10 Spot-On Tips for Selecting Bathroom Floor Tiles

Revamping an old bathroom can be made even better by replacing old mildewy tiles. When it comes to adding personality to a bathroom, the floor, walls, and sink tiles play a huge role in channeling the warmth and charm of your home. Selecting the right bathroom tiles however, can be a tad overwhelming. Apart from the huge selection, picking the wrong ones can make it odd, untidy or too small. So, what to do?

To give you an idea, here are ten tips for selecting bathroom tiles.

1. Visualize
Before you embark on a full-force tile-shopping escapade, it is imperative that you plan accordingly. Sit back and cool those heels for a little bit. Take pictures of your current bathroom and start from there. The photos will help you get the “big picture” and will make it easier for the Home Depot people to give you objective points, should you ask for them.

2. Research Extensively

Aside from taking pictures, consider digging your little fingers into your computer to check for the varieties of tiles available nowadays. From ceramic to glass, mosaic, porcelain, marble, granite, slate, quarry, and so on, it helps to know that you come with handy information so you won’t be easily duped into buying pricey types that won’t work with your budget or with your design in mind.

Take note ceramic tiles are easy to install and repair. Natural stone ones, though gorgeous, can break the bank. Glazed ceramic tiles are water resistant and less pricey, too.

3. Consider Size and Color

Consider Size and Color
When choosing bathroom tiles, it is important to take the bathroom space into consideration. This will gauge you on what size and color to choose. Spacious bathrooms usually require large tiles. Additionally, your choice of color combination can impact both look and feel of the whole bathroom tile design. One of the most important tips for selecting bathroom tiles is to look for harmonious colors which also address both the space and design in mind.

4. Texture Counts

It is virtually impossible to have the same texture on all your bathroom tiles. Floor tiles, for instance, must not be slippery to prevent accidents. Walls should have smoother and water-resistant surface to repel water and prevent mold growth. Both floor and countertop tiles must also be made of durable material as they are the most “trafficked” spaces.

5. Pick a Focal Point

Now that you’re ready to take your pick, consider picking a “must-have” tile. Armed with your picture, decide where you wish to place the bathroom’s focal point. Let that be the point of origin on all things concerning look, feel and flow of energy in your bathroom. Many choose the bathroom sink or the shower wall as focal point in a bathroom.

6. Harmonize Overall Design

Taking from your “must-have” tile, choose floor, wall or surrounding, sink and accent tiles accordingly. See to it that colors don’t clash. Grey, coral, black and white, earth colors, and soft greens and blue tones are the usual tile picks.  However, if you feel like being unique and creative, a mural-like or an abstract bathroom will do just fine. Break the rules if you feel like it. Your bathroom, your rules.

7. Place a Show-Stopper

Place a Show-Stopper
If you really want to show off without butchering the bathroom’s overall feel, stick to at least one “show stopper”. This will deliver a timeless and WOW factor. Think about this all-white bathroom. The textured sea green tile on top adds more personality to its entirety.  

8. That Custom Look

 Want a full show-stopper bathroom? One of the best tips for selecting bathroom tiles is to create a custom look. Mix and match different designs and styles. Deck out subway tiles on the wall. Add glass mosaic as borders. For the shower, go for glazed ceramic mixed with slate tiles. You are the artist and the bathroom is your canvas.

9. Consider Maintenance
Of course, your bathroom won’t clean on its own. It is therefore, imperative for you to take maintenance into mind. Though porcelain and ceramic tiles are labeled “maintenance-free”, you would still need to wipe and do some scrubbing every now and then. Do take note that natural stone may look uber lovely, but will require more maintenance and need to be sealed carefully. When sealing, use water-resistant grout to extend life expectancy of the tiles.

10. Plans to Sell

Plans to Sell
Now, if your plan to revamp is due to an impending sale, it would be a lot wiser if you choose bathroom tiles that will appeal to all sorts of prospective buyers. An abstract bathroom that caters to your taste may not be as attractive to others. Go for neutral hues that lend a brand new feel instead.

Revamping an old bathroom is a huge home improvement project. Before you jump into the whole thing, consider checking how much you can afford to spend. As soon as you have a budget, take note of the aforementioned spot-on tips for selecting bathroom tiles to guide you on what to do best.

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