Cool Kid’s Bathroom Decor And Accessories For Less


Many kids are literally litter bugs. The most unfortunate thing though, is that they tend to hate bath time, too. Oh well, like some adults, the idea of getting wet and scrubbed clean just simply makes them loathe bathroom trips in the same way your furry friend does. So why not make the entire experience fun? Aside from creating a functional place to teach kids the importance of hygiene, making good use of kid’s bathroom decor and accessories will definitely get your message across.

The key to exciting bathroom trips for little tots, is to find a theme that suits their liking. You can follow their own imagination and go down to their level of fun. Take this Under The Sea bathroom decorating and accessorizing idea, for instance:


1. Accessorize your wall with a stick-on decal that encapsulates the bathroom’s overall theme. This one features an under the sea non-toxic PVC wall decal, that can be easily applied to any flat surface in the bathroom. It’s water-resistant, self-adhesive and can be removed without leaving any sort of residue, it will ignite your child’s senses the moment they step into the space.

2. Add a shower curtain. If your bathroom is space-challenged and has a bath tub, shower and toilet, create a fun division that encapsulates the theme. Here, under the sea creatures printed on a shower curtain, adds a sense of stylish privacy to the space. Choose one that doesn’t easily accumulate mold or mildew or one that’s soap scum resistant.

Kids Shower Curtain by Ambesonne


3. Zero in on the usual bathroom slips and falls, with a non-slip bath mat. Make safety a priority in your child’s bathroom. Cases of bathroom slips are quite common leaving injuries or worse, fatalities. While safety is important, consider also using a non-skid bath mat that captures the overall theme and has antibacterial-mildew-resistant qualities, too.

Kepler Non-slip Baby Bath Mat


4. Make toothbrushing appealing to your kid. Another challenge that most parents experience is to teach oral hygiene to these little ones. Why not add a decorative slosh into your bathroom with a fun toothbrush-toothpaste holder? Still, remember to choose bathroom accessories that adhere to your specified theme.

Mainstay Somethings Fishy Toothbrush Holder


5. Throw in a rug. At some point, a child has to towel off or take a short break while in the bath. Keep their feet from getting wet and risk slipping on tiled floors. With a rug, one can keep them dry, preventing untoward accidents from happening.

6. Inject fun into every bath time. Kids love to linger in bath tubs, playing with bubbles and their floaters. Add more fun to the whole decorative element by dressing up a bath spout. This blue whale definitely didn’t miss the mark.

Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover


7. Add personality to your kid’s bathroom. Even the littlest of things can count a lot to create a safe and functional yet stylish bathroom space. Think about this Creative Bath tissue holder (below), waste basket and hand soap holder. Don’t you just love their creative sense of fun and perfection?

Creative Bath Tissue Holder

Creative Bath Waste Basket

Creative Bath Rainbow Fish soap holder

7. Don’t forget something to aid in de-cluttering a kid’s bathroom. Forget the pail type toy organizers. This bathroom toy organizer can be easily hooked on your bathroom wall, right beside a bath tub. It makes bathroom de-cluttering sessions easy as a breeze.

Navy Penguin Bath Toy Organizer


Without a doubt, there are hundreds of kids bathroom decor and accessories out there. The bottom line is: always see things from your kids perspective and make fun a priority, without negating functionality and safety. Try to pick stuff that is not only durable and germ-resistant, but also easier to maintain.



10 Plants That Survive Low Sunlight In Bathrooms

Busybodies going about their daily stressors often come home to relax in a luxuriant warm bath or perhaps, a cold shower for relief from a tumultuous day. And what better way to add visual attraction while clearing air toxins, than by adding plants that survive low sunlight in bathrooms.

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There are quite a number of low-maintenance plants that thrive in the moisture and away from direct sunlight. To get your bathroom plant-decorating genius going, here are highly recommended low-light thriving indoor plants to consider.

1. Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane)


The Dieffenbachia (referred commonly as Dumb Cane) is one fascinating foliage with high tolerance for indoor conditions. With leaves variegated in dark green on the fringes and cream at the center, it also produces a bloom reminiscent of calla lilies upon maturity. Do take note to water only when the pot’s soil is dry to the touch and apply fertilizer regularly. Leaves can also attract dust and dirt so clean it regularly with a wet wipes or a damp cloth.


2. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ Plant)


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The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (or commonly referred to as ZZ Plant) is a tropical perennial variety. It showcases ramrod upright growing stems complimented with glossy foliage that emerges painstakingly slow from a swollen base. While ZZ plants thrive indoors, make sure to have it receive reflected light and water only when the soil turns dry.

3. Aloe Vera


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Turn your bathroom into a healing spa with pots of Aloe Vera. The “First Aid Plant”, it is both decorative and medicinal in nature, and quite terrific to be grown indoors and outdoors. Aside from treating minor burns, sunburns, and insect bites, as well as an ingredient in skin lotion, shampoos, and cosmetics, aloe vera can also be applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Simply place it near a bathroom window and let it thrive. Basically, it doesn’t need that much water!


4. Aspidistra Elatior (Cast-Iron Plant)

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Often seen in shade-loving plants category, the Aspidistra Elatior (or Cast-Iron Plant) is one of the strongest and most carefree of all indoor houseplants. It can literally thrive even with minimal care so long as the potted soil is kept moist. Its large and glossy dark-green leaves, however, can easily accumulate dust and dirt so make sure to wipe them clean every now and then.


5. Sansevieria

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The Sansevieria is known as snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue. Highly resistant to drought and low sunlight conditions, it can thrive even in the least fertile of soils.It is also not attractive to pests and diseases. Sansevieria, however, can easily drown to over-watering as its leaves retain water. So, keep it low and water only when the soil feels dry.

6. Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid)

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Add a little burst of color to your bathroom by hanging a Phalaenopsis (or Moth Orchid) or placing potted ones on the corner of your bathroom sink. This orchid loathes direct sunlight so make sure to keep it off the windowsill. Water it also once in every 10 days or when the planter is dry. For seamless decorating, set it in a plastic nursery pot before encasing in a decorative planter. When watering time comes, simply take out the plastic pot into the sink and voila!

7. Bamboo


Source :


Another popular plant that can survive low sunlight in bathrooms is Bamboo. You can choose the large versions which can be placed on a corner of the bathroom away from direct sunlight or those short ones aptly called lucky bamboo, which can be propped up on your sink. Simply fill its container with pebbles and water (to be changed every month)– and voila! Keep in mind to trim your bathroom bamboo regularly or place it with a barrier, like a shelf to prevent overgrowth.


8. Begonia

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Make your bathroom sink snazzy with a pot of tuberous Begonias. This perennial flowering plant comes in various colors that can complement and add style to your bathroom. Do remember that while it can thrive even with fluorescent lighting, it requires regular misting.

9. Boston Fern

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There’s more to the Boston Fern than what meets the eye. Aside from adding visual attraction to a bathroom, it also acts as natural humidifier by absorbing air pollutants and unpleasant smells. Simply hang it on a North or East-facing window while keeping its soil moist. Apply misting on fronds regularly, too.


10. Epipremnum Aureus (Golden Pothos)


Source :

The Epipremnum Aureus comes with a lot of names– golden pothos, money plant, devil’s vine, and hunter’s robe. This climbing plant with its glossy heart-shaped bottle green leaves, is best to hang on a corner away from direct sunlight. They thrive in any kind of soil and may do, too, in water.


Source :


Without a doubt, your bathroom deserves to be furnished with the healing energies of plants to make it more relaxing. Plants do not just offer visual attraction or complement to a design. Rather, it allows you to bring a sense of nature from the outside environment into your home. While there are more plants that survive low sunlight in bathroom out there, busy people such as yourself, must find the best ones that can thrive with minimal care and attention.


Serenely Relaxing Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

There is nothing more satisfying than going home to soak your tired body in a warm bath. You can simply run warm water into a bath tub then, put a few drops of lavender essential oil and get lost in a few hours of oblivion while listening to Enya. Indeed, when it comes to cleansing the body and relaxing the mind, a bathroom provides a serene space for everyone to relish anytime of the day. To evoke such calmness, using relaxing bathroom wall décor ideas will make it truly a place of solace.

First Things First

When it comes to calm and relaxing bathrooms, it is essential to choose a central theme and start working from there. The beach is one of the most relaxing places to emulate. While you may be living in a high rise building or a secluded suburban home, you can turn your bathroom space into a serene and relaxing private sanctuary inspired by the color, texture and elements of the sea.

Here are some ways to create one with ocean-themed bathroom wall décor ideas:

1. Paint the walls in relaxing powder blue, light turquoise, or stark white with ocean water color as accent. Sandy fawn hues also make an awesome option. Your bathroom walls’ paint color will ultimately set the tone of the whole room. These bathroom wall décor ideas will ensure a harmonious fusion of design and style.

2. A mirror is basically a must-have in bathrooms, no matter the design or theme. It is a functional piece of décor that welcomes natural light into the space. To emulate an ocean-themed design, hanging a seashell decorative mirror over a sink or vanity, facing a window, will add some swag to the space. Mirrors also exude an illusion of a larger space.

3. Create a focal point. Hanging a piece of artwork will make a great addition. Do remember to coordinate that of your mirror’s style. If it is framed with seashells, make sure the artwork is also framed. An artwork that also features the sea, sand or waves will help deliver your bathroom wall décor ideas’ sense of focus.

4. To add some sort of privacy to a bathroom, a patterned shower curtain will do. Shower curtains will help give a bath area some sense of solitude or discretion. Like a space that holds all your secret thoughts, an elegant shower curtain that complements the wall paint and other decorative ideas in the room, can be hanged from seashell-designed hooks.

5. Create an accent on your wall with ocean-inspired tiles. Painting the other areas of a bathroom may help ease your budget, but never scrimp on areas where water easily seeps into paint. Tiles are easier to maintain and add a more dramatic flair.

6. Add more details to your serenely relaxing ocean-themed bathroom wall décor ideas with knick-knacks here and there. Seashell-embroidered towels hanging on hook-like wall racks, fisherman’s nets hanging from nails with decorative starfish and seashells. Stuff a clear glass container with sand and seashells, and nestle a white aromatic candle at the center.

7. Don’t forget to ensconce a phone rack on your bathroom wall, too. You can simply tune in to your favorite Spotify channel and listen to relaxing music.

Indeed, there are 101 bathroom wall décor ideas to create a serenely relaxing ocean-themed design. If your bathroom simply has a medicine cabinet as its sole occupant, it is time to give those walls a facelift. Let these ideas pique your creative mindset to finally find pieces that evoke the calm serenity of the sea—even when in the middle of a bustling city.

7 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas You Must Check

Fancy remodeling your bathroom? The bathroom is the home’s haven for solitude and relaxation. It is a space that allows time to stop idly. While the overall ambiance of the bathroom must be considered, the walls ultimately deliver the first impression. So, when thinking of creating a new feel to your bathroom, it is essential to consider various bathroom wall décor ideas that go beyond the usual medicine cabinet-cum-personal hygiene stuff, storage. To evoke a soothingly calm and cozy bathroom environment, here are some ways how:

1. One of the most important bathroom wall décor ideas revolve around the overall covering of your bathroom walls. Whether you use paint, wallpaper, tiles or glass blocks, this will become the backdrop of the overall theme of the bathroom as well as the mood you want to create. Mosaic tiles, like the one below, are becoming a trend these days but can be quite expensive. Others prefer repainting and then, adding waterproof decals to add sass to the space.

2. Consider hanging mirrors or a single framed mirror. If possible, try to place it adjacent to a window to reflect light. This is quite useful for small-sized bathrooms, as mirrors help give a more spacious feel. Add light on top to add more luminosity particularly when applying powder or makeup.

3. Like the living room, a focal point must be placed in your bathroom space. A wall art like a painting, framed photos or artwork, 3D sculptures, hand-painted tiles, and so on, can help add a certain degree of sophistication to the whole bathroom feel. Do remember that your wall art must compliment the mirror within. If the mirror is without frame then, so shall the wall art.

4. Make good use of your bathroom corners to add both storage and decorative appeal to the theme in mind. Wall-mounted glass corner shelves can be installed near the shower stall, to help organize shampoo, hair conditioner, bath gels, and so on. Metal or water-resistant wood corner shelves also add more charm to the overall bathroom design.

5. Add more sense of functionality to your bathroom wall by placing decorative storage shelves. Place linens, towels, hygiene kits, and other bath and leisure items. The in-wall storage below, for instance, makes good use of the available space within a bathroom’s wall to deliver a softer hassle-free feel to the entire space.

6. Lighting is a crucial aspect in a bathroom. To give your wall art or a mirror or perhaps, a built-in cabinet more charm, installing sconces will help brighten these spaces. Choose designs which perfectly compliment the overall theme of the bathroom. Many homes nowadays, use lightings with a dimmer to add drama to a bathroom.

7. What’s a bathroom without a towel rack? Save on space by installing a towel rack on the wall. Here’s a perfect DIY project using old wine bottles and fresh flowers, wrought iron towel holders, and salvaged barn wood. This adds a note of nostalgia to the whole bathroom appeal. Do remember that when choosing a towel rack, do make sure that it complements all other rods and fixtures in the bathroom.

There is no limit to the number of bathroom wall décor ideas to make this relaxing space truly astounding. Keep in mind that when choosing materials, go for water-resistant items like plastic, porcelain, tiles, glass, or sealed wood. Stainless steel is also a common choice these days. You may also want to keep the whole space uncluttered and clean with just a few knick-knacks. Do remember that this space is for you to experience utmost relaxation, when thinking of a theme.

7 Ways To Make Small Bathroom Vanities Work For Your Space

No matter how challenging your space, finding small bathroom vanities to match your current interior design must be carefully considered. An essential decorating element in bathrooms regardless of space, a vanity maintains its purpose of holding the sink, cosmetic items, cleaning supplies, and other important items needed in the bathroom. Just like icing to a cake, a bathroom vanity has to be chosen in such a way that it does not only blend in with the interior, but also adds more function to the space. When planning for that much-needed overhaul, here are small bathroom vanity ideas to get you started.

1. Open Storage

Make good use of every square meter/footage in your bathroom by installing a vanity that offers extra inches of storage. Open storage makes the whole space seem a bit larger. Here you can store towels, cleaning materials, and other stuffs for daily use. Choose an open unit with an open shelf for a storage basket and a built-in towel bar.

2. Dramatic Flair

Nobody puts “Baby” in the corner or so the popular adage said. Small bathroom vanities may seem like nothing but outfitting a tailor-made vanity, complete with dramatic add-ons will definitely add some charisma to a seemingly tight space. Think of attention-grabbing towel hooks, toothbrush holders, and an out-of-this-world mirror. These add personality while not taking up much of the space.

3. Go Built-In!

When short on budget, make good use of the one side of your bathroom walls by turning it into a built-in storage space. Use an old table and paint it with a solid complimentary color to the space while adding much-needed space below. Add a small floating shelf to hold toiletries. If there’s still available space, try to use the remaining space by turning them into bookshelf-like storage for towels and other decorative elements.

4. Floating Double

Why not make your bathroom vanity float? A floating vanity gives an illusion of more space and breadth with its continuous or uninterrupted design. Find a vanity that “floats” but also has a small nook to hold the essentials. Add large mirrors above it to reflect light and space. The idea is to trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than its actual size.

5. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

A mirror is always considered the best accent to small bathroom vanities. Mirrors bounce light around a room, making it visually expansive. Choose a detached cabinet with mirrored doors or a vanity bundled with a mirror. Make sure there’s enough room down there for storing linens and other bathroom stuff.

6. Creative Shapes

Got a unique bathroom space shape? Why not add vanities with equally unique design? Take this beer or wine keg turned into a vanity as a great example. Petite round shapes take up less square footage and add a sense of elegance to the whole space. L-shape vanities also help maximize floor space.

7. Corner Power

If the bathroom has super limited space, take advantage of its corner space. Aside from making good use of seemingly unimportant square footage, it also gives you the added option of opening storage on both walls.

When contemplating a bathroom makeover, small bathroom vanities can truly add a whole lot of difference to a limited space. Look for ones that add function to the whole space. Simply add decorative elements to finally deliver a small bathroom that harmoniously combines function and style.