7 Beach Themed Bathroom Ideas For High Rise Living

Fancy launching a bathroom remodeling project in your condo? Why not bring the coolness of the sun, sand and the sea with you? Living in a high rise in a busy metropolis should not deter your love for the crisp and laidback ambiance of the sea. Create a bathroom that exudes shoreline elegance without spending so much. A simple touch on the floor, wall, windows, and little knick-knacks, is all it takes to create an ambiance that will keep you lounging for hours in the comfort of your bathroom. To kickstart your remodeling prowess, here are some of the most inexpensive beach themed bathroom ideas for high rise living.

1. Color Me Blue

Repainting walls is one way to make a drab-looking condo bathroom feel like new without spending too much. When choosing paint colors, think of the casual tropical feel of the Caribbean. Think aquamarine blue sea, white corrals, glaring sun and powdery sand. Paint the walls with the blue hues of the rolling ocean and the floors the colors of the sandy beach. Who says you can’t make a coastal getaway beach style bathroom, even when living on the 30th floor?

2. Burst of Color

If you need more than the usual sartorial elegance of blue then, make your bathroom burst with color! Think of pink flamingos, pastel bikinis and surfer dug outs. Spain’s beaches are awash with the wonder-rific hues of flamingos in their glorious bright pink feathers. Add a dash of tangerine orange, red, green, and even yellow. Glue seashells collected from the shore on your wall and make use of a surf board’s faded wood as part of your sink. Truly, you can create a fun beach bathroom or a surfing shack in the midst of the city.

3. Go For The Wall

Some kids have a knack for fish and other sea creatures. Can’t go to the beach? Why not bring the beach into your 30 degree weather abode? One of the most amazing beach themed bathroom ideas is to paint your kid’s bathroom wall with a mural of sea creatures. You can hire an artist to do it for you, buy a beach style design for walls, buy water-resistant wallpaper, or do it yourself. Yes, a wall mural can be any design you want. From fish to seashells, shorelines, sand dunes, or the depths of the sea, each stroke can evoke a memory of a vacation knocking at your heart.

4. Nautical Floors

If your bathroom stuff is almost perfect but you feel like adding a beach-like sensation to it, creating pebble flooring is the way to go. Simply buy sheet-mounted flooring material in pebbles design, from a tile warehouse. You can choose muted colors of brown, grey and green stones or go for white sheet-mounted ones reminiscent of a shoreline during low tide. If you want an over-the-top floor bathroom remodel then, go for natural stone.

5. Beach Art

Another hassle-free inexpensive beach themed bathroom idea is by creating a focal point. Add a visual interest in a seemingly plain bathroom. When you have the city’s panoramic view right off your bathroom window, simply add an eye-catching beach themed wall art like this turtle artwork. This adds flair to a bathroom without spending a lot.

6. Beach-y Windows

Living in a condo can sometimes have a lot of restrictions when it comes to bathroom remodeling. So why not go for simple window treatments. If there’s one thing that’s never missing in a high rise abode, it is the cornucopia of windows. Create your own sea-inspired curtain by decorating a net with star fish and seashells. Reprocess a wine bottle or an old glass vase and decorate it on the windowsill. If your bathroom is enclosed and has no windows, create one with a nautical inspired look.

7. Funky Lights

Again, high rise condominiums may leave you with an awful lot of restrictions when it comes to bathroom remodels. For simplistic efforts, one of the easiest beach themed bathroom ideas to update your space’s new look is to add a beach-inspired lighting fixture. Take this octopus drop chandelier. The wrought iron design and mesmerizing drop lights can uplift an all-white bathroom, giving out a relaxing glow reminiscent of the sea at dusk.

Indeed, there is so much that you can do to upgrade the look of your high rise bathroom or bathrooms. Bring the sea in your condo by creating any of these beach themed bathroom ideas. Let your mental prowess run wild with imagination to truly enjoy a relaxing space that brings in an illusion of the sun, sea and sand.

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