7 Ways To Make Small Bathroom Vanities Work For Your Space

No matter how challenging your space, finding small bathroom vanities to match your current interior design must be carefully considered. An essential decorating element in bathrooms regardless of space, a vanity maintains its purpose of holding the sink, cosmetic items, cleaning supplies, and other important items needed in the bathroom. Just like icing to a cake, a bathroom vanity has to be chosen in such a way that it does not only blend in with the interior, but also adds more function to the space. When planning for that much-needed overhaul, here are small bathroom vanity ideas to get you started.

1. Open Storage

Make good use of every square meter/footage in your bathroom by installing a vanity that offers extra inches of storage. Open storage makes the whole space seem a bit larger. Here you can store towels, cleaning materials, and other stuffs for daily use. Choose an open unit with an open shelf for a storage basket and a built-in towel bar.

2. Dramatic Flair

Nobody puts “Baby” in the corner or so the popular adage said. Small bathroom vanities may seem like nothing but outfitting a tailor-made vanity, complete with dramatic add-ons will definitely add some charisma to a seemingly tight space. Think of attention-grabbing towel hooks, toothbrush holders, and an out-of-this-world mirror. These add personality while not taking up much of the space.

3. Go Built-In!

When short on budget, make good use of the one side of your bathroom walls by turning it into a built-in storage space. Use an old table and paint it with a solid complimentary color to the space while adding much-needed space below. Add a small floating shelf to hold toiletries. If there’s still available space, try to use the remaining space by turning them into bookshelf-like storage for towels and other decorative elements.

4. Floating Double

Why not make your bathroom vanity float? A floating vanity gives an illusion of more space and breadth with its continuous or uninterrupted design. Find a vanity that “floats” but also has a small nook to hold the essentials. Add large mirrors above it to reflect light and space. The idea is to trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than its actual size.

5. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

A mirror is always considered the best accent to small bathroom vanities. Mirrors bounce light around a room, making it visually expansive. Choose a detached cabinet with mirrored doors or a vanity bundled with a mirror. Make sure there’s enough room down there for storing linens and other bathroom stuff.

6. Creative Shapes

Got a unique bathroom space shape? Why not add vanities with equally unique design? Take this beer or wine keg turned into a vanity as a great example. Petite round shapes take up less square footage and add a sense of elegance to the whole space. L-shape vanities also help maximize floor space.

7. Corner Power

If the bathroom has super limited space, take advantage of its corner space. Aside from making good use of seemingly unimportant square footage, it also gives you the added option of opening storage on both walls.

When contemplating a bathroom makeover, small bathroom vanities can truly add a whole lot of difference to a limited space. Look for ones that add function to the whole space. Simply add decorative elements to finally deliver a small bathroom that harmoniously combines function and style.

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