10 Kids Bathroom Décor Ideas Every Mom Will Love

Bath time is always a challenge to growing kids. But when you are a Mom, a child’s hygiene is one important aspect that should never go out of touch. Finding a way to make a child anticipate an hour or two in the bathroom simply requires ingenuity. With your creative prowess, these 10 kids bathroom décor ideas will definitely make bath time more fun—and without denting the wallet, too.

1. Self-Made Art-On-The-Wall

Make every child’s bathroom hold meaning to their existence. Make them learn hygiene in the most creative way possible. Take this hand- and foot- prints wall art for example. Not only will this make the space more personal to your child, it also adds a sense of ingenuity in making them learn cleanliness each time they step into the bathroom.

2. Lego Bath Accessories

For little boys, adding LEGO accessories to a bathroom is heaven. Decorate your boy’s bathing space with this to give them a sense of enjoyment when lounging in a bath. These can be used as a mere decorative element in a room or as a play thing for little boys who seem to have a hard time keeping up with a bathing routine.

3. Flower Power

Wall murals are great ways to add more zeal to a bathroom. Floral mural design such as this one can add more sense of girly chic without requiring much work. Simply compliment with flowery curtains, rugs and wall decals—and your bathroom can be as good as new. For boys, go for cars, turtles, frogs, jungle animals, and other designs favored by your son. For gender neutral choices, go for fish, bubbles, and rubber ducks.

4. Easy-Reach Step Up Stool

Kids need to comb their hair or brush their teeth but, at some point, they will need to step on a mini-ladder or step-up stools just to do so. Save on space with this built-in step-up stool. You can customize an old cabinet drawer to achieve this.

5. Seashell Shower Spout

Give your kid’s shower a simple yet entertaining makeover. This seashell shower spot makes up every sea-loving child’s dream of being one with the ocean. You can simply buy a seashell and armed with your DIY skills, convert an erstwhile boring showerhead into an exciting one.

6. Character Mirror

Mirrors play a central theme in most bathroom spaces. Not only are mirrors practical and useful for daily use, they also give an illusion of a much bigger space and can add charm to a dreary area. When choosing a kid’s mirror, go for funky designs like this Mickey Mouse head creation. There are various cool art pieces nowadays that will surely fit your current bathroom design.

7. Fun Towel Hooks

Bathrooms are never without towels. This is even more needed in a kid’s bathroom wherein towels can easily be left behind on unsanitary places like floors and toilet bowls. With fun towel hooks, your kids may also learn the most basic of housekeeping rules in the bathroom.

8. Colorful Cabinetry

Compliment a newly painted wall with colorful kid-friendly cabinets. Attractive cabinetry is one of the most adorable kids bathroom décor ideas as it provides a practical storage solution and adds cheer to a space. Feel free to customize the sink with handpainted murals of the bathroom’s theme.

9. Mason Jars for Storage

Got some old mason jars lying around? Unleash your DIY Mommy Superskills and turn it into exciting storage. From toothbrush to toothpaste, cotton balls and buds, these jars truly make one vintage chic bathroom shine.

10. Colorful Curtains and Rugs

Add a dash of color and charm by adding a vibrant shower curtain complimented with an equally lively rug. This fish ensemble will make little tots, regardless of gender, giggle with amusement as they prepare to swim with the fishes, literally speaking.

Often, it takes only a few minor changes in a bathroom to make it a kid-friendly space. An added splash of color here and there will generate a refreshing new design that kids will surely love. With these 10 kids bathroom décor ideas, your kids may never have to say no to bath time ever again.

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