7 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas You Must Check

Fancy remodeling your bathroom? The bathroom is the home’s haven for solitude and relaxation. It is a space that allows time to stop idly. While the overall ambiance of the bathroom must be considered, the walls ultimately deliver the first impression. So, when thinking of creating a new feel to your bathroom, it is essential to consider various bathroom wall décor ideas that go beyond the usual medicine cabinet-cum-personal hygiene stuff, storage. To evoke a soothingly calm and cozy bathroom environment, here are some ways how:

1. One of the most important bathroom wall décor ideas revolve around the overall covering of your bathroom walls. Whether you use paint, wallpaper, tiles or glass blocks, this will become the backdrop of the overall theme of the bathroom as well as the mood you want to create. Mosaic tiles, like the one below, are becoming a trend these days but can be quite expensive. Others prefer repainting and then, adding waterproof decals to add sass to the space.

2. Consider hanging mirrors or a single framed mirror. If possible, try to place it adjacent to a window to reflect light. This is quite useful for small-sized bathrooms, as mirrors help give a more spacious feel. Add light on top to add more luminosity particularly when applying powder or makeup.

3. Like the living room, a focal point must be placed in your bathroom space. A wall art like a painting, framed photos or artwork, 3D sculptures, hand-painted tiles, and so on, can help add a certain degree of sophistication to the whole bathroom feel. Do remember that your wall art must compliment the mirror within. If the mirror is without frame then, so shall the wall art.

4. Make good use of your bathroom corners to add both storage and decorative appeal to the theme in mind. Wall-mounted glass corner shelves can be installed near the shower stall, to help organize shampoo, hair conditioner, bath gels, and so on. Metal or water-resistant wood corner shelves also add more charm to the overall bathroom design.

5. Add more sense of functionality to your bathroom wall by placing decorative storage shelves. Place linens, towels, hygiene kits, and other bath and leisure items. The in-wall storage below, for instance, makes good use of the available space within a bathroom’s wall to deliver a softer hassle-free feel to the entire space.

6. Lighting is a crucial aspect in a bathroom. To give your wall art or a mirror or perhaps, a built-in cabinet more charm, installing sconces will help brighten these spaces. Choose designs which perfectly compliment the overall theme of the bathroom. Many homes nowadays, use lightings with a dimmer to add drama to a bathroom.

7. What’s a bathroom without a towel rack? Save on space by installing a towel rack on the wall. Here’s a perfect DIY project using old wine bottles and fresh flowers, wrought iron towel holders, and salvaged barn wood. This adds a note of nostalgia to the whole bathroom appeal. Do remember that when choosing a towel rack, do make sure that it complements all other rods and fixtures in the bathroom.

There is no limit to the number of bathroom wall décor ideas to make this relaxing space truly astounding. Keep in mind that when choosing materials, go for water-resistant items like plastic, porcelain, tiles, glass, or sealed wood. Stainless steel is also a common choice these days. You may also want to keep the whole space uncluttered and clean with just a few knick-knacks. Do remember that this space is for you to experience utmost relaxation, when thinking of a theme.

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