally balanced child and one that will easily transition them from childhood and beyond. Now, off you go furniture and décor hunting!