How To Decorate A Bathroom In An Apartment Without Breaking The Bank

Now that you’ve gotten the keys, your excitement over decorating your new apartment may titillate the mind. You can start thinking about gorgeous tiles, amazing faucets, antique vanities, cool showers, all without spending so much! But while you may find yourself disappointed at first after checking in, you can turn a seemingly dreary apartment bathroom from worst to best, without breaking the bank. To get you started, here is some advice on how to decorate a bathroom in an apartment without a hitch.

1. Get magical with recessed lighting and paint. Paint is the antidote to anything hideous without putting a big dent in your money bag. That is, if your landlord allows it though. Repainting a small apartment bathroom with light hues can make the room appear larger, airier, and perfect for relaxation. You can paint the bottom portion white and top it with a cool pastel color. Enhance this dual color scheme with dimmable LED recessed lighting and voila! You got a fresher, more intimate bathroom to retreat to when the going gets tough.

LEDPAX Technology LED Ultra Slim 4″ Dimmable Recessed Ceiling Down Light


2. Try out “stick-ons”. When a repaint gets a big no-no from your landlord though, fret-not, a more economical route is laid out for you. You can try out self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper, that stands up to moisture as well as condensation in bathrooms. This vetro aqua TicTac Tiles Premium Anti-mold Peel-and-Stick Wall Tile is so chic and classy, but doesn’t cost as much. Plain colored self-adhesive vinyls come in various designs and styles which you can also use in updating a vanity or a cabinet.

Tic Tac Tiles – Premium Anti-mold Peel and Stick Wall Tile


3. Put new meaning to vain in your personal vanity. Don’t wallow in disgust over a wall-mounted sink or an old cabinet that shows some signs of surrender from battles with previous tenants. You can swap it with a portable vanity. Amazon has a number of affordable ones (click HERE). Or perhaps, a roll of self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper may also do the trick.

4. Dress up your floor. Can’t stand the mess of a repaint? Don’t have time to caulk bathroom tiles that have slowly shown signs of ruin from years of foot traffic from tenant to tenant? Rugs, rubber floor tiles, and water-resistant vinyl floor cloth are your silver bullets to beating that ugly bathroom floor. If you are dreaming of Mediterranean ceramic style tiles, this hot trend can actually be yours for half the price–and without having to seek out approval from the landlord above.

AmazingWall Mediterranean Style Tiles Floor


Get mirrored! Adding a window can sometimes be tough when living in an apartment. There are, however, various design tricks which can make your bathroom brighter, lighter and more spacious. You can add mirrors and other reflective surfaces such as lighted vanities or medicine cabinets. A lighted mirror like the Hamilton Hills Lighted LED Frameless Backlit Wall Mirror

creates a dramatic effect while adding more illumination to a dreary bathroom.


Hamilton Hills Lighted LED Frameless Backlit Wall Mirror


6. Breathe life. Living in an apartment in the city can be tough. Aside from poor air quality, stressors will unceasingly prick on your system. A bathroom is a haven for relaxation and you can do some things to breathe new life into it, by simply adding a few house plants. Not only will these plants improve air quality, but they also help brighten a space with added color, texture and life.


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7. Create storage. Need more space for your personal stuff in the bathroom? Then, by all means add a mini-cabinet or add shelving to one. You may also make good use of those walls and corners for storing supplies and toiletries. As always, extra storage in your bathroom can go a long way. There’s always that cheap, yet chic IKEA hack you can learn from anyway.

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8. Add work of art. Draw the eye upward to create an illusion of a bigger space by placing artwork on your bathroom walls. You can use it as a focal point or as a means to cover up something ugly on a wall. The bathroom quotes and sayings below, make an interesting addition and also add more oomph to your apartment bathroom decorating.

Bathroom Quotes and Sayings Art Prints


9. Lights! Regardless of size, shape and design, bathrooms must always feel airy and bright. This makes bathroom lighting choice a crucial aspect in decorating. When installing one, choose one that fully illuminates a space without being too overpowering. Go for lighted mirrors and medicine cabinets, or simply add flush mount ceiling light fixtures for a more modern take on keeping your bathroom well-lit.

10. The devil is always in the details. Spruce up a bathroom by injecting your personal style in every corner. A floral shower curtain, color-coordinated towels, slippers and robes, his-and-hers toothbrush holders, stainless-steel shower rack, an ottoman, a magazine rack, a rolling cart to hold your stuff, and so on– all these small details can make a big difference to adding more cheer to an apartment bathroom.


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Overall, knowing how to decorate bathroom in apartment is all about embracing the space as yours. Let your personality shine through in every detail and decorate to your heart’s content. With just a few tweaks here and there, you can finally create a bathroom that’s entirely “you” without breaking the bank.


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