Serenely Relaxing Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

There is nothing more satisfying than going home to soak your tired body in a warm bath. You can simply run warm water into a bath tub then, put a few drops of lavender essential oil and get lost in a few hours of oblivion while listening to Enya. Indeed, when it comes to cleansing the body and relaxing the mind, a bathroom provides a serene space for everyone to relish anytime of the day. To evoke such calmness, using relaxing bathroom wall décor ideas will make it truly a place of solace.

First Things First

When it comes to calm and relaxing bathrooms, it is essential to choose a central theme and start working from there. The beach is one of the most relaxing places to emulate. While you may be living in a high rise building or a secluded suburban home, you can turn your bathroom space into a serene and relaxing private sanctuary inspired by the color, texture and elements of the sea.

Here are some ways to create one with ocean-themed bathroom wall décor ideas:

1. Paint the walls in relaxing powder blue, light turquoise, or stark white with ocean water color as accent. Sandy fawn hues also make an awesome option. Your bathroom walls’ paint color will ultimately set the tone of the whole room. These bathroom wall décor ideas will ensure a harmonious fusion of design and style.

2. A mirror is basically a must-have in bathrooms, no matter the design or theme. It is a functional piece of décor that welcomes natural light into the space. To emulate an ocean-themed design, hanging a seashell decorative mirror over a sink or vanity, facing a window, will add some swag to the space. Mirrors also exude an illusion of a larger space.

3. Create a focal point. Hanging a piece of artwork will make a great addition. Do remember to coordinate that of your mirror’s style. If it is framed with seashells, make sure the artwork is also framed. An artwork that also features the sea, sand or waves will help deliver your bathroom wall décor ideas’ sense of focus.

4. To add some sort of privacy to a bathroom, a patterned shower curtain will do. Shower curtains will help give a bath area some sense of solitude or discretion. Like a space that holds all your secret thoughts, an elegant shower curtain that complements the wall paint and other decorative ideas in the room, can be hanged from seashell-designed hooks.

5. Create an accent on your wall with ocean-inspired tiles. Painting the other areas of a bathroom may help ease your budget, but never scrimp on areas where water easily seeps into paint. Tiles are easier to maintain and add a more dramatic flair.

6. Add more details to your serenely relaxing ocean-themed bathroom wall décor ideas with knick-knacks here and there. Seashell-embroidered towels hanging on hook-like wall racks, fisherman’s nets hanging from nails with decorative starfish and seashells. Stuff a clear glass container with sand and seashells, and nestle a white aromatic candle at the center.

7. Don’t forget to ensconce a phone rack on your bathroom wall, too. You can simply tune in to your favorite Spotify channel and listen to relaxing music.

Indeed, there are 101 bathroom wall décor ideas to create a serenely relaxing ocean-themed design. If your bathroom simply has a medicine cabinet as its sole occupant, it is time to give those walls a facelift. Let these ideas pique your creative mindset to finally find pieces that evoke the calm serenity of the sea—even when in the middle of a bustling city.

7 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas You Must Check

Fancy remodeling your bathroom? The bathroom is the home’s haven for solitude and relaxation. It is a space that allows time to stop idly. While the overall ambiance of the bathroom must be considered, the walls ultimately deliver the first impression. So, when thinking of creating a new feel to your bathroom, it is essential to consider various bathroom wall décor ideas that go beyond the usual medicine cabinet-cum-personal hygiene stuff, storage. To evoke a soothingly calm and cozy bathroom environment, here are some ways how:

1. One of the most important bathroom wall décor ideas revolve around the overall covering of your bathroom walls. Whether you use paint, wallpaper, tiles or glass blocks, this will become the backdrop of the overall theme of the bathroom as well as the mood you want to create. Mosaic tiles, like the one below, are becoming a trend these days but can be quite expensive. Others prefer repainting and then, adding waterproof decals to add sass to the space.

2. Consider hanging mirrors or a single framed mirror. If possible, try to place it adjacent to a window to reflect light. This is quite useful for small-sized bathrooms as mirrors help give a more spacious feel. Add light on top to add more luminosity particularly when applying powder or makeup.

3. Like the living room, a focal point must be placed in your bathroom space. A wall art like a painting, framed photos or artwork, 3D sculptures, hand-painted tiles, and so on, can help add a certain degree of sophistication to the whole bathroom feel. Do remember that your wall art must compliment the mirror within. If the mirror is without frame then, so shall the wall art.

4. Make good use of your bathroom corners to add both storage and decorative appeal to the theme in mind. Wall-mounted glass corner shelves can be installed near the shower stall, to help organize shampoo, hair conditioner, bath gels, and so on. Metal or water-resistant wood corner shelves also add more charm to the overall bathroom design.

5. Add more sense of functionality to your bathroom wall by placing decorative storage shelves. Place linens, towels, hygiene kits, and other bath and leisure items. The in-wall storage below, for instance, makes good use of the available space within a bathroom’s wall to deliver a softer hassle-free feel to the entire space.

6. Lighting is a crucial aspect in a bathroom. To give your wall art or a mirror or perhaps, a built-in cabinet more charm, installing sconces will help brighten these spaces. Choose designs which perfectly compliment the overall theme of the bathroom. Many homes nowadays, use lightings with a dimmer to add drama to a bathroom.

7. What’s a bathroom without a towel rack? Save on space by installing a towel rack on the wall. Here’s a perfect DIY project using old wine bottles and fresh flowers, wrought iron towel holders, and salvaged barn wood. This adds a note of nostalgia to the whole bathroom appeal. Do remember that when choosing a towel rack, do make sure that it complements all other rods and fixtures in the bathroom.

There is no limit to the number of bathroom wall décor ideas to make this relaxing space truly astounding. Keep in mind that when choosing materials, go for water-resistant items like plastic, porcelain, tiles, glass, or sealed wood. Stainless steel is also a common choice these days. You may also want to keep the whole space uncluttered and clean with just a few knick-knacks. Do remember that this space is for you to experience utmost relaxation, when thinking of a theme.

7 Ways To Make Small Bathroom Vanities Work For Your Space

No matter how challenging your space, finding small bathroom vanities to match your current interior design must be carefully considered. An essential decorating element in bathrooms regardless of space, a vanity maintains its purpose of holding the sink, cosmetic items, cleaning supplies, and other important items needed in the bathroom. Just like icing to a cake, a bathroom vanity has to be chosen in such a way that it does not only blend in with the interior, but also adds more function to the space. When planning for that much-needed overhaul, here are small bathroom vanity ideas to get you started.

1. Open Storage

Make good use of every square meter/footage in your bathroom by installing a vanity that offers extra inches of storage. Open storage makes the whole space seem a bit larger. Here you can store towels, cleaning materials, and other stuffs for daily use. Choose an open unit with an open shelf for a storage basket and a built-in towel bar.

2. Dramatic Flair

Nobody puts “Baby” in the corner or so the popular adage said. Small bathroom vanities may seem like nothing but outfitting a tailor-made vanity, complete with dramatic add-ons will definitely add some charisma to a seemingly tight space. Think of attention-grabbing towel hooks, toothbrush holders, and an out-of-this-world mirror. These add personality while not taking up much of the space.

3. Go Built-In!

When short on budget, make good use of the one side of your bathroom walls by turning it into a built-in storage space. Use an old table and paint it with a solid complimentary color to the space while adding much-needed space below. Add a small floating shelf to hold toiletries. If there’s still available space, try to use the remaining space by turning them into bookshelf-like storage for towels and other decorative elements.

4. Floating Double

Why not make your bathroom vanity float? A floating vanity gives an illusion of more space and breadth with its continuous or uninterrupted design. Find a vanity that “floats” but also has a small nook to hold the essentials. Add large mirrors above it to reflect light and space. The idea is to trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than its actual size.

5. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

A mirror is always considered the best accent to small bathroom vanities. Mirrors bounce light around a room, making it visually expansive. Choose a detached cabinet with mirrored doors or a vanity bundled with a mirror. Make sure there’s enough room down there for storing linens and other bathroom stuff.

6. Creative Shapes

Got a unique bathroom space shape? Why not add vanities with equally unique design? Take this beer or wine keg turned into a vanity as a great example. Petite round shapes take up less square footage and add a sense of elegance to the whole space. L-shape vanities also help maximize floor space.

7. Corner Power

If the bathroom has super limited space, take advantage of its corner space. Aside from making good use of seemingly unimportant square footage, it also gives you the added option of opening storage on both walls.

When contemplating a bathroom makeover, small bathroom vanities can truly add a whole lot of difference to a limited space. Look for ones that add function to the whole space. Simply add decorative elements to finally deliver a small bathroom that harmoniously combines function and style.

7 Awe Inspiring Urbanite Shower Ideas for Small Spaces

One of the greatest struggles in urban living today is bathroom space. With barely enough square footage, many are always in a dilemma on how to create a creatively put together shower space, without having to take up a lot of space, yet still being stylish. If you are one of the many facing this quandary, it is high time to find shower ideas for small spaces. To get you started, here are 7 awe-inspiring inputs from bathroom remodeling experts.

#1 – Go vertical.

Living in a bachelor pad with barely enough room to move around? Go vertical by choosing rainshower heads. Vertical rainshower heads integrate function and style in your bathing space. Not only does it take out the cramped shower look, it also creates a sense of relaxation and charm to the whole bathroom space.

#2 – Make good use of corners.

Small bathrooms have 4 corners which can be easily used to your advantage. Simply set a walk-in shower on any of these bathroom corners. To create a semblance of spaciousness, opt for a neo-angled base and a full glass or mirrored enclosure to give you a seemingly larger square footage.

#3 – Choose see-through walls.

Many savvy space-saving households make good use of walk-in showers enclosed in seamless glass enclosures. With its see-through barriers, natural lighting can easily seep in adding an illusion of a larger roomier bathroom space. Simply use tiles and shower heads that draw the eye up to the ceiling for a more spacious effect.

#4 – Go state-of-the-art.

Want a stylish and space-saving shower? Why not choose a steam shower bath? These state of the art showers come in various designs and shapes which you can easily install in a corner or any available space in your home. This is quite timely as more and more urbanites have become too complacent in their hygiene. With this, you can easily detoxify, relax or de-stress with its steam bath mechanism.

#5 – Choose a closet style design.

Another awesome choice among many shower ideas for small spaces is the use of closet-style designed walk-in showers. Here, the top area is opened to the whole bathroom space while the rest of the shower pen is enclosed. The door can either be sliding or have a handle that resembles a closet.

#6 – Forget the tub.

Oh yes, how wonderful it is to lounge away in a bath tub. Quite frankly, you might not always use a bath tub so, why waste ample space? To save on space and still enjoy a hot-or-cold wash, simply omit the tub to make a walk-in shower feel more airy and relaxed. Try to place a marble seat like the one above in place for a tub. It can double as a sitting area as well as a storage space for your bath essentials.

#7 – Do mirrored enclosure.

Mirrors always give an illusion of more space. Thus, this reflective design is one of the most creative shower ideas for small spaces. Not only does it reflect natural light and impart a feeling of openness and spaciousness, it can also double as a functional mirror which one can use when dressing up or putting makeup and other accessories.

Indeed, there is so much that you can do with a seemingly diminutive bathroom space. With more and more people choosing to live in high rises like condominiums and apartments, the struggle in creating a relaxing yet space-saving bathroom can truly be a hassle. With these shower ideas for small spaces, you can finally enjoy a good bath without having to spend so much or to sacrifice a huge space in your abode.

10 Kids Bathroom Décor Ideas Every Mom Will Love

Bath time is always a challenge to growing kids. But when you are a Mom, a child’s hygiene is one important aspect that should never go out of touch. Finding a way to make a child anticipate an hour or two in the bathroom simply requires ingenuity. With your creative prowess, these 10 kids bathroom décor ideas will definitely make bath time more fun—and without denting the wallet, too.

1. Self-Made Art-On-The-Wall

Make every child’s bathroom hold meaning to their existence. Make them learn hygiene in the most creative way possible. Take this hand- and foot- prints wall art for example. Not only will this make the space more personal to your child, it also adds a sense of ingenuity in making them learn cleanliness each time they step into the bathroom.

2. Lego Bath Accessories

For little boys, adding LEGO accessories to a bathroom is heaven. Decorate your boy’s bathing space with this to give them a sense of enjoyment when lounging in a bath. These can be used as a mere decorative element in a room or as a play thing for little boys who seem to have a hard time keeping up with a bathing routine.

3. Flower Power

Wall murals are great ways to add more zeal to a bathroom. Floral mural design such as this one can add more sense of girly chic without requiring much work. Simply compliment with flowery curtains, rugs and wall decals—and your bathroom can be as good as new. For boys, go for cars, turtles, frogs, jungle animals, and other designs favored by your son. For gender neutral choices, go for fish, bubbles, and rubber ducks.

4. Easy-Reach Step Up Stool

Kids need to comb their hair or brush their teeth but, at some point, they will need to step on a mini-ladder or step-up stools just to do so. Save on space with this built-in step-up stool. You can customize an old cabinet drawer to achieve this.

5. Seashell Shower Spout

Give your kid’s shower a simple yet entertaining makeover. This seashell shower spot makes up every sea-loving child’s dream of being one with the ocean. You can simply buy a seashell and armed with your DIY skills, convert an erstwhile boring showerhead into an exciting one.

6. Character Mirror

Mirrors play a central theme in most bathroom spaces. Not only are mirrors practical and useful for daily use, they also give an illusion of a much bigger space and can add charm to a dreary area. When choosing a kid’s mirror, go for funky designs like this Mickey Mouse head creation. There are various cool art pieces nowadays that will surely fit your current bathroom design.

7. Fun Towel Hooks

Bathrooms are never without towels. This is even more needed in a kid’s bathroom wherein towels can easily be left behind on unsanitary places like floors and toilet bowls. With fun towel hooks, your kids may also learn the most basic of housekeeping rules in the bathroom.

8. Colorful Cabinetry

Compliment a newly painted wall with colorful kid-friendly cabinets. Attractive cabinetry is one of the most adorable kids bathroom décor ideas as it provides a practical storage solution and adds cheer to a space. Feel free to customize the sink with handpainted murals of the bathroom’s theme.

9. Mason Jars for Storage

Got some old mason jars lying around? Unleash your DIY Mommy Superskills and turn it into exciting storage. From toothbrush to toothpaste, cotton balls and buds, these jars truly make one vintage chic bathroom shine.

10. Colorful Curtains and Rugs

Add a dash of color and charm by adding a vibrant shower curtain complimented with an equally lively rug. This fish ensemble will make little tots, regardless of gender, giggle with amusement as they prepare to swim with the fishes, literally speaking.

Often, it takes only a few minor changes in a bathroom to make it a kid-friendly space. An added splash of color here and there will generate a refreshing new design that kids will surely love. With these 10 kids bathroom décor ideas, your kids may never have to say no to bath time ever again.